In the world of online commerce today, abandoned shopping carts are a major issue. With it, you lose a lot of customers who just don’t complete their purchases in your business. You can utilize several platforms or third-party programs to fix this. Today, we’ll take a look at a platform that creates plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify as marketing tools with a range of possibilities. You can count on Retainful to give you top-notch marketing tools for a variety of platforms. We will look at platform costs, benefits, alternatives, and other things. After reading this article, you will know more about this platform and be able to decide whether to use Retainful or not.

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Retainful Summary

  • Retainful is a great marketing tool.
  • With Retainful, you can work with Shopify, WooCommerce and WordPress.
  • Retainful offers all the capabilities you’ll need for a successful email marketing campaign.
  • It’s simply a fantastic tool. We advise you to give it a shot.

What is Retainful? Introduction

Retainful is a platform that gives you access to a number of plugins for Shopify, WooCommerce, and WordPress with various marketing opportunities. With it, you may automate email marketing campaigns to achieve unrestricted eCommerce growth. You can also recover abandoned carts, send personalized messages with dynamic coupons, and increase WOM sales with Retainful. 

Allow Retainful to handle the labor-intensive task of automatically delivering tailored emails even when you aren’t there. Your daily routine will be much simplified, allowing you to concentrate on more crucial aspects of your business.

Retainful Pricing

Let’s start from Retainful pricing. You can choose between one free plan and three paying ones on this site.


This project’s name speaks for itself and you don’t need a credit card for it. With Free plan you get such features as

  • Upto 300 contacts
  • Abandoned Cart recovery
  • Next Order Coupons
  • One Automation Workflow
  • 500 emails per month
  • Referral Program
  • Premium Add-ons (WooCommerce)
  • Priority Email Support
  • Live chat support
  • Dedicated Onboard Specialist


This package, which costs $19 per month and has extra benefits.

  • Upto 2000 contacts + $5 per 1000 additional contacts /month
  • Abandoned Cart recovery
  • Next Order Coupons
  • Email Marketing Automation (Order follow-ups, Thank you emails, Win back emails)
  • 10 automation workflows
  • Unlimited Email Sending
  • Referral Program
  • Premium Add-ons (WooCommerce)
  • Integrations – Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, ConvertKit, Mailerlite, Sendinblue, Klaviyo
  • Priority Email Support
  • Live chat support
  • Dedicated Onboard Specialist


For expanding companies that want to accomplish more, this plan is fantastic. It costs $49 a month for use. With it, you get all the features of the earlier model and new advantages like:

  • Upto 5000 Contacts + $5 per 1000 additional contacts /month
  • Abandoned Cart recovery
  • Email Marketing Automation (Order follow-ups, Thank you emails, Win back emails)
  • 25 automation workflows
  • Unlimited Email Sending
  • Priority Email Support
  • Dedicated custom sending domain
  • Live chat support
  • Dedicated Onboard Specialist


This one is the last and most expensive. To utilize it, you must pay $199 monthly. All the tools required to boost your conversions are included in the Premium package.

Retainful Features

Let’s start by listing all of the platform’s features.

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery. Get back lost sales and increase your revenue. 
  • Order Follow Up Emails. Maintain constant contact with customers. 
  • Welcome Emails. Welcome new clients and increase loyalty. 
  • Thank You Emails. Thank your clients to encourage them to buy again. 
  • Win Back Emails. Bring back departed clients.
  • Next Order Coupon. Send coupons to customers to keep them.
  • Referrals. Affordable consumer acquisition. 
  • Popups. Attract clients’ attention and encourage automation. 
  • Marketing Automation. Increase sales with built-in automation. 
  • Automation Templates. Built-in processes to boost conversions.
  • Customer Journey Builder. Create customized customer journeys.

Abandoned Cart Recovery 

A fantastic abandoned cart recovery solution is offered by Retainful. With just a few clicks, it’s simple to start an abandoned cart recovery campaign. Let’s see what you can get from this feature.

  • Automated email campaigns. Automatically send emails for abandoned cart recovery at the appropriate time to retrieve carts.
  • Dynamic coupon codes. Your emails should contain dynamically generated coupon codes to encourage customers to retrieve abandoned carts.
  • Email editor. Using our visual drag and drop editor, create abandoned cart emails that look professional.
  • Pre-built workflows. Utilize pre-designed automation workflows in plugins to get going quickly. With a few clicks, the campaign can be set up and launched.
  • Reporting. Get real-time reports on the effectiveness of your abandoned cart recovery campaign so you can make adjustments.
  • Integrations. Connect Retainful to your preferred platforms to boost customer engagement.

The order and timing of your cart recovery emails are crucial for achieving the highest conversion rate. Retainful’s standard abandoned cart email series consists of three emails and a dynamic coupon code.

Order Follow Up Email

The order and timing of your cart recovery emails are crucial for achieving the highest conversion rate. Retainful’s standard abandoned cart email series comprises of three emails and a dynamic coupon code. With this function, you receive such benefits as

  • Get to know yourself. Find out what customers are saying about you by asking for feedback. Based on the customer feedback you receive, offer the best possible customer experience.
  • Avoid abandoned carts. Orders occasionally fail, so send reorder emails to help clients finish their unsuccessful purchase.
  • Utilize pre-built templates to save time. Follow up with consumers by using pre-made email templates. Personalize it instead of starting from scratch to maximize conversions.
  • Quickly increase conversions. Follow up promptly to increase conversion probability by nine times. launch immediate follower campaigns.

Welcome Emails

After a customer makes their first purchase, you can use this feature to welcome them with a lovely email. Introduce yourself, express gratitude, or provide a unique discount. You will receive such benefits as

  • Spend less time and effort. It can be challenging to manually catch up after a first purchase. Use pre-built automation to automatically extend a nice greeting to your customers.
  • Stunning email content. First impressions are crucial. Utilize the email editor to add CTAs, graphics, and customized text to achieve the best engagement possible from the outset.
  • The basis of a long-lasting relationship. Offer variable discounts and add extra unique touches to welcome mailings. Discounts encourage repeat business and solidify a long-lasting relationship.
  • Customers demand a warm welcome. According to a survey, 74.4% of respondents anticipate receiving a welcome email. After the initial purchase, fulfill their expectations by sending welcome emails.

Thank You Email

With these features, you can thank customers for their purchases, automate the emailing of Next Order Coupons, and promote repeat business. With Retainful’s automated Thank You emails, you can thank customers automatically, encourage repeat business by sending coupons for Next orders, and boost client loyalty. You get such features as

  • Gratitude and recurring sales. Thanking your consumers helps keep them coming back to your shop. Promoting future purchases with coupons will encourage repeat business. 
  • Immediately create and launch campaigns. Utilizing the customer journey builder, quickly create a thank you email flow. Automate every step of the customer’s journey following a purchase.
  • Boost conversions with customized emails. Utilize a drag and drop email editor to customize thank you emails. You don’t need to know how to code. Personalize your emails and offer relevant material to the correct clients to increase email open rates.
  • Conserve money by keeping customers. It is less expensive to keep existing consumers than to find new ones. Increase Customer Retention Rate by sending automatic Thank You emails that include Next Order Coupons.

Win Back Emails

You may automate the sending of re-engagement emails to clients by using this plugin. Promote repeat purchases by giving customers exclusive coupons. You’ll gain from performing this task in the following ways:

  • Earn more money with less work. Selling to clients who have already made a purchase from your store will increase repeat business and quadruple your revenue.
  • Suprise with rewards. Lost clients could occasionally require a push. Offer discounts to get customers back to your shop.
  • Pique their interest again. To show them you care, use our email editor to modify and personalize your emails. To entice clients to visit your store again, target them with fresh products and updates.

Next Order Coupon

A repeat customer is much simpler to get than a new one. When a customer makes a purchase, you can encourage repeat business by sending them a special coupon code. You get such benefits as

  • Maintain clients. By providing Next order coupons, you may retain clients by getting them to shop at your store again and again.
  • Improve Client Loyalty. Sending Next order coupons can help you gain devoted consumers. This will motivate clients to remain devoted and pay repeat visits.
  • Boost Brand Recognition. Providing Next order coupons helps spread the word about your business, builds brand recognition, and attracts more people to your store.

With these capabilities, you can reduce cart abandonment and increase the number of visitors who make profitable transactions. Increase your sales by 10 times. 

When a consumer adds an item to his cart, you can cause a popup to appear and ask for his email.

Referral Program

Utilizing a referral program, you can convert current clients into brand evangelists and increase word-of-mouth sales. Spend less to attract new customers, and reward referrals to keep them coming back. You get such features as

  • Your customer refers a friend. By providing Next order coupons, you can retain customers by getting them to keep visiting your shop.
  • Friend purchases something. Sending Next order coupons can help you gain devoted consumers. This will motivate clients to remain devoted and pay repeat visits.
  • Advocate gets a reward. Providing Next order coupons helps spread the word about your business, builds brand recognition, and attracts more people to your store. 


You have a few automation choices with Retainful. Automation templates and marketing automations. With the help of Retainful’s pre-built templates and campaign workflows, you can quickly develop and run email automation for cart recovery, order follow-ups, and customer win-backs. 

Additionally, save time with our configurable, ready-to-use automation process templates. Choose a pre-built workflow for your email automation to interact with consumers at every stage of the buying process.

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Retainful Alternatives


An omnichannel email marketing automation software called Omnisend was developed to aid e-commerce firms in increasing sales. Automate all of your marketing procedures, from welcome messages and cart recovery through customer reactivation. Make sales 24/7 through a variety of media, including push alerts, SMS, and email.


Watch your marketing campaign generate better results than ever with GetResponse. Use one of the 500+ predesigned templates or start from scratch to create content that your audience won’t be able to ignore. Additionally, you have access to more than 1,000 free iStock images to add a touch of professionalism to your email.

Managers can better maintain team alignment with thanks to a single, open workspace. Using native integrations, third-party apps, and useful widgets, this adaptable platform enables you to effectively centralize your data. You can assess the progress of important tasks quickly and effectively by keeping track of all ongoing processes by having an overview of them.

Retainful Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited cart recovery emails
  • Unlimited automated emails to consumers for cart recovery 
  • Sequential or drip email reminders 
  • Enhanced personalization of the cart emails with the use of shortcodes 
  • The customers’ emails contain a single-click recovery link


  • We don’t see any major drawbacks here

Final Words

What can we therefore say about Retainful? It’s a fantastic platform for expanding your company. This platform gives you access to excellent marketing tools across various platforms. Retainful also provides you with top-notch, all-inclusive apps for Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce. Using this platform, you may increase WOM sales, recover abandoned carts, deliver personalized messages along with dynamic coupons, and more. In order to better understand Retainful, we advise you to use it independently. 

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What is Retainful?

Retainful, a provider of eCommerce solutions, has been assisting online retailers in expanding. By giving them the ability to build automated email campaigns, deliver next order coupons, email drip campaigns, opt-in forms, and more, platforms assist shops in recovering abandoned carts.

What functions does Retainful offer you?

With the help of email marketing campaigns, conversion rate optimization, and thorough automation, Retainful gives you access to excellent marketing tools that boost your sales.

What platforms does Retainful provide you an application for?

You can download an app from Retainful for the Shopify, WooCommerce, and WordPress platforms.

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