The topic of extensions theme in today’s realities of eCommerce is a widely discussed subject. Platforms like Shopify and Magento 2 do not necessarily provide everything that customers need out of the box. Occasionally you have to go with third-party software. Some extensions are available on the manufacturer’s sites and some on the public web. On the Shopify App Store, it is possible to find a wide quantity of various assistants for your site. Here, you may find extensions that help with customer service, marketing, store design, merchandising, shipping, and other important things for ecommerce. All of this is aimed at improving different aspects of operation and increasing the average value of your business. In the following post, we will look at the top 20 apps in the Store Design category. Let’s briefly go over their features, price, and highlights. 

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An add-on brings geolocation work and sales improvement. You will be able to Increase international sales with its help, since the app provides country and language suggestions. These suggestions, in their turn, blend in perfectly with your brand and appear as a bar or popup on your online store. Selectors, which work with any theme, allow your visitors to switch their language and nation at any moment. The recommendation and selections also display prices in the nation’s currency value. 


  • Allowing users to choose their preferred language and country
  • Provide customized recommendations to your visitors depending on the nations and/or areas that they have selected for their store.
  • Automatically identify and match the colors used throughout your online store.
  • Preview before publishing 

This plugin was developed by Shopify and you can obtain Geolocation for free

Get Geolocation App 

Customer Privacy 

Shopify was the one that designed this plugin. With this app, you get the ability to control everything about how you gather and distribute personal data is given to you and your customers. The extension works beyond major privacy standards like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 


  • Build trust with customers. The app contains connections to resources where users can learn more in addition to providing them the option to agree or reject information sharing. You can quickly add these specifics to your privacy policy for greater transparency.
  • Supports a variety of languages. Module offers support for a wide range of languages. 
  • Manage in one place. Your online store settings are where you may modify, edit, and define your privacy preferences. You have total control thanks to this without having to leave the Shopify website.
  • Create a CCPA opt-out page and a banner for cookie consent. These features enable you to establish the rapport required to comply with the regulations and strengthen client connections.

This plugin could be used completely free.  

Get Customer Privacy App 


This app offets you the option to show your Instagram content on your store to boost social engagement. It never hurts to promote your Instagram account either. You are getting a Fully customizable extension with a Minimal and elegant feed that will only enhance the experience for visitors. Additionally, you can select from three different application options. Instafeed Free, Pro, and Plus are available for usage. 


  • Guaranteed to have no effect on store page speed
  • Compatible with all themes and devices
  • Show the number of likes on each post
  • Rows and columns with a specific number for mobile
  • Show Reels
  • Sort your articles with hashtags
  • Post several Instagram feeds
  • On your posts, use several product tags.

Instafeed was developed by Mintt Studio. You can use the Pro option for $5,99 per month and Plus – for $19,99.

Get Instafeed App Product Reviews 

An app can help you gather and show customer feedback on your products and Shopify store. Your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement significantly increase thanks to social proof from customer reviews and other user-generated material like photographs and videos. Besides, you can also sync with our other apps. If you have any issues with installing or utilizing the extension, provides 24/7 customer support via email and chat.


  • Product reviews under the free plan include text, images, and videos
  • Orders, imports, and review requests are all unlimited
  • Review Carousel (6 free themes to show your best ratings)
  • Floating Reviews Tab, All Reviews Page
  • Share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr
  • Product review groups & cross-shop synchronization
  • Instantly loaded reviews

You can get Product Reviews for free or $15/month with an advanced option.

Get Product Reviews App

PageFly Landing Page Builder

Full control of your landing, product, and blog page layouts – this is exactly what you get by using this extension. The plugin provides a codeless page-building tool that is easy to use from the beginning. Receive unrestricted access to the sizable element collection, page sections to build your store pages, and ideas for design or references. For the fastest possible page loading, PageFly code is minified.


    • Reduce the time to launch a new store. Shorten development time with Page Templates & Premade Sections, Create custom elements with HTML / Liquid / CSS and Build any page type like Sales landing pages, “Coming soon” pages and etc.
    • Adapt the website for any marketing campaign. Quickly change your store layout with drop & drop editor, increase conversion rate and save anything you create and reuse later with this feature.
    • Flexible pricing. You may pay for what you want and when you need it with PageFly’s customizable month-to-month price plans.
    • Useful features for your customers. Clients will receive fast page loading speed, special effects, and responsive design. 

The Landing Page Builder has three options: 

  • Free
  • Pay As You Go – $29/month 
  • Enterprise – $199/month

Get PageFly Landing Page Builder App

Privy ‑ Pop-Ups, Email, & SMS

The extension allows you to grow your email & SMS lists from your Shopify store with the right email marketing, & SMS tools. No coding or development knowledge is necessary. In addition, you can automate your email marketing, which will cause your overall order value to grow. To let your customers know about new products, use email and SMS. Send notifications after the fact to encourage repeat business and provide shopping cart add-ons.


  • Support for custom storefronts
  • Mobile-friendly, customizable displays with pop-ups, spin-to-win wheels, banners, flyouts, announcement bars, and integrated forms are available.
  • Free shipping bar
  • Send autoresponders & reminder messages
  • Automate your email marketing with newsletters, abandoned carts, & purchase follow-up and customer win-back emails
  • Run automated A/B tests

Privy offers multiple subscription plans. There is a Starter Plan for $15 per month, a Growth Plan for $45 per month, and Conversion Only for $70 every month.

Get Privy App

Free Shipping Bar

The plugin provides a superb solution for shipping operations. With it, you can promote free shipping with evolving messaging that will encourage customers to make larger purchases and boost sales. Add-on offers you the ability to show various free shipping deals based on the nation, pages, device, and consumer categories. 


  • In a slide-out and customizable bar, present your free delivery offer
  • Congratulate customers when they get free shipping offers
  • Geotargeting
  • Currency Detection
  • Display page targeting
  • Curated bar background pictures uplift the spirit of the season, boost conversions, and improve purchases
  • The bar’s contents can all be changed to match your store’s aesthetic
  • All screen sizes, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, are responsive and optimized

The Free Shipping Bar is designed by Hextom and has two subscription plans. One Free, which includes essential features, and the Premium Plan for $9.99 per month with advanced capabilities. 

Get Free Shipping Bar 

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

This application that lets you enhance your relationship with your customers by adding loyalty points, rewards, & referrals. You can increase sales from your current clientele with this plugin. Without spending money on risky traditional advertising, you may enhance client engagement and loyalty through points and awards to encourage repeat business. Make a program for appreciation and loyalty that is unique to you.


  • By joining your loyalty program, placing a purchase, and even celebrating birthdays, customers can earn points
  • Set points expiration and reminder emails
  • Decide how to reward loyal customers depending on your type of business
  • Adjust where the panel appears, add logos, banner images, and advanced color options
  • Customizing your loyalty program without coding

With Smile, there is an opportunity to begin using it for free and extend it with three types Starter plan goes for $49/month. Growth and Pro plans are $199 and $499 per month, accordingly. 

Get Smile: Loyalty & Rewards App

Booster SEO & Image Optimizer 

Add-on designed by Booster Apps company and aimed at optimization of SEO-associated processes in your online store. App provides optimization of meta tags, alt text, sitemap, JSON-LD and etc. Additionally, the plugin offers you 24/7 US-Based SEO Support that lets you get answers to your important questions and help you in a tough situations.


  • Boost your image search traffic with optimized image tags
  • Receive weekly SEO Health Reports
  • Keeping track of and automatically rerouting broken links 
  • Use our AutoPilot feature to fix SEO issues
  • reduce the file size of your images
  • Ensure your URLs are structured for success
  • Create, update, and submit your sitemap to Google automatically

Operate this app for free or with two monthly subscription packages. Pro option for $34 and Premium with $64.

Get Booster SEO & Image Optimizer App

Ultimate Sales Boost 

The plugin is an optimal solution to increase your business sales by applying helpful tools. This extension offers you the ability to promote your sales across the full purchasing process to improve profits and average order value. With Ultimate Sales Boost, you can optimize your checkout process very easy. 


  • Featured products on the home page
  • Countdown timer image label on home, collection, product pages
  • Free shipping message on product page
  • low stock alert on the product page
  • Payment gateway icons on the product page
  • Promotional message label on the cart page
  • Customer targeting on tags
  • Customer targeting on overall spending
  • Product targeting with tags

Ultimate Sales Boost, was designed by the Hextom, is available in two options with different prices. Basic Plan for $9,99/month and Professional Plan for $29,99/month.

Get Ultimate Sales Boost App

SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed

Another extension on our list that delivers SEO-related functionality. Developed by AVADA add-on allows you to optimize image ALT, JSON-LD, Meta tags, and Sitemap automatically for almost pages. Your website will perform with Google Search under the best conditions. Install SEO manager with a single click, and everything will function automatically. Save your time and energy on shop optimization. 


  • Image optimization
  • Google structured data
  • Meta tags
  • Site verification
  • Instant page loading
  • SEO Analysis
  • Integrate with Google Search Console
  • Compress images, automatically add images alt attributes

You could use the app for Free and with the Pro version, which charges $29 per month and opens up extra stuff. 

Get SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed App

BEST Currency Converter

Grizzly Apps SRL designed a module that displays prices in customers’ local currency and makes shopping much simpler. A fantastic tool for extending the payment capabilities of your store, leading to higher customer satisfaction. 


  • Accepts any currency. Handles with 160+ different currencies, including bitcoin. Immediately converts prices for any theme and any device. Currency Rates get updated twice a day.
  • Automatic currency selection depends on customer location. The software locates your customers and chooses the currency for them automatically.
  • Stunning Design. Three alternative themes for currency converters are available.
  • Price configuration. Clients can view amazing converted pricing. 
  • The software informs your clients. Since Shopify does not permit us to convert the prices on the Checkout page, we devised a few methods to let your consumers know. 

Currency Converter comes in two options. You could go with the app for Free, or with the Elite Plan for $9.95 per month. This subscription brings you expanded functionality. 

Get BEST Currency Converter App 

Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR

An application created by Booster Apps that allows you to create a cookie banner to EU customers and utilize GDPR in the operation. Clients will see a banner from EU Cookie Bar telling them that your store uses cookies. The banner will be hidden from the consumers once they have accepted the terms. So, if you have customers from the European Union, a cookie policy on your store should be made available.


  • Cookie consent bar CSS provides responsive architecture
  • Adaptable content
  • Work with GDPR
  • Immediately hide the cookie banner 
  • Simple installation
  • Totally flexible design for your brand

You can use this extension for Free. 

Get Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR App 

AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS

Main destination of this module consists in handling orders with multiple ways. You could track order status, personalize the tracking page, manage notification triggers like SMS and secure shipments. To summarize, a smooth post-purchase experience is offered by AfterShip to increase client loyalty and sales. 


    • Monitor all shipments. Opportunity to import your tracking numbers automatically into AfterShip, filter shipments, tracking deliveries and create crucial standardized tracking statuses.
    • Keep customers informed. The module offers a multitude of customer related features like send shipping notifications, schedule shipping SMS, auto-send email updates and everything else associated with shipment information. 
    • Packages security. Powered by InsureShield shipping insurance, AfterShip Protection offers protection for your shipments from loss, damage, and porch pirates.
    • Delivery date prediction. By showing precise order delivery dates, you can help your consumers understand what to expect from deliveries.

After the 7-day free trial period, you will be able to use the software with three different subscriptions: 

    • Essentials for $11 per month
    • Essentials Plus for $35/month
    • Pro with $119 for month

Get AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS 

TrustedSite Trust Badges

The extension provides you with the opportunity to bring the certificates and trustmarks system to your online store. The certifications that TrustedSite gives assist you allay the most frequent worries that customers have while making purchases online. Earn these credential to display the TrustedSite trustmarks on your website and demonstrate potential visitors that they could put their trust in your company.


  • Issue-Free Orders. Customer testimonials will demonstrate how well-rounded service is constantly provided by your company.
  • Purchasing Privacy Protection. 90 days after purchasing, provide $100,000 in identity theft protection for clients.
  • Data Protection. Demonstrate to visitors that your checkout and login pages are safe
  • Honest Reviews. Display the outstanding reviews you’ve gathered using ResellerRatings.

You may use this addon Free and with three various options. Pro 2,000 for $39/month, Pro 5,000 for $75/month and Pro 10,000 – $125/month. 

Get TrustedSute Trust Badges App

Hextom: Quick Announcement Bar

With this extensions you get the ability to promote any sales and notifications to raise customer awareness and enhance purchases with a personalized banner. One of the most important aspects of managing customer relationships is to keep your clients informed about any upgrades, promotions, and special events that are going on in your company. A quick and efficient approach to do this is to notify them with a display banner on your website. Even simpler and quicker is made possible with Quick Announcement Bar.


    • Fully equipped and simple to set up. Auto-scheduling, Multiple bar rotation and other beneficial tools.
    • Advanced Targeting. The application provides such types of targeting like: Geo, display page, exclude page, customer group and source.
    • Completely Adaptive and Customizable. Enables the use of emojis in message, flexible bar customization process, bar can be set up to appear on your website in any desired location and support all screen sizes. 

Choose from Free plan or Premium option which costs $9,99 per month. 

Get Hextom: Quick Announcement Bar App

Automizely Email Marketing

Receive the power to use newsletter, email pop up, abandoned cart, banner, livechat together with this module. With automated newsletters, welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and more, you can streamline your marketing while maintaining leads and consumer engagement. 


  • Sales promotions
  • Email capture popups
  • Upsell pop ups
  • Cart recovery popups
  • Popup and forms analytics
  • Welcome emails
  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Email newsletters
  • Follow-up emails
  • Price drop emails
  • Back in stock emails
  • Web push notifications
  • Free shipping bar
  • Product recommendation widget
  • Countdown timers
  • Sales boost stickers

Use this app for Free or with Essential option for $11 per month. 

Get Automizely Email Marketing App

T Lab ‑ AI Language Translate

If your online store lacks multi-language and multi-currency functionality, then this extension from Sherpas Design is for you. You can manually translate your store or use Google NMT (neural machine translations) to translate it into one of the 130 languages that are supported. Additionaly, sell in more than 160 different currencies. Allow customers to view and pay in their own currencies, using Shopify Markets and Shopify Payments.


  • Manual Translations
  • Translate the Checkout
  • Automatic Translations with AI
  • Auto Detect Language
  • Language Switcher
  • Currency Switcher
  • Translate Product Options In Bulk
  • Export/Import Translations
  • Change the default language
  • SEO Friendly

The module is Free to install but also have three options with pay: 

  • Pro for $9,99/month
  • Business for $19,99/month
  • Premium for $29,99/month 

Get T Lab ‑ AI Language Translate App

Klarna On‑Site Messaging

With the module you can create individual messages directly on the frontend of your site. Integrating on-site messaging is simple, and emphasizing the buy now and pay later alternatives before the payment process can boost sales. The app offers personalized messaging, which can take the form of banners highlighting your collaboration with Klarna and the availability of payment methods or targeted promotions on product of basket pages. 


  • The main and only feature of this extension is on-site mеssaging. You can place messages wherever you want. 

You can use this app for Free. 

Get Klarna On‑Site Messaging App 

Photo Resize

Designed by Pixc, the app provides you with the capability to automatically resizes and replaces all your product photos. Using this apps’ bulk picture resizer will help you and your team save hours. This program will examine all of your pictures, tell you which ones need to be resized, and replace them all at once.


  • Automated bulk image resize
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Customization to suit your store brand
  • Restore your original photos at any time
  • Set the max width or height for photo optimization
  • Preview your store before resizing

Photo Resize by Pixc is Free to install but have three more options. Basic option for $4 per month, Pro and Unlimited – $19 and $79 per month.

Get Photo Resize App


Shopify offers a variety of products that can help you in many different spheres of ecommerce. You could find extensions in Shopify App Store that assist with e-commerce-related customer service, marketing, store design, merchandising, and shipping. To summarize, we briefly walked through the top 20 apps that are currently available in the Shopify App behind the Store Design tag. 

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