How to Integrate Rapnet Diamond Search to Your Magento 2 store?

Does your Magento 2 store work with diamonds or jewellery? If yes, then Rapnet Diamond search is a must-have extension for your store. The Magento 2 Diamond Search Extension by Scommerce adds all the necessary features and functionality that helps eCommerce merchants to easily sell diamonds and jewellery in their store. Customers are greeted with a simple three-step process that allows them to easily customize their ring as per their specific requirements. Merchants can directly connect to RapNet via our diamond search module allowing them to access RapNet’s huge inventory of diamonds and jewellery. By connecting to Rapnet they do not have to create or manage products they simply need to connect with Rapnet and manage the pricing. All the products are pulled via their API. Furthermore, the extension offers two premium features Diamond search and ring builder. Diamond search is one of the most effective ways to quickly filter out the diamond required from the huge set of inventory. Whereas ring builder allows customers to effectively customize their ring and place an order with the bundled product.   

diamond search static block

Rapnet is an online marketplace for diamonds and jewellery. This service contains over 1 million diamonds that merchants choose from. You don’t need to manage or store the products, RapNet will take care of them for you. Merchants get to control the pricing and sell the products in their stores. The platform is used all over the world and is one of the most trusted online marketplaces for jewellery and diamonds. It’s quick and easy to directly connect to the marketplace via our Rapnet Diamond search extension for Magento 2 stores.

Key Features of Magento 2 Diamond Search by Scommerce Mage 

The Rapnet Diamond Search for Magento 2 stores by Scommerce Mage boast tons of great features making it easy for both customers and merchants to access and sell diamonds. The extension integrates diamond search with a highly advanced widget filter allowing customers to filter from a list of diamonds. Some of the filters available are Price, Carat, Clarity, Polish, Cut, Symmetry etc. These filters come in handy when you are looking for a specific diamond. Merchants can configure these filters from the backend configuration to suit their needs. Diamond search gives customers complete control to find what they are looking for from the huge list of diamonds available in your store.

Magento 2 diamond search extension also integrates a fluid ring builder tool. This tool enables customers to select a diamond then select a setting and finally order the customized ring from the store. They can make customizations as per their requirement and get the desired product using this simple yet effective tool. After customizations are complete a bundled product is created which is then ordered by the customer.

Some of the best features of this extension are:-

  • Adds a comprehensive diamond search tool
  • The diamond search tool is easy to use with the help of several filters
  • Diamond search filters are completely customizable from the backend configuration
  • Adds a Ring Builder Tool that allows customers to customize their rings with ease
  • The extension supports custom options
  • Supports a variety of products such as simple products, configurable products etc.
  • Comes with two out of the box integration modes Local and Rapnet
  • Ability to customize colours to match the store design
  • Completely integrated with Magento 2 out of the box shopping cart
  • Ability to connect to RapNet a huge online marketplace for diamonds and jewellery
  • Completely responsive

Integration Modes

The Magento 2 diamond search extension by Scommerce Mage features two integration modes providing merchants ease of access to the products. Two modes are namely Local and Rapnet. These modes give merchants control over how the product is set up in their stores. Let us learn about these modes in further detail:-

Local Mode

The local mode allows merchants to access the diamond products directly from their Magento 2 inventory. They can create their own products easily with the help of the Diamonds attribute added by the extension. Now, simply create the desired products in the admin panel and the local mode will automatically pull them from the inventory.

diamonds attribute

RapNet Mode

Selecting RapNet mode enables store merchants to connect to the huge RapNet marketplace which contains millions of products be it a variety of diamonds or other pieces of jewellery. One of the key advantages of selecting RapNet is merchants do not need to manage the product or physically store it in their warehouse. They get to control all the pricing and RapNet manages the product physically. Our extension allows merchants to connect to RapNet using the API and directly pull diamonds or their jewellery products to their store. They provide all the data and pricing in real-time. Customers can place orders with the help of the ring builder tool and once the order is placed the products associated with the order get automatically created in Magento 2. 

You can toggle the modes directly from the backend configuration by going into Stores>Configuration> Scommerce Configuration> Diamond Search.

integration modes configuration

Frontend Walkthrough

The front end contains a three-step process making it easy for the users to customize the ring by choosing specific diamonds and the ring according to their specifications. Merchants can utilize and assign a static block that will welcome the customers and direct them to the ring builder tool containing three simple steps.

Step 1:- Choosing a Diamond

As a first step customers see the comprehensive diamond search page where they can easily filter and select the required diamond. It offers a user-friendly interface that quickly connects to the user. 

diamond search list

There are several filters available with the diamond search. Some of the filters are listed below:-

  • Price
  • Carat
  • Polish
  • Symmetry
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Fancy

diamond search filters

Once the user decides on the diamond they want they need to simply click on the diamond and it will take them to the detailed product page of that diamond. This page contains every possible detail about that diamond providing customers deep insight into what exactly they will be getting. It helps them to quickly make their decision. Once satisfied they click on the select diamond and on we go to the next step.

diamond search product page

Step 2:- Choosing a Ring(setting)

In this step, several rings are displayed that are suitable for the diamond selected. Customers are required to choose from the list of rings to complete their customization using this ring builder tool. 

choose a setting(ring)

When the customer finalizes the ring they click on it and go to the product page for that ring. They can choose to purchase the ring separately as well or get the complete customized ring they click on “choose this setting” which takes them to the final step.

ring builder tool ring

Step 3:- Review and order the product

The last step involves reviewing and finalizing the customized product created by the customer. This page contains the bundled product that includes the diamond as well as the ring. Customers can see the total cost as well as the product that they had previously selected. Once the review is complete they can simply add this product to the cart and place an order with it.

diamond search bundled product

Customers can review the order placed in the My Account section which contains all the details related to that order. Please refer to the image below:-

order detail diamond search

Backend Configuration

The Rapnet Diamond Search extension for Magento 2 stores by Scommerce offers an extensive set of configurations to control and customize each and every feature of the extension. For instance, the filters displayed on the “choose a diamond” page are completely customizable from the configuration. Merchants can turn these filters on or off, also they can make their customizations using the several options provided. 

diamond search configuration

Each and every filter has its separate configuration as shown in the above image so they can be customized to suit the needs of the merchant.


Whether you are selling diamonds or other jewellery in your store our RapNet Diamond search extension for Magento 2 stores can be the game-changer. It will help you attract more customers and sell a wide range of products. The extension enables merchants to go beyond their limits and provide a seamless service to their customers with the help of a fluid and responsive user interface. Now get connected to the best Marketplace for diamonds and stay ahead in the race. The extension might be the edge that you need over your competitors.