Best Apps and Extensions for Shopware 6: Integration Tools

Many organizations feel that eCommerce platforms are lacking in functionality. Platforms still require third-party applications and extensions in order to offer customers a decent service despite the constant expansion of their feature sets. These add-ons’ main objective is to simplify the setup and management of your store for you by streamlining repetitive processes. We’ll look at the top 20 integration tools from Shopware Store in this article. Every single extension we analyze is compatible with Shopware 6. You will also be familiar with integration, including what it is, how it works, and why it is necessary. After reading this post, you will also be able to decide for yourself which program you will use moving forward. Let’s begin. 

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E-Commerce Integration: What Is It?

The process of transferring data between your e-Commerce platform and the five important components of accounting, inventory, sales, CRM, and marketing is known as eCommerce integration. With integration, you can save a ton of time because you just need to enter your data once to transmit it everywhere and keep it so that everyone can access it for every single customer account.

With the ability to trace the trail of your product transfer regardless of which channels were used to complete a transaction, it enables your brand to stay up with the pace of many customers converting on numerous channels at once.

What are the Benefits of e-Commerce Integrations?

Integration of eCommerce provides organizations with the advantage they require to remain current and innovative. 

Time Management Efficiency

Businesses can optimize their time on routine tasks by integrating e-commerce. This is accomplished by automating specific tasks, such as notifying consumers. By accelerating the data interchange between the associated systems, integration reduces processing time. Additionally, it enables periodic lag-free system updates as well as ongoing inventory updates for the company.

Improved customer experience

Ecommerce integration maintains transparency in a company’s operations and, in doing so, gets rid of excesses that may otherwise put off customers from taking use of the convenience they provide. Additionally, it aids in expanding sales networks, ensuring that customers are given the greatest options possible. 

Additionally, eCommerce integration enables a company to manage its resources more efficiently, which benefits customers by ensuring they receive the finest service possible. Additionally, integration makes it possible for a company to respond swiftly to market developments and modify its size and/or business strategy to gain an advantage over rivals.

Assuring the correctness and integrity of the data

The appropriate data enables businesses to recognize possible market trends. This aids a company’s proactive preparation for maintaining its industry leadership position. Additionally, maintaining relevance shields a company from the possibility of becoming obsolete and ultimately failing. 

Customers are more likely to stick with your company if you have accurate pricing and inventory information, which includes information on how many goods and services are available. A satisfied customer is therefore less likely to look for other products and service suppliers.

Why E-Commerce Integration is Important to your store?

  • Your company’s systems might be connected together with the aid of ecommerce integration. 
  • You can integrate to get a deeper understanding of your customers, orders, and other data. 
  • Your operations will run more precisely and effectively with the correct integration platform. 
  • The entire client experience will be improved by sound integration procedures. 
  • Improvements in marketing and inventory management are specific integration results.

Best Integration Tools for Shopware 6

We’ll now examine the top 20 Shopware Store integration applications.

Mollie Payments for Shopware 6

You may include Mollie Payments into Shopware 6 with this plugin. Using this official add-on, you can quickly incorporate Mollie’s numerous payment options into your Shopware-powered web shop. All popular and nearby payment options are accepted by Mollie. Use the integrated Refund Manager and Flow Builder to accelerate your flows for things like automated shipping triggers, item refunds, and more.


  • Simple testing environment for integrations with payments
  • Payment screens have automatic device detection that is optimized
  • Freedom to choose favorite currency while paying
  • Smart fraud monitoring on all your payments
  • A user-friendly interface with current payment information

You can utilize this application for free.

Get Mollie Payments for Shopware 6 App

PayPal for Shopware 6

PayPal Checkout is already integrated into Shopware 6. You can offer a variety of payment options to your consumers using this most recent solution, resulting in a streamlined checkout process. PayPal enables you to connect with clients and broaden the reach of your business whether it operates online, offline, or on the go.


With only one module, PayPal Checkout allows you to incorporate a variety of PayPal goods into your Shopware 6 store:

  • PayPal Checkout
  • PayPal Express-Button
  • PayPal Pay Later
  • Payment Upon Invoice (Germany)
  • Venmo (US)
  • PayPal Zettle

Use this program without cost.

Get PayPal for Shopware 6 App

Klarna Payments for Shopware 6

With the help of this plugin, you may link your Shopware store to the Klarna platform. Independent payment options include Klarna Payments. By adding a Klarna-hosted widget to your current checkout, you may enhance it with Klarna Payments.


  • Direct Debit, Direct Bank Transfer, and Credit Card are quick checkout options for bank payments
  • With interest-free installments from Klarna, customers have flexibility in how and when to pay
  • By giving your customers the option to test before they buy, you increase the flexibility of the checkout process

This integration plugin can be used for free.

Get Klarna Payments for Shopware 6 App


Businesses from 36 countries can use this free module to accept all major credit and debit cards in 135+ currencies, Apple Pay for Web, Google Pay, and other regional payment options including Klarna, Ideal, Giropay, Bancontact, Sepa DD, Sofort, EPS, and Przelewy24.


  • Transparent pricing, where you only pay for the services you actually utilize 
  • There is only one contract covering all payment options, thus there is no need to submit additional applications

This application is free.

Get Stripe App

DHL Shipping

With the official DHL Extension for Shopware, you can quickly and easily produce DHL shipping labels in your Shopware administration. The DHL Extension establishes a direct link between your online store and your account in the DHL Business Customer Portal, resulting in the payment of only the shipping expenses.


  • Support of most DHL products
  • Many other DHL services
  • Designing the enclosed return labels 
  • Changing the delivery address is simple
  • Calculating weight automatically using product information 
  • Direct shipment tracking from the order summary

This extension is absolutely free to use.

Get DHL Shipping App

Pickware ERP Starter

Pickware is a backend ERP system that was created specifically for Shopware and is integrated into it. As a result, there is no need for a separate system with disjointed data storage, a unique user interface, and synchronization procedures that are prone to error. Pickware ERP Starter for Shopware 6 provides direct access to all central ERP services, including purchasing, inventory planning, and warehouse management.
[embedded content]


  • The control of a number of warehouses and bin locations 
  • Bin locations by product and warehouse by default 
  • Picklist 
  • Automatically reducing inventory when a purchase order is sent 
  • When returning a purchase order, automatically add stock
  • Set a reorder point per product
  • All products that have reached their reorder point are notified every day

This app is available for rent for €99 per month.

Get Pickware ERP Starter App

Amazon Pay

To make Amazon Pay available on your website, use the Shopware 6 Amazon Pay plugin. Customers can complete transactions with Amazon Pay by using their well-known and trusted Amazon login credentials and the payment information saved in their Amazon account. Only an Amazon Pay merchant account is needed.


  • On the checkout and product detail pages, there is an Express Checkout button
  • Native support for numerous currencies, including the US dollar, the Swiss franc, the pound sterling, and many others 
  • Multiple languages, including English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish, are supported
  • PSD2-conform
  • Multiple different charge modes

This plugin is free to use.

Get Amazon Pay App

SEPA credit transfer via QR-Code

With the help of this plugin, you can automate the creation of bank transfer information, make bank transfers more pleasant, and accept prepayment by credit transfer.


  • Easy and rapid bank transfers 
  • nearly all banking apps are compatible (EPC standard compliant) 
  • Less misspellings on the payment form 
  • Less transaction fees result from increased bank transfers of payments

This application is free to use.

Get SEPA credit transfer via QR-Code App

Sendcloud for Shopware 6 | Europe’s number 1 shipping tool for online stores

The top e-commerce shipping tool in Europe is Sendcloud. You will receive an all-inclusive solution from this plugin that will help you optimize your entire shipping procedure. Save time and concentrate on expanding your internet business, which is what counts most.
[embedded content]


  • By providing a variety of shipping options, increase conversion
  • Order picking up to seven times quicker
  • Automating the delivery procedure
  • Automatically send Branded Tracking Notifications
  • Automate the way you handle returns

This add-on is totally free.

Get Sendcloud for Shopware 6 App

Export for DATEV

For tax advisors, auditors, lawyers, and their clients, The DATEV eG provides software and IT services. Your credit notes and invoices can be exported to this DATEV program using the Export2Datev plugin. You may export your invoices and credit notes from your Shopware store directly to your accountant with the Export2Datev plug-in. You can import the data into the DATEV without making any changes because the data is immediately converted to DATEV format.


  • No installation is necessary locally 
  • Financial Accounting is not necessary 
  • Using a computer is not necessary 
  • Free modification to your financial accounting needs 
  • OSS – One Stop Shop procedure support

This software costs €89 per month to use.

Get Export for DATEV App

Adyen Payments for Shopware 6

With the Adyen Shopware 6 Payments app, you can streamline your payment procedures and gain a competitive edge. You have access to a worldwide all-in-one payment platform thanks to this internally developed integration. Accept all significant national and international payment methods, swiftly enter new markets and distribution channels, and decrease your fraud. You may spend more time managing your business with the aid of this software.


  • Optimizing payments using data
  • Accept credit cards, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, iDeal, and Klarna, among other popular payment ways
  • Native 3D Secure 2 authentication for real-time fraud prevention 
  • Improved checkouts 
  • Internally supported plug-in

Use this addition without cost.

Get Adyen Payments for Shopware 6 App

Edit and show tags

With the help of this plugin, you can quickly manage and edit tags and decide whether to display them on a product detail page. A new menu option “Content” > “Tags” has been introduced to the Shopware administrative area, under which a list of all created tags is displayed. There, you can change the tags’ titles or, if necessary, eliminate tags.


  • Straightforward tag management 
  • There is a new menu option under “Content” in the administrative area. 
  • Removing security-related tags 
  • Show tags if desired on product detail pages

This app is available for free usage.

Get Edit and show tags App

Billbee – Complete solution for multichannel retail

Billbee: A complete multichannel retail solution For vendors who sell their goods through one or more (online) channels, Billbee provides a sophisticated but user-friendly order processing, item management, and automation solution. Billbee or directly connected and integrated partners can map all important processes in the retail environment, from customer communication to shipping and after-sales.


  • Straightforward order processing
  • Item management
  • Automation solution

Use this addition without cost.

Get Billbee – Complete solution for multichannel retail App

PostNL Shipping & Labels

By using this addon, you may send your package to PostNL with just one click. Printing the shipping label is all that is required because it downloads instantly. This can be done for every shipment. or many deliveries at once. Your clients have the option of picking up their order from a nearby PostNL location or having the package delivered to their home.


  • PostNL makes it simple to submit shipments 
  • Print shipping labels quickly
  • Use one of the shipping options provided by PostNL (including letterbox package, insured shipping)
  • Sending packages to Belgium, Europe, and the rest of the world is simple
  • Addresses in the Netherlands are validated
  • Simple return label distribution to your clients
  • Utilize Track & Trace to track packages

This app is available for free usage.

Get PostNL Shipping & Labels App

Order exporter CSV

This app generates CSV files of orders for further processing, such as in accounting software, other applications, or for statistical analysis. Additional CSV settings, order status, delivery status, payment status, and sales channel restrictions can all be freely customized, as can the fields and field order. The order components can optionally be exported in addition to the orders.


  • Publish the order as CSV files
  • Setting up the CSV file (field delimiter, date/time format, separator, etc.) 
  • Orders for a specific time period, with the opportunity to add things 
  • Order, delivery, payment, or sales channel restrictions 
  • Free to define and arrange export fields 
  • Using the export console command

This plugin costs €99 to purchase.

Get Order exporter CSV App

PAYONE Payment for Shopware

The best payment option for your online store is this plugin. This app provides comprehensive payment options for self-pay businesses, e-commerce, stationary businesses, and mobile businesses. Additionally, add-on’ additional services for comprehensive payment processing round out the package and improve security, revenue, and customer support for you. 


  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB, Diners, Maestro International)
  • Wallets (Apple Pay, paydirekt, PayPal, PayPal Express)
  • Wire Transfer (PAYONE Direct Debit, PAYONE Prepayment)
  • Online Bank Transfer (Sofort, eps, iDEAL, Trustly)
  • Financing (Unzer Lastschrift, Unzer Rechnungskauf, Unzer Ratenkauf, PAYONE Secure Invoice)

This application is free to use.

Get PAYONE Payment for Shopware App

CSV Exporter – Orders

With just one click thanks to this plugin, you can export your orders. All that is required is the selection of the export duration. Additionally, you can use variables to quickly adapt the generated file’s header and columns to your measurements.


  • Fully customizable columns with variables (and fix values)
  • Configure CSV settings (field separator)
  • Period of the CSV order export freely selectable
  • Filter option by order status, delivery status, payment status, product manufacturer and sales channel

This plugin costs €249 to purchase and €19,90 per month to rent.

Get CSV Exporter – Orders App

GLS Shipping

With the official GLS Extension for Shopware, you can quickly and easily create GLS shipping labels in your Shopware administration. The GLS Extension connects your online store directly with the GLS Shipping API, so no further fees are charged in addition to the shipping expenses. The necessary shipping labels can be made, instantly obtained in the administration as a PDF, and printed off right away for each order. It is simple to remove incorrect shipping labels from the Shopware administration.


  • Most GLS products are supported (Normalversand, Express, Guaranteed 24) 
  • Changing the delivery address is simple
  • Calculating weight automatically using product information 
  • Direct shipment tracking from the order summary 
  • GLS offers automated shipping notifications. 
  • Direct backend cancellation of erroneous labels 
  • Independently programmable for each sales channel

This plugin is free to use.

Get GLS Shipping App

Payment method for free orders – OrderAmountHandler

With the help of the OrderAmountHandler plugin, you can now effortlessly accept orders from consumers at any time, even if they are paying with a gift card or credit. If the order amount is zero, this app examines the order total, including shipping fees, and adjusts the customer’s preferred payment method in the background. In this manner, the order can still be processed normally. The plugin resets your customer’s chosen payment method after the order is complete.


  • Automatic change of payment method for free orders
  • Free of charge
  • Open source

This plugin is free to use.

Get Payment method for free orders – OrderAmountHandler App

Disable Shopware 6 Admin Worker

In order to set up two cronjobs that routinely run the message queue and the scheduled tasks, the so-called Admin Worker, which is active in Shopware 6 Standard, must be disabled in the production system. This plugin makes it simple to deactivate and revive the Admin Worker as necessary.


  • When activating the plugin, the Shopware 6 Admin Workers are deactivated
  • Instead, the CLI workers must be set up

This plugin is free. 

Get Disable Shopware 6 Admin Worker App


What are integrations in eCommerce?

A link that syncs data between two programs is known as an ecommerce integration (also known as data integration). An integration, for instance, would be the ability to link two software programs, such as WooCommerce and Salesforce, and sync customer information from orders in WooCommerce to Salesforce.

Why is e-business integration important?

Customers and suppliers can directly and transparently access an organization’s internal business operations thanks to e-business. As a result, enterprise integration is needed both within and across enterprises, which is a result of e-business itself.

How do you integrate an eCommerce website?

– Utilize plug-ins to integrate eCommerce into your current website.
– Add different online sales options to your company website.
– Add eCommerce capabilities to your current website.
– Use the Buy Now button on Shopify.
– Create a Facebook eCommerce page.

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