get list of events
If you want to get the list of all the events available in your magento version, you can achieve this by running the following code -:

$eventAreas = array('global','frontend','adminhtml');
foreach ($eventAreas as $eventArea) { $eventConfig = Mage::app()->getConfig() ->getNode(sprintf('%s/events', $eventArea)); foreach($eventConfig->children() as $key=>$value) { foreach($value->observers->children() as $key1=>$value1) { $observer_method = array((string)$eventArea, (string)$key, (string)$key1, (string)Mage::app()->getConfig() ->getModelClassName($value1->class), (string)$value1->method); echo '<pre>'; print_r($observer_method); echo '</pre>'; } }

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