In e-commerce, extensions and third-party apps are extremely helpful. Such add-ons’ main objective is to simplify normal tasks for you while you set up and run your store. Without it, you won’t be able to add many new features or services to your online store. We’ll examine the top 10 marketing applications for BigCommerce in this article. The marketing component of e-commerce will also be covered, including what it is, how it operates, and why you need specific technology to enable marketing in your store. You can choose which program you’ll use moving forward after reading this post. Let’s begin.

What are marketing tools? 

Marketing tools are strategies, items, and software programs that companies can utilize to effectively sell their products and services. These tools could help companies launch their marketing initiatives and track their progress over time. Through marketing initiatives, businesses can engage with consumers directly. As a result, they can use a range of techniques to collect and analyze crucial data. Since each type of marketing tool has a specific purpose, businesses usually use a number of tools to implement their marketing plan. These different products are usually developed for particular platforms, such as Shopware, Magento, or Shopify. Additionally, it gives them a little individuality.

Types of marketing tools

For a range of goals, businesses might use a variety of marketing techniques. Here are some typical illustrations of marketing tools:

  • Marketing analytics. These tools evaluate consumer and market data to support advertising campaigns for businesses. By using a marketing analytics tool, you can learn crucial information about a company’s consumer base, including their demographics and preferences. You could also examine a competitor’s business operations. 
  • Landing pages. Website forms designed specifically for a particular marketing effort are called landing pages. These websites are commonly accessed by customers via links in emails or descriptions of promotional films. Using digital tools, you can create your own landing pages by using visual designs and templates created specifically for use online.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). This approach comprises producing website content that ranks higher on the important SERPs that algorithms choose. Using a range of digital tools, you may research these keywords and monitor any changes on one platform, which might increase the total productivity of a campaign. 
  • Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is the formal advertising of a product or service by a well-known internet persona. These individuals may also represent a certain group or set of interests, such as video games or cosmetics.
  • Email promotion. By sending emails containing adverts to certain target audiences, such as registered users, email marketing is the technique of promoting a company’s products or services. Using specialist tools, you may organize an organization’s email marketing campaigns, produce new messages, and maintain address lists. 
  • Customer relationship management. CRM stands for customer relationship management and refers to any techniques or devices that encourage productive connections between businesses and their clients. Using CRM software allows you to look through vital customer information, such as their contact information and purchase history, during a marketing campaign.

Best Marketing Apps for BigCommerce


You may access effective sales-driving marketing services that will help you engage with and develop relationships with your customers by linking your online store to Mailchimp. Your company will make more money if you can enhance client loyalty and encourage repeat business. What’s more, it’s totally free! You get such features as

  • Boost your Potential for Profit. eCommerce retailers can use Mailchimp to get the tools they need to increase sales. Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform is just what online retailers need to expand their business by utilizing solutions that boost conversion thanks to our extensive features and our newest products. 
  • Boost Website Traffic and Encourage Repeat Purchases. In addition to boosting website traffic, Mailchimp products also enable you to start cultivating closer relationships with your clients by providing them with material that matters to them.
  • Knowing What Works can help you to increase your efforts. By integrating your online store with Mailchimp, you’ll unify your e-commerce site and marketing data, enabling you to evaluate the financial effects of your marketing initiatives. In order to best improve your marketing strategy moving ahead, Mailchimp offers the tools you need to monitor campaign performance as well as explore new options.

This application is free to use. Get Mailchimp App for BigCommerce.

Google Shopping by Sales & Orders

With the Award-Winning App for Google Shopping Ads and the Elite BigCommerce Partner for Google Shopping, you can improve traffic and sales. To introduce your products, you may easily connect your BigCommerce store to Google Merchant Center, Ads, and Analytics. Build, monitor, and optimize Google and Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns to boost lucrative revenue and attract more customers to your BigCommerce store. With this plugin, you receive the following advantages:

  • Easy Product Data Feed Management. As soon as you link your store to Sales & Orders, this plugin platform creates and submits a product stream, making your catalog live in Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and our own Affiliate network.
  • Reporting of Real-Time Feed Issues. You can swiftly address product rejections by importing product-level concerns from the Merchant Center, preventing dreaded account bans.
  • Tools for Feed Optimization That Increase Efficiency. Simple feed rules that optimize crucial product data can enhance the effectiveness of your Shopping advertising.
  • Draw More Customers & Boost Sales. To attract more customers, raise traffic, and generate profitable income, create, manage, and optimize product advertising and marketing campaigns on platforms like Google Shopping.

After a 15-day free trial, this plugin costs $10 per month to use. Get Google Shopping by Sales & Orders App for BigCommerce.

Yotpo Product Reviews

Yotpo assists BigCommerce businesses in producing a ton of user-generated content, such as product and website reviews, images, videos, Q&As, and other materials, which can then be used to raise conversion rates, increase qualified visitors, and increase sales. Yotpo offers a free basic version and paid premium features, which are shown below. Yotpo is plug & play with BigCommerce and just takes 3 minutes to set up! You get such features as

  • Increase Product Reviews. Customers can leave evaluations from within the body of emails requesting feedback using Yotpo’s signature in-mail form. Yotpo users produce more product reviews & site reviews as a result than users of other review systems.
  • Amplify Conversion Rate. When Yotpo users use our customized widgets on product pages, their conversion rates often increase by 30% to 120%.
  • Improve For Mobile. Yotpo’s features were all created with mobile devices in mind. Mobile users can submit reviews when a plugin sends a request for them without ever leaving their email app. Mobile customers who arrive via a Yotpo click stay on the site 37% longer than other users.

You can use this plugin for free. Get Yotpo Product Reviews App for BigCommerce


A conversion marketing and analytics software called Justuno gives businesses effective tools for converting customers together with data insights for enhancing marketing campaigns. Any store can connect customers and increase conversions with Justuno’s powerful marketing tools, including e-commerce promos, email capture popups, pertinent website messages, and more! Amazing design capabilities, strong traffic segmentation, and conversion statistics support all of this. You receive such features as

  • Email Pop Ups. The simplest and most efficient way to increase sales possibilities and your email list. Use any theme from our sizable library, or use our robust design canvas to have total control over your design.
  • Cart and Checkout Abandonment Offers. With tailored offers that are known to turn customers into buyers, you can stop cart abandonment. Bulk and one-time use coupon codes. Bulk (many use) and one-time use discount codes that you can customize for your e-commerce website. Pop-ups, banners, slide-ins, and follow-up emails should all contain promo codes.
  • Versatile Targeting and Segmentation. Target visitors based on their exit, page views, referring website, time spent on the site, frequency of visits, geolocation, device kind, scroll, cart contents, past purchases, and engagement history.

For $29/per month, you can utilize this program. Get Justuno App for BigCommerce

Join hundreds of BigCommerce stores in raising sales from your current client base through recommendations, points, campaigns, and more with the help of this plugin, which allows you to increase repeat purchases with points, referrals, and loyalty. From the moment they step foot in your business until they leave with their purchases, provide your consumers with a beautifully branded rewards program experience. You get features such as

  • Creating a strong rewards program to expand your business. Every time a consumer logs into your store, a Smile loyalty program gives them access to special benefits, alluring discounts, and a pleasant way to interact with your brand.
  • Program for Loyalty Points. Create a customer account, place an order, celebrate a birthday, or share on social media to earn points. Save abandoned carts as well and send point reminders to clients to get them back. At checkout, customers can exchange their points for free gifts or coupon codes.
  • Referral Program. With word-of-mouth advertising, create social evidence. Encourage clients to refer friends by providing personalized referral links, and using in-app analytics to conveniently track referral traffic and sales.
  • Real-time Rewards Panel. Email collection and member recruitment are made simple with an attractive rewards button and pop-up panel that is permanently shown on your store. Add logos, banner graphics, complex color options, and other elements to match your store’s look.

Starting at $49 per month, this plugin is available for use. Get App for BigCommerce.

S Loyalty

Join the thousands of BigCommerce merchants who are concerned with the appearance of their storefronts and attentive client interaction. A stylish rewards program is added by S Loyalty to your online store to forge closer ties with clients. We support both new businesses and BigCommerce’s biggest merchants in their efforts to engage and reward customers in order to grow customer loyalty and revenue. English, French, Spanish, German, and Traditional Chinese are now supported by S Loyalty on your storefront. You get such features as

  • Making branded loyalty programs for mobile and desktop. Stunningly branded notifications on the newest incentive offers and their point balance might attract customers’ attention. 
  • Plan campaigns based on events. Offer 2x or 3x points, special event incentives, and other promotions to keep customers coming back on weekends and holidays. 
  • Personalizations on demand. Impress clients with unique gifts like “Welcome” and “Birthday” bonus notes to demonstrate your thoughtfulness. 
  • Adaptations You Never Knew You’d Love. Choose your custom-named loyalty points, your signature theme, and more! 
  • Engage New and Repeat Customers Tastefully. For logged-in and new users to your storefront to view the most recent promotions and discount deals, display pertinent rewards sections and notifications. 

This program is available without cost. Get S Loyalty App for BigCommerce.

Omnisend Email Marketing & Newsletters

An e-commerce-specific email and SMS marketing automation software called Omnisend was created to assist nimble teams in generating more money without adding to their workload. Pre-built workflows, a one-click BigCommerce store integration, and our unique cart abandonment feature: You can recover abandoned carts on a phone, laptop, or another device because Omnisend is the ONLY email marketing tool that offers cross-device abandoned cart recovery for BigCommerce stores. You get such features as

  • Utilizing email, SMS, and push alerts to automate cart recovery, welcome series, order & shipping confirmation, and other unique automated workflows to increase sales
  • By segmenting your contacts based on their buying behavior, you can improve your targeting and sync more properties with Omnisend thanks to BigCommerce’s comprehensive connectivity 
  • A single-click BigCommerce integration, ready-to-use email templates, a simple content editor, and automatic product import allow you to master email marketing in minutes rather than hours

This program can be used without cost. Get Omnisend Email Marketing & Newsletters App for BigCommerce.


The e-commerce team behind BigCommerce’s most well-liked and lucrative Stencil themes created Pixelpop, a highly adaptable, all-in-one popup software. Utilize lovely popups that go with your theme to promote special offers, advertise products, and collect email signups. You also get features like

  • 7 popup types in a single, user-friendly software. It is simple to design a variety of bars, cards, modals, and full-screen takeovers using Pixelpop’s all-in-one popup editor. Use them to gather email signups, advertise discounts, show coupon codes, increase your social media following, and more.
  • Building email lists is now simpler than ever. Create a popup for collecting email addresses and sync it with MailChimp, Klaviyo, or Conversio. Additionally, you can export a CSV and upload it to your preferred mailing provider. Get the most out of each visitor to your shop! 
  • Advanced scheduling, exit-intent delays, and targeting. Based on your client’s location, the device they’re using, their behavior on your page, and where they came from, you should fine-tune your popups. Use a variety of delays, such as exit intent, duration on site, pages viewed, and page scroll, when scheduling your popups in advance. 

Use of this application is available for $0.00 per month. Get Pixelpop App for BigCommerce.


With all the Popup, Email, and SMS features your BigCommerce store requires, Privy is an e-commerce marketing platform. Utilize Privy popups to gather phone numbers and email addresses. Select a pre-made popup template from a collection, or create your own from scratch. You can include sign-up forms for your newsletter, a spin-to-win wheel, popups that look amazing on mobile devices, and much more. You get such features as

  • Easy-to-Use Designer + Pre-Made Templates
  • Email Marketing and Automation
  • Dozens of Website Popups, Bars, and Forms
  • Advanced Targeting, Triggers, and Segmentation for Your Contacts
  • Analytics and Testing to Measure Results

This plugin is free to use. Get Privy App for BigCommerce


The title and meta description of all the items, categories, and pages can be edited, analyzed, and optimized by business owners using FavSEO in one location. Store owners can find new keyword prospects, publish the sitemap, and monitor keyword rankings in Google after connecting to Google Webmaster Tools. 

  • Editor: Title and Meta. All of the items, categories, and pages’ titles and meta descriptions can be edited in one location. When modifying them, you can also check the SEO rating. 
  • Auditing SEO. Analyze the variables that are resulting in the low SEO scores for all the products on a single page. Fix and optimize in simple stages. 
  • Keyword & Rank Tracker. Track the positions of the new keyword opportunities after establishing a connection with Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console). 
  • Edit Bulk Titles. Have a large number of products? No issue. Change the titles of all the goods with one click by using our bulk editor. You’ll adore this for sure.

After a 10-day free trial, this software costs $19.95/month to use. Get FavSEO App for BigCommerce


What are marketing tools used for?

You may promote your services, improve your content strategy, create leads, boost sales, and raise brand awareness using marketing tools and tactics. You can use a marketing tool to advertise your goods or services. To increase their sales, most companies employ a variety of marketing strategies.

What tools can be used for marketing?

Types of marketing tools:
– Customer relationship management(CRM)
– Internet marketing
– Social media
– Optimization for search engines (SEO)
– Designing and creating content
– YouTube marketing
– Event Promotion
– Obtaining and converting leads
with etc

Why are marketing tools important?

You may perform a number of important objectives with the use of marketing tools, including boosting brand recognition, ensuring lead creation, and acquiring insightful client information. Understanding many basic tools can assist you in developing a marketing strategy that is successful for a business.

What are email marketing tools?

Tools used by marketers to build, send, test, improve, and analyze their email campaigns are called email marketing tools. An email service provider, or ESP, like Campaign Monitor is one of the most used email marketing platforms.

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