The Best BigCommerce Apps for Order Management

There are various e-commerce platforms that have specialized app shops. The same is true of BigCommerce. Due to their extensive functionality and value for the digital economy, extensions and applications are growing in popularity. You’ll discover which BigCommerce Catalog & Order Management apps are the best in this article. You can look at extensions that will help you manage your inventory, products, and orders while also optimizing your catalog. The importance of order management and the demand for third-party software may all be learned more about. You will be able to select the plugins you require to enhance your business after reading this guide. We’ll quickly go over each extension’s features, cost, and URL for your convenience. Let’s begin.

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What is Order Management in eCommerce?

The back-end procedure for managing and fulfilling online orders is called eCommerce order management. This covers everything, from managing subscriptions and refunds to order routing and producing shipping labels.

What are Order Management Systems?

Automation and integration are provided by order management systems (OMS) at every stage of the order journey. As a result, businesses can provide standardized customer experiences across all channels at scale. Ecommerce order management solutions give business owners the ability to control orders coming in from various sales channels and leaving from various fulfillment points. Data is collected through a single interface and automation between service providers is facilitated.

The extensions carry out the same tasks as the systems in theory. They support you in organizing your internal processes.

Best BigCommerce Apps for Catalog & Order Management


With these programs, you can automate customer service right away. InStockNotify inserts a form for customers to input their email addresses in your product listing when a product is out of stock. The inventory levels of the goods that your consumers are interested in are then monitored by the plugin. The software will automatically email users to inform them when a product is back in stock and ready to be purchased. You will receive features like:

  • Automatic Emails to Customers. When the item a customer is interested in is back in stock, they will automatically receive an email.
  • Adaptable Email. You can alter the email your consumer receives so that it reflects the style and tone of your shop.
  • Inventory Insight. Discover which goods are the most well-liked by customers to help you with product buying and inventory management.
  • Email Effectiveness. Your InStockNotify Admin page displays the dates on which emails were sent to consumers and when they were opened.
  • Data Exportable. The ability to export all data in.CSV format allows for additional data analysis.

You can use this app in two options. Standard for $18 per month and Premium for $25 per month. Get InStockNotify App for BigCommerce

Order Desk

The workflow of your store can be integrated with a variety of other third-party providers using the hosted order management system known as Order Desk. As an example, this plugin offers several helpful functions like the following:

  • Control Your Orders in Your Own Way. To keep track of the progress of each order, group your orders into folders. View a quick overview of your order. Make unique folders that correspond to the workflow in your company. To see the information you require, customize the columns in each folder.
  • Specific Rules and Procedures. You can program custom actions to be carried out at any event using the rules engine in Order Desk.
  • Third-Party. To your third-party apps, Order Desk connects. Over 300 services, including 3PL Central, Amazon,, Shipwire, and MWW, have interfaces with Plugin. Add customers to your mailing list, handle returns, collect payments, dispatch orders for fulfillment, or transfer shipment data to third-party shipping applications like ShipStation or ShipWorks.
  • Affordable For Small Businesses. For little stores with little volume, Order Desk is a reasonable solution for order handling. Plans for larger stores start at $60/mo and include unlimited users, integrations, and other features.

This app’s monthly cost after a 30-day free trial is $20. Get Order Desk App for BigCommerce


Ecomdash is a multi-channel, web-based inventory control, sales order, buying, listing, dropshipping, and shipping management software created for expanding businesses. The user-friendly software solution synchronizes data and information to and from suppliers, fulfillment centers, warehouses, and sales channels. Without worrying about overselling, it enables retailers to quickly add new sales channels and merchandise. With this software, you get features like these:

  • Software for Inventory Management. Utilize ecomdash to quickly sync stock levels between BigCommerce and your other sales channels. Our proprietary mapping ID system keeps track of items with various SKUs, Listing IDs, or UPCs and recognizes each different identifier as belonging to a single product. Individual kits, bundles, and multi-packs can be tracked, and priority can be established for various warehouses.
  • Software for managing orders. The management of sales orders, feed management, and fulfillment are all handled by plugin order management software. You may generate labels, pick lists, customized packing slips, and deliver orders feed via FTP/SFTP or HTTP files in CSV or TXT formats. You also have the ability to automatically route sales orders to 3PLs, drop shippers, FBA, and your own warehouses.
  • 20+ eCommerce Integrations. You can grow your company by adding new POS systems, suppliers, and transportation companies.

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After a 15-day free trial, this software costs $25 per month to use. Get Ecomdash App for BigCommerce

Walmart Connector by CedCommerce

Your BigCommerce store and Walmart seller account are seamlessly connected with this integration app from CedCommerce, an official Walmart Channel Integration Partner. With the Walmart Marketplace integration, you can handle all essential sales tasks from a single platform, including item setup, item administration, inventory management, order management, and pricing. These features are included with this app:

  • Synchronization in Real Time. The app updates all of your products simultaneously across both platforms. As a result, you can quickly see changes made at one end reflected at the other. This means that since all back-and-forth actions are synchronized in real-time, you no longer need to go back and forth to make changes to your product information.
  • Product Profiling. You no longer need to map your products in an archaic, pointless, and labor-intensive manner thanks to the new feature of the app. You can split products into several profiles, establish generic templates for them, and change updates, prices, and other factors for a number of products at once using profiling.
  • Shipping Features and Exceptions. Depending on an item’s weight, shipment method, and warehouse distance, you may quickly establish standard shipping exceptions and profiles for it.
  • One-Click Setup and Simple Onboarding. The installation process for the app only a few clicks, and then you can begin importing and uploading the products. The software also includes a comprehensive step-by-step instruction manual.

For $49/month, you can utilize this program. Get Walmart Connector by CedCommerce App for BigCommerce


Utilize the Linnworks Total Commerce platform to take charge of online sales. All of the multichannel selling processes are easily connected and automated by the cloud-based software, enabling businesses to manage their inventory, orders, and fulfillment from a single dashboard. Deep insights across sales channels and operations give companies the tools they need to boost profitability and growth. Linnworks enables you to expand, automate, and manage your company while reaching out to customers where they are and maximizing income opportunities. You receive such features as

  • Control and automate your inventories. Automatic updates on inventory levels across all listings and selling channels will increase efficiency and profitability. Reduce the likelihood of overselling by getting rid of manual processes.
  • Order processing at a single page. Within Linnworks, you may carry out any operation, including adding or updating orders, adding or editing extra information, services, coupons, customer information, shipping and packaging information, and more.
  • Connection to significant carriers. Direct interfaces between Linnworks and 3PL fulfillment centers, FBA, and major carriers are available. Bulk actions, in addition, to drop-ship capabilities, hasten selection, packing, and label printing.
  • Instantaneous analysis. Utilize pre-built dashboards to monitor performance overall across all sales channels, as well as summaries of your sales, returns, acquisitions, and stock value. With Linnworks Custom Records, you can easily keep track of your important statistics, whether you want to comprehend your best-selling items, stock tables, shipping reports, or cash flow research.
  • Many integration opportunities. With Linnworks, you may use the Open API to connect directly to marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, significant shipping carriers, 3PL fulfillment facilities, and more.

This plugin has customized pricing. Get Linnworks App for BigCommerce


A multi-channel inventory, barcode, and shipping solution are provided by SKULabs. Utilize a single cloud-based system to manage all of your orders, shipping, and inventory. SKULabs is a multi-channel inventory, barcode, and shipping solution that enables your entire team, regardless of where they are located, to manage orders, shipments, and inventory. You gain advantages like

  • Monitor inventory throughout your warehouse. Easily keep track of the stock levels for all of your products. To receive the most recent count for an SKU, create low stock alerts, and determine how many units have been sold, search or scan the product. Real-time inventory updates should be synced with all of your sales channels. Inventory changes can be synchronized automatically after your catalog is connected to your store, marketplace, and listings.
  • Take care of your orders. To prevent order selection mistakes, scan product barcodes. By eliminating choosing and shipping mistakes, you can save thousands of dollars a year and cut down on the time required for order returns and reimbursements. You pick orders more quickly than ever with barcode scanning and automatic sorting for single orders or batches of multiple orders.
  • Manage items, kits, and listings all in one location. Link the inventories with the products from your sales channels. Link your product listings to a single SKULabs catalog item if you sell a particular product via several different sales channels.

This application costs $499.00 per month to use. Get SKULabs App for BigCommerce.


To automate stock updates and order management, connect your BigCommerce store to Orderhive. Your BigCommerce store’s products, clients, and sales orders are instantly imported via Orderhive. Stock levels in Orderhive and all other linked channels will be instantly updated in real-time when you make a sale in one of your BigCommerce stores. Manage the bundling of products, the stock transfer between warehouses, etc. You receive such features as

  • You can make sure that orders placed by clients are handled and delivered swiftly and efficiently with Orderhive’s centralized interface 
  • Create and print shipping labels for more than 20 shipping companies (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and many more) 
  • With a few clicks, you can easily track packages from more than 300 carriers. 
  • You can prevent situations like overselling and stock-outs with the use of real-time stock updates 
  • You’ll save a ton of time on administration and lower costly errors with the easy integration of third-party channels (such as Xero, QuickBooks Online, Stripe, Zoho CRM, and many others)
  • Utilize a private, cost-free B2B platform to manage wholesale orders 

You can use this program for $100.00/month after a 15-day free trial. Get Orderhive App for BigCommerce.


Retailers and distributors can use Brightpearl’s retail operating system (ROS). Its goal is simple: automate the back office so that business owners may invest their time and resources in expanding their enterprises. Financial administration, inventory and sales order management, purchasing and supplier management, CRM, fulfillment, warehouse, and logistics are all included in Brightpearl’s ROS. Brightpearl is designed to reliably handle peak trading and is automated so you can maintain control and manage by exception. It is omnichannel native, integrates with the entire retail tech ecosystem, serves as the system of record for important trading data, offers real-time trading insights, and is built to handle peak trading. You get such features as

  • Flexible order fulfillment and routing. Order fulfillment can be customized with Brightpearl’s sophisticated fulfillment module. All of the logic to plan the delivery of that item to a consumer is handled by Brightpearl. Users can immediately add these fulfillment rules to Brightpearl through automation.
  • Management of Multiple Locations’ Inventory. A merchant can specify precisely which of their warehouse(s) should be taken into account for their product availability levels per website within the BigCommerce connector, which means the company is optimizing its sales potential. Brightpearl’s automation and fulfillment workflows will route the orders after they are made to the best place for fulfillment based on the preferences of the company.
  • Automated Accounting. All data entry is automated with Brightpearl, transforming the accounting team into a management-by-exception environment rather than a data entry one. Brightpearl creates journals automatically when you invoice sales, take payments, receive or ship stock, and pretty much anything else. 

This software has a personalized price. Get Brightpearl App for BigCommerce

InStockAlerts Email Notifications

Your consumers can choose to get an email when an out-of-stock product is back in stock with InStockAlerts. A returning customer and an email address you can utilize for future correspondence are both acquired in one go. Utilizing InStockAlerts couldn’t be simpler. The “Notify me when this item is back” button will appear in lieu of the Add To Cart button when an item is out of stock. The customer clicks the button, enters their email address, and InStockAlerts will automatically send them an email when your inventory is updated. You can get such a feature as

  • Every time you restock a product, you may automatically send asking clients an instant notification 
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for quick access to all data 
  • Sort all of your data by the products with pending alerts, the number of requests made for each product, and the gathered emails 
  • Determine how much inventory to order based on consumer demand information 
  • data export in CSV format 
  • Completely personalized email and messaging 
  • Notifications for certain goods and versions can be turned off 
  • Option to send notifications manually

After a 15-day free trial, this app costs $15 per month to use. Get InStockAlerts Email Notifications App for BigCommerce

Marketplace Connector by CedCommerce

You can connect with more than 11 markets at once with the multifaceted integration app known as the All-in-One Marketplace Connector, which was created by CedCommerce. Your stores may be automated and synced with top marketplaces with only one app. The following come to mind: Walmart, Etsy, Google Shopping, Wish, Fruugo, Bonanza, Catch Australia, Walmart Canada, Newegg USA, and HubSpot CRM. Your selling process is made simpler across numerous channels by the Marketplace connection software, which also gets rid of the bother of manual work. With this plugin, you get such features as

  • Bulk Product Upload. The Marketplace Connector provides single-click bulk product upload, freeing you from the inconvenience of manual upload and manual errors while uploading each product one at a time.
  • Price and Stock synchronization. The program guarantees total price and inventory automation, ensuring that any changes made to the BigCommerce store will be automatically reflected on all associated markets.
  • Order management. Order updates are automatically made on both storefronts and other marketplaces if orders are placed on any of the connected marketplaces. The program also guarantees simple fulfillment procedures by retrieving orders from the BigCommerce store directly.
  • Centralized pricing and product management. Your product-related information, such as title, description, image, inventory, and so on, is quickly automated by the Marketplace connector app. With just a few clicks, the custom pricing options make it simple to set up and modify product prices on various marketplace seller panels and BigCommerce stores.

For $49/month, you can utilize this program. Get Marketplace Connector by CedCommerce for BigCommerce


What is order management for online stores?

The method used in the back end to manage and complete online orders is called ecommerce order management. This includes managing refunds and subscriptions in addition to routing orders and producing shipping labels.

What is order process management?

The procedure for obtaining, managing, and completing consumer orders is known as order management. When an order is placed, the order management process begins, and it is completed when the consumer receives their package.

Is the supply chain an element of order management?

In a supply chain, order management includes tracking, capturing, processing, and managing customer orders. To monitor and handle order entry operations, you can utilize an order management system (OMS).

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