Today, the basis for conducting business online is extensions and applications. The main objective of these add-ons is to make it easier for you to create and run your store by streamlining regular chores. You won’t be able to add many new products and features to your online storefront without it. Because of this, systems like Magento, Shopify, and others have their own App Stores. It is simple to promote and handle apps that have been created for your platform. We’ll look at the best 20 marketing applications from Shopware Store in this post.  You can find a wide range of options here, from “email sender” to discounts and coupons. All the extensions that we review are compatible with Shopware 6. You will also be knowledgeable with marketing tools, including what they are, how they work, and why they are necessary. Furthermore, after reading this article, you will be able to decide for yourself which practical application you will exploit in future. Let’s begin.

Marketing tools: What are they?

Marketing tools are methods, products, and applications that businesses can use to efficiently market their goods and services. These resources could aid businesses in starting marketing efforts and monitoring their results later. Companies can interact directly with customers through marketing efforts, so they can utilize a variety of methods to gather and examine important data. Businesses frequently employ a variety of tools to carry out their marketing strategy since each kind of marketing tool has a certain function. These various solutions are frequently created for specific platforms, such Shopify, Magento, or Shopware. Plus, it lends them a touch of originality.

Types of marketing tools

Organizations can utilize a variety of marketing methods for a range of objectives. Here are some typical examples of marketing instruments:

  • Marketing analytics. These technologies analyze market and customer data to aid in a company’s advertising initiatives. You can discover important details about a company’s customer base, such as their demographics and preferences, by employing a marketing analytics platform. You might also look over a rival’s commercial endeavors.
  • Landing pages. Langing pages are website forms that a business makes that are geared for a certain marketing campaign. Customers can frequently visit these web pages through links in emails or in the descriptions of promotional videos. You can make your own landing pages with a digital tool by employing templates and visual designs that are made for online interaction.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). This style entails creating website content that appears higher on the key search engine results pages (SERPs), which algorithms select. You may investigate these keywords and keep track of any changes on one platform with the use of a variety of digital tools, which might boost a campaign’s overall productivity.
  • Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing describes the formal promotion of a good or service by an online celebrity who has a large following. These people might also stand in for a particular group or set of interests, such as video games or makeup.
  • Email marketing. Email marketing is the practice of advertising a business’s goods or services by sending emails with advertisements to certain target audiences, such as registered users. You may arrange an organization’s email marketing campaigns, create fresh messages, and keep databases of addresses with the use of specialized tools.
  • Customer relationship management. Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to any strategies or tools that promote fruitful interactions between firms and their clientele. During a marketing campaign, using a CRM platform enables you to examine crucial customer data, such as their contact details and purchase history.

Let’s go back to the top 20 marketing tools available on the Shopware Store.

Best Marketing Tools for Shopware 6

The top Shopware 6 marketing resources are listed below.

Statistics Professional | Pro

Without data, analyses, and evaluations, a significant amount of money could be lost without your knowledge. Over 40 distinct statistics are available to you through the Statistics Professional plugin. Six categories—Sales, Orders, Marketing, Products, Customers, and Cancellation Analysis—along with simple, readable images make them simple to see and interpret. You also have the choice to begin a CSV for each distinct statistic at the same time.


  • Quick summary of all significant figures 
  • Analyzing sales, items, and consumers simply and quickly 
  • Display as a table and diagram 
  • CSV export for all available statistical data 
  • The mouseover effect makes it possible to read the graphics clearly 
  • A table listing all numbers 
  • Instantaneous statistics 
  • 41 statistical assessments 
  • Included are all significant data points from Shopware 5 
  • Logical subdivision 
  • You can modify the display type in part

You also have the choice to choose a sales filter based on your dynamic product groups. As a result, you are less dependent on the provided information and have the ability to produce customized sales reports. Use the “Sales by product with filter” statistic to achieve this. These are located in the directory under “Products.”

You could use this application for €18,99 per month or buy a permanent option for €239,90

Get Statistics Professional | Pro App

CleverReach® – Newsletter Marketing for your Shopware 6 shop 

An email marketing solution called CleverReach provides quick and simple direct engagement with your customers. Connect your Shopware 6 online store to this Shopware app to start utilizing it. It would help you improve communication with your customers and fostering more customer loyalty.


  • With the help of editors, create and distribute an email newsletter (e.g. Newsletter editor) 
  • Responsive and free email templates for every industry and occasion
  • Create automated email campaigns with email automation tool
  • Overview page providing information on shopping cart abandonments, email delivery status, and more
  • Send abandoned cart emails, follow-up emails, and autoresponders
  • For specialized email marketing, use tags
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Tracking: Examine your accomplishments
  • Blacklist functionality to prohibit email addresses or domains, automatic bounce and unsubscribe management 
  • Make surveys for your clients
  • Highest security standards, GDPR compliance Email Promotion Designed in Germany 
  • Free support and webinars

You could use this app for Free. 

Get CleverReach App

Sendinblue: eMail & Online Marketing Platform

Using the marketing platform Sendinblue, you can automate your marketing while also sending transactional emails, SMS, and newsletters. Organize and synchronize your contacts using a cloud-based platform. With this add-on, you can create newsletters easily using a drag-and-drop editor and send up to 9000 emails for free each month.


  • Importing products from your business into your email campaigns with only one click
  • Automatic recipient synchronization with your online store
  • Intelligent receiver management with segmentation that is simple to use and dynamic lists
  • Remind customers about empty shopping carts
  • Create your own processes to save time and improve the relevancy of your customer communications, or use pre-made situations (welcome message, checkout reminder, birthday, etc.)
  • Keep tabs on your visitors’ conduct

This extension is absolutely Free to use. 

Get Sendinblue App

With the help of this software, you may give clients in your shop clear notices. With this clever pop-up, even a newsletter registration is simple to complete. With the help of this plugin, you may run a “free shipping” promotion, show your clients a coupon as soon as they land on the start page, and more.


  • Notifications contained in a small bar at the shop’s very top 
  • Possible age verification 
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Easy promotion of special offers
  • Can be activated per sales channel

Use this software without cost.

Get Custom Popups & Notifications App

SEO Banner Professional | Pro

With the help of self-made, time-controlled banners that you may place where the standard cannot, this plugin gives you the chance to professionally design your online store. With just a few clicks, marketing programs may be set up quickly. Without using pricey and difficult graphics applications, you may quickly and easily produce the ideal banner. Your banner is ready after you load your image into the system and put text and ready-made buttons on it.


  • Multiple banners can be displayed on one page and one position
  • Several filter options are available in the banner overview to make it easy to locat banner himself 
  • Place banners where they would not typically be able to be
  • Possible restrictions on stores, clientele, and endpoints
  • It is possible to link the banners together and to set a time limit using start and finish dates
  • Fast passing on of the banners in subcategories possible with one click
  • Banners can be configured depending on the language
  • Banners can be created for different viewport sizes

This application is available for free usage.

Get SEO Banner Professional | Pro App

Utilize the tool from Codiverse to apply Google’s service “Tag Manager” in your online store without the need for programming knowledge.


  • You may track data from this app, including user, page, conversion, transaction, and product statistics
  • Enhanced Ecommerce tracking
  • Adwords Conversion Tracking
  • Full Cookie Consent Manager integration

This app costs €89 to purchase, or you can subscribe for €7/month after a free trial.

Get Google Tag Manager + Remarketing + Enhanced Ecommerce App

Google Shopping, Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads 

Since 2013, the Munich-based emarketing AG has been involved in online marketing for e-commerce stores as a Google Premium Partner, Google Growth Partner, and Microsoft Elite Partner. The emarketing plugin handles all the technical duties, including setting up conversion monitoring for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook & Instagram, and building and updating the product data stream.


  • Production and updating of product data feeds 
  • Shopping cart values and retargeting/remarketing tags are included in conversion tracking
  • Educative dashboards that include all necessary product and performance data 
  • Without professional knowledge, you can create campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Shopping 
  • Continuous, automatic optimization to maximize sales

This plugin is cost-free. The fixed monthly fees of 349.00 EUR in the form of a subscription cover account setup, campaigns, and their optimization as well as individual guidance and support.

Get Google Shopping, Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads App

Store & Merchant Locator – Store Locator

The StoreLocator plugin will assist you in making sure that as the owner of an online store, you do not lose consumers to the local competitors. In addition to the thorough product information available online, you can simply give your consumers access to a dealer and branch overview, where the location of the closest store is indicated for clarity. All of these characteristics will aid in boosting your sales and consumer loyalty.


  • PWA or external application API routes 
  • Branch search is a CMS component. 
  • Geocoding of places automatically while manually importing or generating locations 
  • Search by retailer or store name (may be turned on/off) 
  • Stores Featured (always appear at the top and are highlighted) 
  • GoogleMaps location icon configuration 
  • Route planner for Google Maps
  • Search suggestions when entered in the search field
  • Display of opening hours
  • Metatags for stores with StoreLocator

You could buy this extension for €299 permanently or utilize subscription for €25/month. 

Get Store & Merchant Locator – Store Locator App

Visual Mail Editor

With the help of Visual Mail Editor, you can easily develop sophisticated responsive mail layouts for transactional mail templates using a drag and drop user interface.


  • A large number of configuration possibilities with almost endless combinations 
  • The editor eliminates disparity between your design and a final result which clients receive 
  • Test your design on various device sizes
  • Direct selection of images from Shopware media 
  • Add variables and elements from a list to your text
  • Selectable elements are those that are available for the particular template type
  • Combining visual and coding aspects for more complex use cases 
  • Automatic creation of plain text and HTML 
  • Server burden is decreased through client-side code creation

This app costs €245 and has a 30-day trial run.

Get Visual Mail Editor App

Article Bundles

Using this program, you may group related items from your business and sell them together at a discount. The buyer can discover new products by receiving a package of complementary goods. You can create promotion boxes with the bundle extension that are akin to the Amazon promotion box.


    • PHP 7 and PHP 8 compatible. The plugin is fully compatible with PHP 7.x and PHP 8x.
    • Snippets. The plugin makes use of snippets to enable backend translation of all words and labels.
    • Compatibility. The most recent Shopware version and the Shopware default theme are always compatible with the plugin.
    • Responsive. The plugin is completely responsive on both desktop computers and mobile devices.
    • Individual requests for changes. Because every business is different, it needs customized solutions that are exactly matched to its particular operations.

Purchase this plugin for €299, or rent it with a €49 monthly subscription.

Get Article Bundles App

Through a link in the menus (footer, service, and main navigation) or an icon in the footer, users of this app can later modify their cookie settings. Additionally, it offers a fresh design for the cookie consent enquiry.


  • Calling up the cookie settings via a link in a freely selectable menu (footer, service or main navigation)
  • Calling up the cookie settings via icon in the footer

You can exploit this app for Free. 

Get Cookie Сonsent Сonversion Popup App

Individual Offer

With the help of this plugin, your customers may quickly and easily generate an offer request from their shopping cart. This request can be handled via the shop administration. You have the option to deny the request or set individual offer pricing for the articles. Following acceptance, your customer can create an order from this offer by finding it in their customer account.


  • Gives your consumers the option to make an offer request directly from their shopping cart
  • The off-canvas shopping cart also allows for the creation of offer requests 
  • In the Shopware administration, you may view all requests for offers and update, approve, or reject them 
  • In their customer accounts, your clients may view all offers as well as their status. 
  • When an offer is accepted, the typical checkout procedure is followed to create a standard order
  • Options for extensive configuration
  • Clients can download promotions from the account area 
  • System of messages for offers 
  • Offers may have a time limit 
  • Updating an offer in the admin to include additional products

This app is available for €449 or a €52,99 monthly subscription.

Get Individual Offer App


Vouchers are the perfect sales accelerators for any online store. Long-term, they boost your revenues by ensuring successful customer loyalty, bigger shopping baskets, and more. You may add and manage coupons with the EasyCoupon plugin, which is compatible with Shopware 6 and has other useful features. Additionally, you are always free to choose whether to provide the discount in euros or as a percentage.


  • Voucher creation and querying API 
  • Use a link to add vouchers to your shopping cart. 
  • Conserving residual value (voucher can be used for several purchases until the credit is used up) 
  • Overview of the customer’s vouchers, with the option to display or conceal allocated coupons 
  • Profile for Import and Export 
  • Direct export from the overview of vouchers 

You can purchase this plugin for €499 or use it with a €39 monthly subscription.

Get EasyCoupon App


Rapidmail is a newsletter program used in Europe that highlights your products and helps you increase sales. You can easily produce cutting-edge and spectacular newsletters with just a few clicks, just like the more than 100,000 businesses from all industries who now use rapidmail to send their newsletters. All customer information is updated automatically in your rapidmail account and made instantly available for your newsletter thanks to this Shopware plugin.


  • Rapidmail can be easily and intuitively connected to your store 
  • Templates for newsletters that can be customized more than 250 
  • newsletter editor with drag-and-drop functionality and device previews 
  • the choice to send email attachments 
  • Comprehensive mailing statistics 
  • Simple marketing automations creation 
  • Utilize transactional emails to close sales with potential clients

This app is available for free usage.

Get Rapidmail App

Google Tag Manager

With the help of this software, you can track your visits, clients, and orders in great detail and thereby sustainably boost your revenue. To achieve this, simply link your online store to Google Tag Manager. You have the option to become a 100% free supporter of Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Pinterest thanks to this plugin.


  • You receive a data layer with this plugin, which gives you significant details about how users interact with your website
  • There are already variables for Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook event data
  • You also receive Google Ads support with this addon for dynamic remarketing

This software costs €9,99 per month to use.

Get Google Tag Manager App

Free Shipping Indicator – FreeDelivery

Shop owners can easily and clearly display their customers in real time how much is still due before free shipment by using the FreeDelivery plug-in.


  • Choose the residual value from which the display emerges. 
  • Place the advertisement – decide where it will display 
  • Fully customisable texts

You can utilize this app for €59. 

Get Free Shipping Indicator – FreeDelivery App

Events & Tickets

You may define bookable events with this software, sell tickets right in your shop, and manage the attendees. This app is optimally integrated and simple to use, Shopware 6’s full-featured ticket store solution. You can make as many events as you like, and you can give each event any number of appointments.


  • Purchase tickets for your courses, seminars, and events. 
  • Events without available reservations (e.g. fairs and events) 
  • Any variety of events’ dates 
  • Administration and participant list download 
  • Choices and components for experiences worlds with a wide range of displays

For €299, you can utilize this app.

Get Events & Tickets App

Blog incl shopping experience

Shopware 6 lacks a robust blog area that enables you to create it and make them visually appealing. Nowadays, having interesting content on your website is crucial; Shopware 6 is missing this capability. This add-on meets that necessity. This plug-in allows for the creation of an infinite number of blog articles and supports multilingualism.


  • Tags, category, and property 
  • Image optimization in the media directory 
  • URL, Meta title, and description for full SEO 
  • Enables the shopware default search 
  • In the storefront API Comments, blogs are accessible by using Disqus

This extension is available for €350, or €35 per month.

Get Blog incl shopping experience App

Back in Stock Reminder Notification, Email-template & Reporting 

With this plugin allows your consumers to submit their email address immediately on the product information page or log in to automatically receive an email when the product becomes available again. Of course, at this moment, your clients can also enter the necessary quantity. 


  • Easily integrates with any Shopware theme 
  • In the Shopware settings, you may manage the email template as usual
  • Look at a dashboard to see the amount of consumers waiting for each product
  • Check out our report feature to see how many of the informed clients go on to convert

Purchase this app for €199 or pay €18,90 a month to use it.

Get Back in Stock Reminder Notification App

Google Shopping Export Professional | Pro

By utilizing this plugin, you can add a new tab called “Google Shopping” to the backend to expand your product information. You can quickly enter any additional data that Google requires here. It is possible to maintain variant articles separately from the primary article. Later, the data will be displayed in the plugin’s own feed. You will instantly get a new Google Feed template after installation. 


  • Product feeds that are optimized for Google Shopping 
  • Products are considered when using Google Shopping’s filtering tools
  • raises the prominence of your items 
  • The Product data for feed variants can be easily organized and enhanced without relying on the master article
  • A convenient search function based on Google categories

You can use this extension for €190 or with €15,99 per month subscription. 

Get Google Shopping Export Professional | Pro App

Marketing Tools FAQ 

You can read some frequently asked questions about marketing tools in the section below.

What are marketing tools used for?

You may promote your services, improve your content strategy, create leads, boost sales, and raise brand awareness using marketing tools and tactics. You can use a marketing tool to advertise your goods or services. To increase their sales, most companies employ a variety of marketing strategies.

What tools can be used for marketing?

Types of marketing tools: 

  • Customer relationship management(CRM) 
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media 
  • Optimization for search engines (SEO) 
  • Designing and creating content
  • YouTube marketing 
  • Event Promotion
  • Obtaining and converting leads
  • with etc

Why are marketing tools important? 

You may perform a number of important objectives with the use of marketing tools, including boosting brand recognition, ensuring lead creation, and acquiring insightful client information. Understanding many basic tools can assist you in developing a marketing strategy that is successful for a business.

What are email marketing tools?

Tools used by marketers to build, send, test, improve, and analyze their email campaigns are called email marketing tools. An email service provider, or ESP, like Campaign Monitor is one of the most used email marketing platforms.

What are the most used marketing tools?

The following are the most popular sorts of marketing tools:

  • CRM
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • SEO and SEM
  • Website Optimization and CRO
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Design

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