BIGTeam Spotlight: How Brett Regan Shifted from Sports to Ecommerce

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What do sports and ecommerce content have in common? If you ask Brett Regan, they are actually one and the same.

“It doesn’t really matter what the subject is,” Regan, adept sports fanatic and Content Marketing Manager at BigCommerce, said. “As long as you are very diligent with your research, as long as you’re accurate, as long as you can be creative and technical from an SEO perspective and understand your target audience, the content kind of takes care of itself.”

After a life-long devotion to sports, including forging a decade-long career path in the sports media industry, Regan transitioned into the tech world when he joined the BigCommerce team more than a year ago. 

Today, Regan helps oversee the company’s SEO content processes as well as publishing on The BigCommerce Blog to bring the latest trends in ecommerce to life.

BIGTeam Spotlight: Brett Regan 

From his career shift to his love for sneakers, let’s get to know Brett Regan a little more:

How did you get into the ecommerce industry?

Brett Regan: “Honestly, I really wanted a change of pace in my career. Being in the media industry was such a grind. I did everything from newspaper stories and magazine features to radio to video to SEO content. Add in a few years of travel and the constant feeling of almost being on-call for something, you have to sacrifice a lot of personal time. 

“I had a blast turning my passion into my career, but I was eager to really dive into a new challenge and BigCommerce was the perfect fit.”

What makes BigCommerce a great place to work?

BR: “The culture at BigCommerce is really something else. It’s hard to describe, but it starts from the very first day. Whether it’s the transparency from leadership or the support from your team and peers, you always feel included. 

“Everyone has their specialty and role, of course, but you can easily tell everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction to showcase and promote the best product in the industry.”

It truly feels like a team.

What’s the most fulfilling aspect of your role?

BR: “It’s the first look and finished product of a new post, hands down. I absolutely love seeing the hard work of our team come to life on the page. Knowing how it got there from start to finish and realizing how it can help someone with their online business is very rewarding.”

What are your passions outside of work?

BR: “I love basketball. Although I’m not the tallest guy in the world, it’s been my biggest passion for as long as I can remember. There’s nothing quite like going to or watching a big game. I also really enjoy traveling and getting to spend time with my family.”

What do you shop for most online?

BR: “Sneakers, and there’s not really a close second, either. I’ve always loved shoes, particularly Jordans. I have a pretty modest collection right now, in my eyes, but there’s always room for more.”

What’s your favorite BigCommerce store?

BR: “Given my love for basketball, it has to be I actually used to cover a few players on the current Cleveland Cavaliers roster while they were in high school and college, so it’s pretty cool to see them doing big things in the NBA.”

What do you find most fascinating about ecommerce?

BR: “One of the most fascinating things to me is how competitive the industry truly is. There are a lot more players in the game now than ever before, so it’s really intriguing to see how many companies are currently in the space and what creative and innovative things they are doing to stand out.”

Where do you see the future of ecommerce?

BR: “That’s really hard to predict, especially not knowing how advanced the technology will become in the next few years, but if there’s one thing the ecommerce industry has proven during the past couple of years is that it will adapt to whatever the customer is looking for, wherever that might be.

“No matter if it’s an established social media app or the new flavor of the month we haven’t seen yet, the further development of omnichannel, and how quickly it happens, will likely play a key role in brand recognition and trust to help online businesses thrive.”

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