Specialized app stores can be found on many e-commerce platforms. BigCommerce is also not an exception. Extensions and applications are increasingly popular due to their broad functionality and usefulness for the digital business. In this post, you’ll learn which BigCommerce analytics & reporting apps are the best. You can look at extensions that will aid you in customer, inventory, product, and site analytics as well as business intelligence. You can learn more about eCommerce Analytic, its significance, and the need for third-party software. After reading this guide, you will be able to choose the plugins you need to improve your business. For your convenience, we’ll briefly go over each extension’s features, price, and link. Let’s start.

eCommerce Analytics

eCommerce analytics is the procedure of collecting data for your online store in order to make data-driven decisions and boost online sales. Businesses can better price and sell their products by using this data to understand changes in client behavior.

Why are analytics tools necessary for your online store?

It’s fairly easy. These technologies offer information at every stage of the consumer experience. They can assist in learning more about user experience, cart abandonment, and customer acquisition. This then provides you with a wealth of insightful data on your clientele. You can thoroughly analyze this information and make improvements to your store to improve the client experience (CX). 

You can strengthen client loyalty, grow your business, and increase sales by improving CX. They will appreciate it, I assure you.

How to use the analytics data you have?

As we just stated, everything revolves around enhancing the client experience. Therefore, the overarching goal of everything we’re going to look at is to enhance customer interactions.

Become more aware of your audience

You can start segmenting your audience better so you can give them offers that are more tailored to them. Based on a user’s activity on your site, their browsing patterns, or other personal characteristics, you can build segments. This not only helps you understand your consumers better, but it also helps you personalize them more. Customers also enjoy feeling special.

Increasing conversion rates

Data enables you to increase conversion rates. You can acquire data-driven insights into how people use your website by examining your metrics. You’ll also gain a thorough understanding of the sources of sales and the average order value. 

The utilization of data for conversion rate optimization is possible with the help of programs like Google Analytics (CRO). You may monitor significant data points, such as the effectiveness of your marketing funnel, by examining your customers’ activity.

Best Analytics & Reporting Apps for BigCommerce

Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Session Recordings

Look no further than Lucky Orange if you want a program that is both effective and user-friendly, comparable to Google Analytics. You may currently boost your online sales with a one-click installation. In order to increase sales, Lucky Orange can help you better understand your visitors. With the help of this plugin, you may boost sales, discover more about your visitors, and convert abandoned carts. The app also offers the following features:

  • Flexible Heatmaps. Analyze the elements of a page that encourage conversion and those that hinder it. Watch how all elements, drop-down, pop-up, and hover-over menus are instantly filled with clicks, moves, and scrolls. To locate potential trouble spots and pain points, isolate particular devices, traffic sources, and visitors.
  • Live View and Chat. Deliver real-time customer support while utilizing collaboration technologies to consistently deliver the best response. Create enduring connections by responding to people’s needs at the right time by using event- and time-based triggers. You can see exactly what your customer sees with live view in real time.
  • Conversion Funnels & Session Recordings. See a visitor’s path to conversion by keeping track of everything they do on your website. You may also set up conversion funnels to rapidly identify the points at which visitors leave your website’s conversion process.
  • Form Analytics. To decrease form abandonment and boost revenue, identify the reasons why users are leaving them and fix the problems.

This application is available without an initial or ongoing cost. Get Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Session Recordings App for BigCommerce.


Retailers and distributors can use Brightpearl’s retail operating system (ROS). Its goal is simple: automate the back office so that business owners may invest their time and resources in expanding their enterprises. Financial administration, inventory and sales order management, purchasing and supplier management, CRM, fulfillment, warehouse, and logistics are all included in Brightpearl’s ROS. Additionally, you’ll get the following features:

  • Flexible order fulfillment and routing. Order fulfillment can be customized with Brightpearl’s sophisticated fulfillment module. Whether an order is dropped-shipped, shipped via a 3PL, or is on backorder is of no concern to BigCommerce. Users can immediately add these fulfillment rules to Brightpearl through automation.
  • Manage Inventory across Multiple Locations. Brightpearl’s automation and fulfilment workflows will route the orders after they are made to the best place for fulfillment based on the preferences of the company.
  • Automated Accounting. All data entry is automated with Brightpearl, transforming the accounting team into a management by exception environment rather than a data entry one. Brightpearl creates journals automatically when you invoice sales, take payments, receive or ship stock, and pretty much anything else.

You can create a custom price with this application. Get Brightpearl App for BigCommecre.

Glew Analytics

You may connect, transform, and view all of your data using this plugin in one location. Get valuable insights to expand your business as well with user-friendly dashboards, automated reports, and more. BigCommerce, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, ReCharge, and more are just a few of the apps and platforms you can access data from with Glew. This enables smarter, more efficient reporting so you can spot opportunities, take action, and see results more quickly. Plus, you’ll get the following features:

  • Smart data connections. 100+ connections to the most well-liked e-commerce applications For insights that affect your bottom line, connect data from all areas of your business. Leading tools in e-commerce, operations, marketing, warehouse management, and other areas are integrated with Glew.
  • Performance analytics. With robust performance KPIs, pre-built visualizations, data filtering, and segmentation, you can report across consumers, goods, channels, subscriptions, and more.
  • Business analytics. For multichannel data that is ready for reports, connect and transform any data source. Develop your own enterprise analytics solution, or make your own reports and dashboards. 

You can use this app for free. Get Glew Analytics App for BigCommerce.


One of the top tools for price monitoring in the globe, Price2Spy was first introduced in 2011. You can track rival prices, offer price change alerts, pricing analytics, and automated repricing capabilities with the aid of this plugin. You may also set your own pricing methods, determine which products can have price changes, and have these prices updated in your BigCommerce store. These are some of the advantages this software offers you:

  • Email Price Change Alerts. As soon as Price2Spy notices that a price (or an item’s availability) has changed, it will immediately notify you via email.
  • Repricing & dynamic pricing. The Repricing module aids you in formulating specific repricing choices to increase market competitiveness. Repricing techniques can be directly or indirectly implemented into your online business.
  • Efficacious Reporting Mechanism. Price2Spy’s in-depth analysis will show you market changes, including whether your rivals are raising or lowering their prices.
  • Spy-like Spidering. Price2Spy excels at tracking websites that are made to thwart monitoring software.

After the free 30-day trial, this software costs $26.95 per month to use. Get Price2Spy App for BigCommerce.


With the help of this application, you can gain insights from your BigCommerce data to attract and keep more customers, build refreshable dashboards to track your KPIs and make quick, data-driven decisions, and handle challenging questions like “Do churned customers re-activate when they get a promo email? ” by delving deeper into your BigCommerce raw data. The following benefits come with utilizing this app:

  • Easily get insights hidden in your BigCommerce data. To create a data-driven online store, connect directly to your raw BigCommerce data, chart your KPIs, and involve your staff. SQL and programming expertise are not necessary.
  • View every aspect of your BigCommerce store. View your e-commerce KPIs in conjunction with other company data, delve deeper to determine how much of your revenue is derived from email marketing or customer service, and access a comprehensive history to observe long-term patterns and growth.
  • Maintain dashboards by setting up data updating. To ensure that your dashboards contain the most recent data, schedule data updating.

After a 14-day free trial, this plugin costs $99 per month to use. Get Slemma App for BigCommerce

WebLink Connect

With WebLink ConnectTM, the most customizable association management system available, you can draw in new members, keep existing ones engaged, and empower existing ones while enabling your staff to work more efficiently. Membership, event, financial, communications, and website management are all handled by Connect in a single, streamlined solution. With WebLink Connect, empowerment is part of working more productively and giving your members more value.

Effectively interact with all of your stakeholders on their terms, from your members to the Board. Give customers what they want when they want it with real-time integration of your membership, finances, events, website, and project management. You can concentrate on creating unforgettable events with quick and simple mobile-friendly online registration and credit card payment at the door. Using custom fields, different pricing tiers, and discount and promotion codes, you may learn more about your customers’ preferences.

This application is free to use. Get WebLink Connect App for BigCommerce


You don’t have much time to run your BigCommerce store. You must not ignore your pricing in the midst of managing your products, optimizing your online business, and serving your clients. You can then utilize additional capabilities from the BlackCurve ecosystem as your company expands, including automated pricing decisions and many more services. You get the following features by using this plugin:

  • An increase in competitor prices’ visibility. You will be able to see any change in pricing made by your rivals on the Google Shopping marketplace.
  • Know how your competitors price their products. Always be aware of what’s going on in your sector of the market. 
  • Easy integration and setup. BlackCurve integrates with your BigCommerce store without difficulty.

14-day trial period without charge. Tracker edition pricing begins at £99. Get BlackCurve App for BigCommerce

Thrive by Shopventory

Thrive Inventory by Shopventory enables dependable POS to BigCommerce integration. Utilize Shopventory’s user-friendly interface to instantly sync sales and inventory data with Square, Clover, PayPal here, and BigCommerce. Use Thrive Inventory as the central point for all updates to the product and count across all locations. 

Give your store staff the option to quickly count inventory by allowing them to use a barcode scanner with the Thrive Inventory Stocktake Scanning function. Additionally, automatically replenish low-stock products based on location-specific minimum and maximum stock levels. Detailed reporting to support business growth. You receive a thoughtful report intended to aid in the expansion of your firm. 

After a 30-day free trial, you can use this software for $99 per month. Get Thrive by Shopventory App for BigCommerce


Cerebra The AI-based decision-making technology platform from Cerebra helps teams analyze massive volumes of data to create a single, comprehensive perspective that helps merchants transform opportunity into profit. Everyone, from merchandisers to marketers to outside influencers, is well aware of the reasons why your customers adore your items, as well as the ideal audience and message to use. With Cerebra, marketing and merchandising teams may use data-driven guidance rather than hunches to achieve the best results. You also receive such features as: 

  • Competitive research. Examine your rivals from your customers’ perspectives. Find out what consumers think of your brand in comparison to the competitors.
  • Conversion Enhancer. Spend your marketing budget wisely by being aware of which products and categories do well (or poorly) on various platforms and throughout various campaigns.
  • Find pertinent terms. Context and sentiment are extracted using our technology. To extract the most effective ad copy, we link the most popular features and applications of the product with the best-converting keywords.
  • Client Retention. Discover the clients who are always prepared to make a purchase, develop your brand advocates, and be sure to engage clients who are at risk of leaving you.

This application is free to use. Get Cerebra App for BigCommerce


You will have access to social commerce tools that boost sharing, track ROI, and more with the free AddShoppers social analytics layer. Advanced social analytics software for plugins will identify your top influencers, provide in-depth insights into the return on investment of social sharing, and provide product-level reporting. By identifying influencers and rewarding sharing with coupons, AddShoppers sharing buttons help you increase shares and persuade customers to stay on your site rather than leaving it to look for a coupon code.You can take advantage of features like:

  • Apps for social commerce and social analytics are free
  • “Want” and “Own” buttons on Facebook
  • Installation takes only five minutes. 
  • Social analytics that can be used at the SKU level
  • Find out who has the most impact over you
  • API access

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This plugin is free to use. Get AddShoppers App for BigCommerce


What is eCommerce analytics?

eCommerce analytics is the process of gathering information for your online store so that you may make decisions based on that information and increase online sales.

How are analytics used in online shopping?

Retailers can analyze user activity with the use of ecommerce analytics to decide how the site should be organized in light of user preferences, as well as which product landing page is most likely to engage visitors and convert them into paying customers.

What kind of data is employed in eCommerce?

Similar data types utilized in eCommerce analytics and marketing include retail data, in-store data, shopper data, brand data, consumer review data, product data, and others.

What are tools for online analytics?

Web analytics tools are instruments created to monitor, assess, and report on website activities, including traffic to the site, the origin of visitors, and user clicks.

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