In the current eCommerce landscape, the matter of extensions theme is a hotly debated one. Customers may not always find what they require right out of the box on platforms like Shopify and Magento 2. Sometimes you have to use third-party applications. The websites of the manufacturers and the general internet both provide different extensions. There are numerous other website assistants available on the Shopify App Store. You might find modules here that help with e-commerce-related customer support, marketing, store design, merchandising, shipping, and other crucial tasks. The overall goal of all of this is to enhance various operational areas and raise the average business value. We’ll examine the top 20 Marketing apps in following post. We’ll quickly go over their features, price, and highlighters.  

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Facebook channel 

This module provides you with all the resources you need to market and sell profitably on Facebook and Instagram. Manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as your products, from a single location on Shopify, and keep up with the latest options to help you scale and grow your business.


  • Promote using both paid and free adverts. To improve ad performance and measurement, set up the Pixel and Conversions API to communicate information about what happens on your website with Meta.
  • Sell from anywhere. With a personalized storefront that highlights the history of your business, you can offer customers an unique online buying experience.
  • Simple setup. All of your Shopify products will immediately sync to your Facebook and Instagram catalogs after you’ve connected your accounts.

This app is Free.

Get Facebook channel App

Google channel

Thanks to this plugin, you may easily connect with the millions of consumers that use Google to find the things they require and interact to your site. By placing your products in front of people who are searching for them on Google, you can increase sales. You could advertise for free on Google to reach the millions of consumers who use the search engine to find and buy things.


  • List products for free on Google in many countries
  • Enable seamless checkout with Buy on Google 
  • Sync products to your YouTube channel
  • Run paid Smart Shopping campaigns to promote products

This application is Free to install but additional charges may charged.

Get Google channel App

Shopify Email

You can make connections with consumers and create enduring relationships using Shopify’s own email marketing solution. The module provides you can quickly create gorgeously branded emails with our drag-and-drop editor and all the personalization you need to make your brand shine. 


  • Send branded emails to your subscribers
  • You may quickly personalize an email by changing the text, buttons, graphics, layout, and more
  • Duplicate previous emails
  • Schedule an email
  • Import customer lists into Shopify
  • Automate email campaigns

You can install this app for Free. The first 10,000 emails per month are free. Then, it is $1 USD for every 1,000 emails you send. 

Get Shopify Email App

Buy Button channel

With the help of this extension, you can include a buy button for any product or collection on a website or blog. You may also create rapid checkout buttons that direct visitors to your checkout page. Copy and paste the HTML code onto the platform of your choice after using the Buy Button editor to adjust it to reflect the design and feel of your business.


  • You can make buttons using the Buy Button editor’s custom fonts, colors, and designs. 
  • Without changing the coding on your website or blog, you may update the product information on Shopify. 
  • comply with customer orders 
  • Keep track of sales with the Home Sales Overview and Analytics sections. 
  • Make checkout links that are quick and easy.

Use this Shopify-designed application for Free.

Get Buy Button channel App

Shopify Inbox

With this free messaging addon, you may turn more chat into checkouts. Follow up with customers by email if you are unable to chat with them in person. From your admin panel, you may also create immediate responses, quick responses, and automatic interactions.


  • You may easily customize chat for your online store with just a few clicks
  • Connect Facebook, Instagram, and more
  • Instantly identify chats
  • Know what customers have in their cart
  • Send products, photos, and discounts without leaving the chat
  • Create a custom greeting
  • Automatically collect a customer’s contact information

Shopify Inbox module is Free. 

Get Shopify Inbox App


This extension provides you the possability to get your products in front of shoppers on Pinterest. Customers can quickly find, bookmark, and purchase things from your website without paying for any advertising from you. Connect your accounts for promote to more people and receive free advertising credits on new advertisers.


  • Connect your account. Easily submit your product catalog and share Pins for the things you offer.
  • Increase organic reach. Once your catalog has been posted, individuals on Pinterest may quickly find, save, and purchase items from your website without you spending any money on advertising.
  • Promote Pins. Reach even more people with campaigns to increase awareness, encourage consideration, or generate sales.

This app is Free to Install

Get Pinterest App

Shop channel

The plugin gives you the option to design your own command center for controlling and improving the Shop app. Set up your brand’s experience, enable Company’s ecosystem of features, and monitor Store’s progress. You could analyze your audience, Shop Pay transactions, marketing automations, and the software’s performance in comparison to other channels.


  • Accelerated checkout. The extension can help you increase sales.
  • Order tracking. Utilize the “Track with Shop” button to promote transparency, foster greater trust, and lower support debt.
  • Mobile app storefront. You can at any time update your store’s profile and product catalog.
  • Product recommendations. Increase sales from each new client by encouraging them to discover your products again.
  • Analytics dashboard. Use critical performance statistics on your audience, Shop Pay checkouts, and marketing automations to gauge the impact of app on your business.

This module provides options for Free.

Get Shop channel App

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

By using options like price decrease alerts, kind cart reminders, and just-in-time recommendations, this module gives you the chance to improve consumer communication. Customers will feel special and confident shopping at your store as a result. It’s easy to grow your business by speaking to every customer as if you already know them.


  • Sync all your Shopify data. You can sync all of your historical and current data with the one-click e-commerce integration to keep track of every interaction users have with your website.
  • Automations. The module will gives you a built-in automations like welcome emails, happy birthday, and cart abandonment which are completely customizable.
  • Segmentation. You can boost engagement with powerful personalization using tools like drip campaign, a transactional email, or a special holiday campaign.
  • Reporting. Receive pre-built marketing reports for a better understanding of your customers.

This plugin is Free to Install, but also you can use two additional options. SMS option for $5/month and Email – $20/month.

Get Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS App


With this tool, you can manage your orders, track outcomes, and create video ads all from within Shopify. Combine your store and TikTok together for a big profit. 


  • Get Started with TikTok For Business. Simple account creation, payment method setup, and ad running are all possible.
  • 1-Click Installation. You may easily use the TikTok Pixel to track performance. After connecting your accounts, installing your Pixel only requires one click. No need for developers or coding.
  • Promote Products. Using Shopify’s guided campaign design tool, conversion campaigns can be set up and tracked with ease.
  • Target Your Audience. You may modify your targeting to be as broad or specific as you like using a combination of demographic, geographical, and behavioral parameters.
  • Optimize Marketing Campaigns. View a quick summary of your crucial campaign performance information on the reporting dashboard to understand your conversion funnel.

This application is Free to Install with additional charges.

Get TikTok App


To increase social engagement, this software gives you the ability to display Instagram posts from your store. Additionally, it never hurts to advertise your Instagram account. You will receive an extension that is completely customisable and has a simple yet elegant feed, both of which will improve the user experience. You also have three distinct application alternatives to choose from. Consumers can use Instafeed Free, Pro, and Plus.


  • Guaranteed to have no effect on store page speed
  • Compatible with all themes and devices
  • Show the number of likes on each post
  • Rows and columns with a specific number for mobile
  • Show Reels
  • Sort your articles with hashtags
  • Post several Instagram feeds
  • On your posts, use several product tags.

Mintt Studio is the company behind Instafeed. The Pro option costs $5,99 a month, while Plus costs $19,99.

Get Instafeed App 

Mailchimp: Email Marketing

Millions of business owners use this app as their all-in-one email marketing and automation tool to expand their brands and businesses. Mailchimp’s stunning, precisely targeted emails, knowledgeable insights, and potent marketing CRM give you everything you need to scale your organization, whether you’re just getting started or already have a successful enterprise.


  • Automations that do the work for you
  • Flexible templates and AI-generated custom designs
  • Advanced personalization and segments
  • Expert insights and recommendations
  • Growth-focused reporting and analytics
  • Built-in product recommendations
  • Brand and content studio
  • Social ads and organic posting
  • Digital retargeting ads
  • Pop-up forms and landing pages

This module provides Free options and three subscriptions types. Essential for $11/month, Standart for $17/month and Premium – $299/month. 

Get Mailchimp: Email Marketing App Product Reviews

You can use an app to collect and display customer reviews of your goods and Shopify store. Social proof from client evaluations and other user-generated content like images and videos greatly boosts your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement. Additionally, you can synchronize with our other apps. offers email and live chat customer help around-the-clock if you experience any problems installing or using the addon.


  • Text, pictures, and videos are included in the free plan’s product reviews. 
  • There are no limits on orders, imports, or review requests. 
  • Examine Carousel (6 free themes to show your best ratings) 
  • All Reviews Page, Floating Reviews Tab 
  • Share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. 
  • Groups for reviewing products and synchronization between shops 
  • Reviews that load immediately

You can get Product Reviews for free or $15/month with an advanced option.

Get Product Reviews App

Privy ‑ Pop-Ups, Email, & SMS

With the appropriate email marketing and SMS technologies, the plugin enables you to expand your email and SMS lists from your Shopify store. No prior coding or development experience is required. Additionally, you may automate your email marketing, increasing the overall value of your orders. Use SMS and email to inform your consumers about new products. After the fact, send reminders to promote repeat business and provide shopping cart add-ons.


  • Assistance with custom storefronts 
  • Displays with pop-ups, spin-to-win wheels, banners, flyouts, announcement bars, and integrated forms are available that are mobile-friendly and configurable. 
  • Bar for free shipping 
  • Send out autoresponders and reminders. 
  • Automate your email marketing with newsletters, follow-up emails for abandoned carts and purchases, and emails to win back customers. 
  • Conduct automatic A/B testing

Privy offers multiple subscription plans. There is a Starter Plan for $15 per month, a Growth Plan for $45 per month, and Conversion Only for $70 every month.

Get Privy App

SMSBump: SMS Marketing & Email

To raise the value of your store overall, you can use this module’s free pop-up templates, email converter, social and keyword opt-ins, and incentive-based sign-up offers. Creating email automations that integrate with your SMS flows for welcome series, cart recovery from abandonment, and client winback could also increase revenue.


  • Smoothly synchronize with Shopify. Your store immediately syncs with SMSBump to build highly-tailored text and em campaigns based on consumer shopping habits, using items, costs, and more directly from your store.
  • Automations. This plugin provides you the ability to use pre-built workflows with texts and emails, to welcome subscribers, winback customers, recover abandoned carts and etc.
  • Email newsletters and campaigns. Ready-made email marketing with our drag-and-drop editor allows you to quickly build effective campaigns. 
  • Build your email & SMS audience, compliantly. With the greatest range of configurable subscriber collecting tools that sync to your Shopify site, no coding is necessary, and pre-written compliance language, you can quickly grow your subscriber lists.

This app is Free to Install and three more options:

  • Growth – $19/month
  • Prime – $59/month
  • Powerhouse – $199/month

Get SMSBump: SMS Marketing & Email App

Snapchat Ads 

Module gives you the power that enable marketers to connect with Snapchat’s distinct audience and produce substantial business results. A number of services on Snapchat are designed specifically for e-commerce companies. Join the group of Shopify retailers who are utilizing the Snapchat Ads app to market and expand their companies. 


    • Build your brand and grow sales. With just a few clicks, you can set up the Snap Pixel, sync your catalog, and create and manage ad campaigns from Snapchat’s Ads Manager.
    • Reach a unique, highly engaged audience. On average, 229 million people use this social network every day, so you can draw this group of people to your website. Snapchat users are quite active; they regularly spend more than 30 minutes on the app.
    • Easily create two types of campaigns. You have access to brand awareness ads and dynamic shopping ads.

This module is Free to Install but can charge additional payments. 

Get Snapchat Ads App

Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Many online retailers utilize the extension as an email and SMS marketing tool in an effort to boost sales. Thanks to pre-built automation workflows and easy, no-code changes, this module makes it simple to get started without becoming mired down in the details.


    • Pre-built workflows. Many online retailers utilize the extension as an email and SMS marketing tool in an effort to boost sales. Thanks to this feature and easy, no-code changes, this module makes it simple to get started without becoming mired down in the details.
    • Deliver newsletters. Use a drag and drop email builder, responsive email templates, one-of-a-kind coupon codes, and other tools to create eye-catching, shoppable emails.
    • Robust segmentation. Using audience sync for Facebook and Google advertisements, send well-targeted, tailored messages via email, SMS, and push to increase conversions.
    • Combine email with SMS and push notifications. You can use Send FREE SMS on any plan and Push notifications with campaigns & omnichannel workflows.

This extension may be used for Free and two subscription plans. Standart with $16 per month and Pro – $59 per month. 

Get Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS App

Loox Product Reviews & Photos

You have the chance to add gorgeous product reviews, photo and video reviews, and referrals to your online store with the help of this software. Only a portion of what you can accomplish with this module includes sending automated review request emails, asking for reviews with delivery-based timing, and providing discounts for submitting a photo or video.


  • Gather more testimonials, images, and videos. Loox collects authentic customer product reviews by sending creative and customized review request emails. 
  • Gorgeous displays. Retailers can display widgets that are appealing and contain content from satisfied customers with Loox’s Shopify reviews app. 
  • 24/7 assistance and simple setup. Gain access to a user-friendly app interface, settings, and support.

You have three alternatives for purchasing this application after the 14-day free trial. Beginner is available for $9,99/month, while Growth and Unlimited cost $34,99 and $299,99 respectively.

Get Loox Product Reviews & Photos App

Flexify: Facebook Product Feed

You may extend your Facebook channel with this plugin for better product catalogs. With little work, a module may extend and improve Shopify’s Facebook channel, develop new catalogs from scratch with XML feeds, and reliably fix data quality problems.


  • No manual work. Without having to customize each individual ad, promote all of your products with distinctive creativity.
  • Cross-Device. No matter how they found your company in the first place, reach customers with product advertising on whatever device they use.
  • High Relevancy. To boost sales, present customers with goods that are incredibly relevant to their hobbies and online activity.
  • Always up-to-date. Flexify keeps your store and your advertisements in sync. Hourly sync is offered.
  • Huge Feeds. With subscription plans, you can have infinite feeds and up to 1000 goods.
  • Product Collection. You decide whether to sync all of the goods or just a select few.

You can use Free plan forever or three Premium options. Small – $29/month, Medium – $49/month and Large for $79/month. 

Get Flexify: Facebook Product Feed App

Feed For Google Shopping

This add-on provides you with opportunity to promote your items in ways you’ve never done before. You may use your shop with a number of tools, including Instagram Shop, Facebook Shop, Checkout on Facebook, Google Shopping, and Local Inventory Ads on Google. Additionaly, you could ynchronize all of the updated products and newly added products from your Shopify store automatically in under 20 minutes.


  • Maximize Feed Optimisation. Rules to optimize an attribute are supported by a robust interface and precise filters for bulk edit.
  • Multi-Country, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency. You might require certain tools to help you set up multi-currency checkouts in Shopify and translate the content.
  • Promotions Feed for All or Specific Products. Within the app, you can establish a promotions feed for both particular products and all products.

Pay for this application depending on the number of products. Up to 500 products – $4,99/month, 501-1000 – $8,99/month, 1001-5000 – $13,99/month and 5001-10000 for $17,99/month.

Get Feed For Google Shopping App

Booster SEO & Image Optimizer

Add-on designed to streamline SEO-related operations in your online store. The app offers meta tag, alt text, sitemap, JSON-LD, and other optimization options. Additionally, the plugin gives you access to 24/7 US-Based SEO Support, which enables you to get answers to crucial inquiries and support in challenging circumstances.


  • Your image search traffic will increase with improved picture tags. 
  • Take advantage of weekly SEO health reports. 
  • Keeping track of broken links and rerouting them automatically 
  • To resolve SEO problems, use our AutoPilot tool. 
  • Your image files should be smaller. 
  • Make sure the URLs you choose are designed for success. 
  • Automatically create, update, and publish your sitemap to Google

Operate this app for free or with two monthly subscription packages. Pro option for $34 and Premium with $64.

Get Booster SEO & Image Optimizer App


Users may use Shopify’s broad selection of products to your advantage in a number of ecommerce niches. You can find extensions in the Shopify App Shop that support customer service, marketing, store design, merchandising, and shipping for online stores. Finally, we conducted a quick tour of the top 20 Shopify apps that are now categorized as Marketing apps. You could study this post for a little while and make your own decisions on what you might or might not want to sell in your internet store.

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