Sniply Review 2022: A Extended Link Shortener Tool

To achieve success, every online store needs a strong marketing plan. You will require marketing third-party tools or some SaaS or PaaS platforms for this. Extensions or platforms could assist you in developing your plan and achieving your effective promotional goals. One of these tools, Sniply, will be the subject of this article. Sniply is a powerful social media marketing tool that helps you to grow up. This essay will investigate this platform and analyze its features, expenses, and other details. You may be wondering, “Why do I need to use Sniply?”. You can find the answer here. So, after reading this article, you will know more about Sniply. Let’s start.

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Sniply Summary

  • Sniply is mainly a link-shortening platform
  • Call-to-action functionality
  • Sniply is a really easy to use
  • In addition to link shortening, Sniply has a wide range of features

What is Sniply?

Sniply is a link-shortening and social media marketing platform that enables users to add compelling call-to-action buttons and overlays to any shortened URL. Every piece of information that users share can have a call-to-action, including links to stories from reputable websites like Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, etc. This strategy works well to increase conversions and attract more people to social networking websites.

What is Sniply used for?

Sniply offers a comprehensive variety of helpful features. Sniply, a media management program, may be used to make a special call to action for any website. In other words, it lets you to turn any old blog post or article into a revenue stream. 

You may also post a customized message to any media marketing website using Sniply. As a result, you can add some humor or sage advice to a page you’re reading on your favourite social media platform before sharing it with your pals. Sniply is beneficial for your marketing effort and can raise your rates, to put it briefly.

Sniply Pricing

Let’s start with one of the most vital aspects about every platform. Plans and pricing. Sniply offers a five various options with different costs. 

  • Free
  • Basic for $29 per month
  • Pro for $79 per month
  • Business for $149 per month
  • Agency for $299 per month

The main variation between these alternatives is the number of clicks and links. Additionally, the more features you have, the more flexible the approach is.

Sniply Features & Benefits

Let’s review each and every Sniply feature one by one.


You can add a unique CTA to each blog post, article, or webpage you publish by using Sniply’s own URL shortener. Any URL you share can be customized with your own CTA, which will stylishly reroute users to your website. Each of your Sniply short link CTAs can be altered to match the aesthetic of your company. You can create custom

  • Themes
  • Colors
  • Position
  • Domain
  • Shortlink

Sniply also provides a variety of CTA form types. In these forms, you employ CTA:

  • Buttons
  • Forms
  • With Text
  • Images

Link Management and Analytics

You can brand links with your domain, shorten them, and include a call to action button using Sniply. In this manner, if a user clicks on the link, they can be sent back to your website via the “snip,” or call to action, button. Sniply is a link management application that enables you to keep track of how frequently your shortened links are clicked. Add a call to action button that takes users back to the page they were just on to instantly retarget individuals who have clicked on your links.

Additionally, Sniply’s user-friendly dashboard lets you quickly assess the effectiveness of the many links you publish on various sites. Link management solutions for platforms keep track of how your readers respond to any links you share there. All of your link statistics, including conversion rates, link clicks, and more, can be tracked using Sniply.

Marketing professionals can now create more effective campaigns than ever thanks to Sniply link and activity tracking, which offers an unprecedented amount of insight into user behavior. Every link you share may become a lead magnet by using a Sniply CTA. You can then track activities both on the website and elsewhere.

Conversion Optimization

Every link you post can be personalized and optimized with Sniply links, converting outbound traffic into sales. Test every link you share using an A/B test, then choose the versions that generate the most conversions. Content marketers who previously provided outbound links can now do so while testing which customizations and calls to action are most successful. Your links can be given a boost through accurate A/B testing, increasing conversion rates. You get such features as

  • Every shared link is optimized for conversion 
  • Verified Conversions for Reliable Information 
  • Using shared content as a tool for lead generation 
  • Testing A/B

Resources for Online Publishing

Because it enables you to track, test, and interact with your followers whenever you shorten links and post content, Sniply is a fantastic tool for publishers. Because they often do this, online publishers should take advantage of the shared links. You can track each of your unique URLs with advanced analytics, providing you with real-time statistics on conversion rates, bounce rates, and other metrics. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to foster interaction because it’s essential to your publisher business.

URL or Link Shortener

In addition, the finest platforms have. It’s challenging to add anything to this. It’s a reliable link shortener with several creative features that can aid in your development.

Sniply Integrations & Apps

Sniply can be included in your regular workflow so that it becomes a natural component of your marketing efforts rather than a unique task requiring purposeful focus.You can use the extensive API to create your own unique Sniply workflow if you have your own system or application. 

Create campaigns using the Sniply API to handle collections of links with a single CTA. Additionally, you may automate link building, develop A/B testing scenarios, and receive insight into the shared material. 

Also, you can make Sniply links right in the platform as you schedule posts if you manage your social media marketing with tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, or Sprout Social.

Sniply Alternatives

For several reasons, Sniply is a useful content marketing tool. Finding a precise Sniply substitute can be difficult but not impossible because it is so distinctive. We’ll talk about a few Sniply alternatives in this part that can take the place of this service for you.


Because of its creativity and straightforward feature set, Bitly is a well-liked URL-shortening tool among content marketers. It is more of a link management service than just a platform for link shortening for marketers and other users. With, you can build branded links with brief domains that correspond to your brand’s colors, style, and target market. Even better, you may use your brand’s name in place of the “Bitly” part of creation to make sure your audience recognizes you. is a great Sniply substitute for content curation because it focuses more on returning more traffic to the links you share than on URL shortening. On a third-party website, you are essentially piggybacking on content and adding a call to action. Additionally, you get to use personalized phrases to add originality to your connections and increase consumer loyalty as well as trust. When compared to Sniply, Backly allows you to use more characters to create highly focused messages.


Sniply and this service are most comparable. Fundamentally, this one is also a URL shortener. With a ton of link management and collaboration tools, ClickMeter pushes URL-shortening services to a new level—possibly higher. The ability to collect data, manage links, target content, use analytics, share content, and track users is also provided.

Sniply Pros & Cons


  • Call-to-action functionality to increase conversions
  • Use of Sniply is quite simple
  • There are 4 different CTA styles
  • Conversions can be measured
  • A/B Test the CTA/ Link
  • Analytics that aids in the comprehension of User Behavior and Performance


  • UI/UX that is not that good
  • Only CTAs
  • Unable to change image and metadata

Final Words

What did we finally get? Sniply is a link-shortening and social media marketing platform with the goal of assisting you in modifying your marketing approach and enabling you to include engaging call-to-action buttons. Sniply is a simple and entertaining way to promote your company without constantly submitting your own material. It’s pretty fantastic that you can alter the message and call to action button on each post. It provides you the freedom to design something that actual users will engage with. Also, you can keep track of your successes. We strongly encourage you to use Sniply on your own and create your own opinions on the site.

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What is Sniply?

Sniply is a link-shortening and social media marketing platform that enables users to add compelling call-to-action buttons and overlays to any shortened URL. Users can include calls to action in every piece of information they provide, including links to articles from reliable websites.

What Sniply may be used for?

Any shortened URL can be enhanced with attractive call-to-action buttons and overlays. Users can include calls to action in every piece of information they publish, including links to articles from respectable sources like Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, etc.

Are all websites supported by Sniply?

No, Sniply does not support websites that deal with sensitive data, including several web apps and financial websites.

With which other applications does Sniply

Sprout Social, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Post Planner, edgar, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, Feedly, Zapier, SocialPilot, Buffer, Twitter, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Sendible, SugarCRM,, GetResponse, Meta for Business, Keap, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, IFTTT, and AWeber are among the programs that Sniply integrates with.

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