We are so excited to introduce you to our new partner – Perficient. It is a global digital agency that aims to provide your business with the experiences it lacks. The consultancy specialists can help you move faster and engage your clients smarter, growing your enterprise. Perficient transforms how the world’s biggest brands develop and your business is not an exception. You can easily join the roster of the company’s happy clients. Drive your business forward, leveraging the following Perficient’s achievements:

  • Almost 300 clients among Fortune 1000;
  • The repeat business rate is up to 90%;
  • The current revenue is $565 million and it is growing continually;
  • The industry experience is more than 20 years;
  • 35 offices all over the globe;
  • 4,500 colleagues are bound to Perficient.

Global Delivery

Perficient operates all over the globe. The agency has more than 25 locations across North America along with global delivery centers around the world. In every office, you will meet a team of certified, experienced developers who serve an agile approach to delivering unprecedented results for systems and software development, testing, and ongoing support. The core locations are situated in the following regions:

  • India:
    • Chennai,
    • Nagpur, 
    • Bangalore;
  • China:
  • USA:
    • Lafayette, Louisiana,
    • St. Louis, Missouri (Headquarters);
  • Serbia:
  • Colombia:
    • Medellín,
    • Bogotá,
    • Cali.


Perficient upholds the following values: 

  • Integrity. Being forthright and ethical is the number one thing to follow.                                    
  • Innovation. Perficient always strives for the new but at the same time leverages the proven.
  • Client Focus. Every project is developed with the client in mind, including all the smallest nuances that follow business demands.
  • Collaboration. Specialists behind Perficient always cooperate with the company’s clients to understand their demands and deliver the most efficient solutions.
  • Team Focus. The company is not only client-friendly but also developer-friendly. It treats its specialists in the best possible manner, treasuring talent, embracing effort, and rewarding results.
  • Pride. People behind the company are always proud of what they do. It is one of the most important efficiency markers. 
  • Community. Perficient is committed to giving back to the communities around the company, making them a little bit brighter on a daily basis


Perficient provides numerous services aimed to create, engineer, and run digital solutions, transforming the way your business grows. The key directions include:

  • Strategy & Consulting. You can ask Perficient to help you create a strategic vision of your further development. The roadmap will help you compete more effectively, gaining more and more advantages over other businesses in your market segment.
  • Customer Relations. Another important field of work covers your relations with customers. Perficient can help you create meaningful connections across every touchpoint. Acquire, engage, and retain your customers in an absolutely new way.
  • Innovation & Development. With Perficient, you can launch new products and enter new markets faster and with less effort. The company will help you customize the existing solutions and provide absolutely new tools tailored to power your business forward.
  • Optimization. The company delivers integration of business processes and their optimization. You will be able to leverage the right tools to enhance productivity and connect all parts of your enterprise that were disconnected. 
  • Data Intelligence. Get the most in-depth insights into your business. Perficient not only delivers the information but provides it in the most user-oriented way. Thus, you can make more informed business decisions. 
  • Global Delivery. The scaled model for delivery is another important aspect of Perficient. The company leverages it to maximize your digital investments. At the same time, it helps to speed up time to market. 

So, with the modern approach and proven methodology, Perficient offers a broad range of services from consulting to implementation and maintenance of business projects of any complexity. It leads you to success, bringing all the building blocks to every engagement and combining them together. Thus, you get a perfect opportunity to experience big thinking and innovative ideas multiplied by a practical approach.

With our Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension, we help Perficient with Magento 2 integrations and data exchanges. Our solution delivers the best practices associated with the platform. Thus, our module helps to drive alignment and balance between the brand’s customer experience and business operations, delivering innovation, optimization, and growth.

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

Becoming a Firebear partner is quite easy. You can also join the family of agencies, leveraging our latest achievements. Firebear delivers flexible partnership terms that can easily adapt to your business model. Learn more about our Loyalty Program.

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