VT Netzwelt – Your Provider Of End-to-End Development Services

Today, we are going to introduce you to VT Netzwelt – a reliable provider of end-to-end development services. The agency delivers innovative enterprise solutions for web & mobile across all possible industries. No matter how big or small your digital enterprise is because VT Netzwelt will always propose a solution that perfectly suits your needs.

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VT Netzwelt Stats 

The following stats characterize VT Netzwelt as a trustworthy partner: 

  • 250+ clients worldwide;
  • More than 10 years in business;
  • Over 450 projects successfully delivered;
  • 18 M+ downloads of apps developed by VT Netzwelt;
  • 100% project success rate;
  • 95% of projects delivered on time.

VT Netzwelt Features

VT Netzwelt offers digital transformation of your business delivering web and mobile apps. To achieve this goal in the most efficient manner, the agency relies on the following features and characteristics:

  • Certified technical specialists;
  • Vast experience;
  • Agile and iterative development;
  • ISO-certified management; 
  • A single contact point;
  • Maximum transparency; 
  • Top-notch creativity;
  • Rapid project kick-off;
  • Confidentiality compliance.

VT Netzwelt Specialization

Now, let’s briefly describe key areas where VT Netzwelt works.

Magento Web Development

VT Netzwelt is an award-winning Magento Development Company. It helps online retailers to reach their customers all over the globe. With Magento certified developers, VT Netzwelt delivers outstanding e-commerce experiences and we also participate in this process with our Improved Import & Export and other products.

Mobile App Development

It is hard to imagine a modern brand that doesn’t have an application. Therefore, VT Netzwelt delivers mobile app innovation from startups to enterprises. The company specialists build world-class mobile applications for core platforms, such as Android and iOS, as well as deliver cross-platform solutions.

Web App Development

Web app development is another essential sphere where VT Netzwelt works. The agency delivers tailor-made state-of-the-art web applications. Ranging from static web pages to complex web portals, they are always professional, effective, and secure. Enterprise applications incorporate such technologies as PHP, MEAN Stack, and various CMS solutions.

VT Netzwelt Projects

Below, you will find several core projects that VT Netzwelt can easily deliver:

  • Automated front desk solution for clinics. The company’s application for clinics offers an automated front desk solution based on an efficient and frictionless system for healthcare practices. The tool digitizes the entire paperwork process, checks insurance eligibility, calculates the total cost, processes online payments, and connects to EHR solutions. Its technology stack includes AngularJS, Amazon Lambda, and Amazon DynamoDB.
  • Cloud-enabled EHR solution. Among other VT Netzwelt’s projects, you will also find a cloud-enabled HIPAA-compliant EHR solution. The tool is combined with the patient management system and patient portal. As a result, it is divided into three main categories that are completely integrated within one system. The used technology stack incorporates MEAN Stack, Microservices, iOS, and Android.
  • Toy rental platform. MeineSpielzeugkiste is among VT Netzwelt’s clients. It is a market leader among the online rentals of children’s toys. The agency created a space where families can borrow popular toys on a subscription-based model. The app’s front end incorporates React while Magento is responsible for the checkout functionality. As for the information regarding products, images, prices, and various storefront entities, it is stored on the AWS servers. Thus, the corresponding technology stack includes Magento, ReactJS, and Amazon Recurring Payment. 
  • Web-based project management tool. VT Netzwelt also knows how to deliver a solution designed to manage the work within different teams. The app combines them on a single dashboard, addressing the complexity associated with separate records. Managers get the ability to assign tasks to their workforce more efficiently in real-time. Coordinating tasks, organizing meetings, and checking progress follow the specific business needs of the client. The corresponding technology stack includes MEAN Stack, Microservices, and NVD3. 
  • Meal planning app. Although VT Netzwelt didn’t participate in the creation of the meal planning app, the company still played an essential role in its launch. The client asked to test both mobile and web versions to ensure they were bug-free and functioning smoothly. The technology stack incorporated for this project combined Functional Testing and GUI Testing.
  • Marketplace mobile app. The idea behind this project was associated with Yelp but built for e-commerce. VT Netzwelt allocated a Business Analyst (BA) on the project, implementing the features and technologies required for the app. The corresponding technology stack includes React Native, Amazon Lambda, and Google Firebase.

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

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