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Apps are a crucial element for Shopify users. They significantly streamline your daily tasks and improve the comfort of running your business. Shopify even has a dedicated app store. Today, we examine a platform that offers Shopify users apps and services. Boost is an online store solution that offers a powerful Shopify app. We will go over this platform’s features, pricing, and other options in detail. You have the option of choosing to be using Boost Commerce after having read this article. So let’s get going.

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What is Boost Commerce? Introduction

2Boost Commerce is a business that was founded in 2016. A company is a group of skilled professionals working in the eCommerce space who create practical Shopify platform solutions. The Product Filter & Search app for Shopify that Boost released in 2017 is its most well-liked item. Later on in this article, we will return to it. Speaking of Shopify apps, we have an few articles where you can find the majority of the platform’s extensions. 

What Boost can offer to you?

A Product Filter & Search App for Shopify is, as we’ve already mentioned, one of the most well-known platform solutions. It allows customers to quickly find the products they want. Later, we’ll examine it.

Additionally, the platform provides complete eCommerce Merchandising solutions. By setting up clever triggers to automatically market the right products to the right customers, you can use it to optimize conversion rates. The powerful integrations and Boost analytics capabilities simply cannot be ignored. So, let’s dive into details on each one of this features.

Boost Pricing

You have two pricing options with Boost Commerce. Prices for Shopify’s standard version and its plus version. Additionally, pricing is determined by the number of products and is based on monthly payments. Prices range from $19 per month for Shopify Standard plans and $69 for Shopify Plus for 1,000 products to $329 per month for Standard plans and $379 for Plus for 50,000 products. Boost offers you a custom plan if you sell more than 50k products.

Additionally, we would like to point out that Shopify Plus costs $50 more than the standard plan.

Boost Features

So let’s begin with the most well-known.

Product Filter & Search App for Shopify

With the help of this robust Shopify filter and site search solution, customers can easily find the products they want, increasing sales for your stores. The following features can help you increase sales:

  • Configurations for Shopify’s Product Filter and Display Options 
  • Intelligent Shopify Search Features For Useful Results 
  • Essential Reports and Metrics to Understand Customer Behavior 
  • Develop Marketing Plans Using Online Merchandising

The Boost Product Filter & Search App is also tailored to your entire store, matching your theme style with pre-customized looks to keep your store mobile-optimized and maintain a consistent brand appearance. Additionally, Boost gives you accurate performance that is lightning-fast with the aid of the following features:

  • Data Synchronization in Real Time 
  • SEO-friendly assistance 
  • Language Translation in Several 
  • Multiple-currency Support

Likewise, Boost offers you thorough integrations that are compatible with well-liked Shopify apps and can assist you with reviews, currency conversion, translations, and other tasks. You could also check this app by your self.

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Shopify Plus Edition

The Shopify Plus version of this app must also be mentioned. It offers some fresh features to retailers like:

  • Infrastructure with high performance and security. Boost offers Shopify Plus merchants top-tier AWS infrastructure powered by dependable, high-performance servers to ensure immediate response for busy stores.
  • 5-Star Priority and Devoted Support. Your issues or worries will be quickly addressed by Shopify experts and seasoned technical support staff because Boost always gives Shopify Plus accounts the highest priority. The apps support team is on call around-the-clock to guarantee that all of your requests will be handled as quickly as possible.

eCommerce Merchandising

With utilizing this solution, you can increase conversion rates by strategically setting up triggers to promote the ideal products to the ideal clients on an ongoing basis. For quick and simple promotion campaigns that are in line with your business strategy, you can create your own conditions based on the qualities of the products. You also get such features as

  • Decide to promote a particular collection. You could select one or more collections for one rule depending on customer demand or the current marketing strategy.
  • Use any attributes when establishing rules. Price, title, type, vendor, inventory status, tag, and the publish or added date are just a few examples.
  • Drag and drop to adjust a rule’s priority. The more prominently placed a rule is in the list of all merchandising rules, the more weight it will be given.
  • Set a date for the promotion. With Boost, you can customize a single product ranking rule’s date range to fit your marketing strategy.
  • Ranking based on keyword matching. You can specify when your products might be given priority based on the options you select. No matter what keywords are entered, products will always be displayed in the order of priority. Simply choose “Keyword search” if you want them to appear at the top of searches for particular keywords. And whenever customers conduct a relevant search, “Matched search” will give preference to these goods.

Collection and Search Analytics

Through significant site search analytics and reports for collection filter activities, this service provides you with data-driven insights into the purchasing habits of your customers. Information and metrics about how your customers browse products on specific categories and the entire site using the filter menus are provided by Collection Analytics. To compare the data, you could either select a date range or filter by collection. You also get such functionality as

  • Top Interested Collections. You can learn about customers’ interest in a group of products over time from the Total Filter Clicks report.
  • Mashup of filter possibilities. The Top filter option value combinations report allows you to view the patterns of product browsing on each collection page.
  • Top Option Values for Filters. Through this report, you can get a better understanding of the demand from customers for particular product attributes. 

Additionally, you will be able to close a few questions in your store.

  • What are users’ most popular search terms? The list of the top keywords used by your customers is displayed in the search query report.
  • What needs of your clients are you overlooking? Check out the top search terms that produced no results to see how frequently your customers searched without finding anything relevant. In order to improve the shopping experience and increase conversion rates the following time around, you can monitor the situation and set up better search settings.
  • What responses do users have to the search results? You can tell whether or not your products are attracting customers’ attention by counting how many times they are clicked on the filter trees of the search results, as well as which ones are the most well-liked.

Boost Product Filter & Search app records all customer search activities, even those made before they click the search button, and displays them on your analytics page, in contrast to typical site search analytics tools. As a result, you can investigate their unmet needs and make plans ahead of rivals.


Boost Commerce collaborates with top-tier Shopify & e-commerce apps to produce an outstanding and innovative experience for merchants to scale up their business. The full list of integration options is available here.

Boost Alternatives

Let’s take a look at similar apps with comparable features since the platform’s main offering is Product Filter.

Smart Product Filter & Search by Globo

With the help of the Smart Product Filter app, you can create a variety of product filters for your Shopify store based on the characteristics of your products. You can select your product based on characteristics like: 

  • variant
  • size
  • color
  • price
  • collection
  • vendor
  • brand
  • type
  • inventory
  • sale percentage
  • reviews
  • metafields

Additionally, this app gives you the chance to enhance the Shopify search bar. Search results that are more timely and relevant are presented using an advanced autocomplete window. And to make things even simpler for the users, use a wildcard partial search.

Product Search Bar & Filters by Doofinder

Doofinder will completely transform how customers browse and search your Shopify online store. Discover this innovative strategy to boost your sales. This app offers the following features:

  • Utilize our search bar to modify your search results
  • Creating banners will help your marketing campaigns become more visible 
  • Insights for the Smart Search Bar 
  • Automatic completion and search suggestions 
  • Cellular searches

Search, Filters & Discovery by Fast Simon, Inc.

With additional features, this app offers you a complete Search and Filter solution. You gain advantages like:

  • Smart Search
  • Collection Filters
  • Personalization
  • Merchandising
  • Upsell & Cross-sell
  • Visual Retailing
  • Professional Analytics
  • Landing Page
  • Customization
  • Compliance

Boost Pros & Cons


  • Powerful Shopify filter and site search application for Shopify
  • Flexible pricing options 
  • Comprehensive analytic possabilities 
  • A lot of complete integration abilities  
  • Wonderful resources, including blogs and case studies


  • There is almost no disadvantage for the purposes for which this application was developed

Final Word

Boost Commerce is a fantastic platform that offers a single, all-inclusive Shopify app to make your tasks simpler. Customers can easily find the products they want by using Boost’s robust Shopify filter and site search settings, which will increase sales for your stores. In our opinion, you can try using the Boost app on your own if you have a Shopify-based store. 

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What is Boost Commerce?

Boost is a leading company that employs a team of Shopify experts who work entirely remotely to create a Product Filter & Search App for Shopify. For your Shopify business, this platform also offers a few other options.

Does Boost Commerce fits my needs?

Boost provides app and tools for Shopify Shop owners. Therefore, you should try Boost App if your store needs to improve product filtering and optimize search.

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