There is a lot of talk around extension themes in the current eCommerce environment. The functionality that customers seek isn’t necessarily preloaded on platforms like Shopify and Magento 2. Sometimes, you might need to use third-party applications. Both vendor and public websites feature particular extensions. Numerous different website tools are accessible in the Shopify App Store. This category includes extensions for e-commerce marketing, customer service, store design, merchandising, and shipping. All of this is done to enhance various parts of the business and raise the total value of your firm. We’ll examine the top 20 applications in the Sourcing and Selling products area in the following section. Let’s quickly go over their advantages, costs, and highlights. 

Facebook channel

You will find all the tools you need in this module to effectively market and sell on Facebook and Instagram. On Shopify, you can manage your Facebook and Instagram pages as well as your items from one location. You can also stay up to date on the newest tools that can help you scale and expand your company.


  • Use both paid and free advertisements to promote. Set up the Pixel and Conversions API to share information about what occurs on your website with Meta to enhance ad performance and measurement.
  • Sell from any location. You may provide customers with a distinctive online shopping experience if you create a customized storefront that highlights the history of your company.
  • Easy setup. Once you’ve linked your accounts, all of your Shopify products will instantly sync to your Facebook and Instagram catalogs.

This app is Free.

Get Facebook channel App

Google channel

With the help of this plugin, you may quickly and easily communicate with the millions of users that use Google to find the products they need. You may boost sales by putting your goods in front of Google users who are looking for them. To reach the millions of people who use Google to find and buy products, you might run a free advertisement campaign there.


  • List products on Google for free in many different countries. 
  • Adding items from Buy on Google Sync to your YouTube channel will enable seamless checkout. 
  • To promote products, run paid Smart Shopping campaigns.

Installing this application is free, however, there may be further fees.

Get Google channel App

Point of Sale

Shopify POS integrates your physical and online stores to increase sales conversions everywhere you sell, simplify store management, and foster closer ties with your clients. The plugin offers all the necessary tools for managing customers, orders, inventory, and sales as well as tracking performance.


  • Accept payments anywhere
  • Accept a variety of payments at competitive rates
  • Collect and maintain online-created consumer profiles
  • Manage one product catalog
  • Unlimited product SKUs
  • Offer and purchase gift cards
  • Email and SMS receipts
  • Connect integrated hardware
  • Countless registers 
  • No-limit POS personnel 
  • Buy online, pick up nearby 
  • Purchase in-store, delivery to the client 
  • Roles and privileges of the staff 
  • Daily sales results 
  • Payment monitoring

You can use this app for Free and with a Pro plan for $89/month. 

Get Point of Sale App


You have the option to showcase your products to Pinterest users by using this plugin. Customers may easily browse, bookmark, and buy items from your website without having to pay for your advertising. Connect your accounts to spread the word about your business and to get free advertising credits from new sponsors.


  • Register your account. Easily share Pins for the products you sell and upload your product catalog. 
  • Expanding organic reach. Once your catalog is published, people can easily search, save, and buy things from your website on Pinterest without you having to spend any money on advertising. 
  • Pin promotion. Campaigns to raise awareness, promote consideration, or drive sales can reach even more individuals.

Installing this application is Free.

Get Pinterest App

Shop channel

You have the choice to create your command center using the plugin to manage and enhance the Shop app. Establish your brand’s experience, turn on the ecosystem of services offered by the company, and keep track of the store’s development. You might examine the performance of the software in other channels, your audience, Shop Pay transactions, marketing automation, and the program itself.


  • Checkout in less time. Sales can go up with the extension. 
  • Order monitoring. Use the “Track with Shop” button to encourage openness, build more confidence, and reduce support debt. 
  • Mobile application store. The product catalog and profile for your store are both editable at any moment. 
  • Product suggestions. Encourage each new customer to find your products once more to increase sales from each one. 
  • Dashboard for analytics. To evaluate the effect of the app on your business, use crucial performance statistics on your audience, Shop Pay checkouts, and marketing automation.

This module provides options for Free.

Get Shop Channel App


With this application, you can manage your orders from within Shopify as well as keep tabs on results and generate video adverts. TikTok and your store combined can generate a significant profit.


  • Begin using TikTok For Business. It is simple to set up a payment method, create an account, and display advertisements. 
  • Single-click installation. The TikTok plugin makes it simple to monitor performance. It merely takes one click to install your Pixel after you’ve linked your accounts. No requirement for coding or developers. 
  • Product promotion. Conversion campaigns may be easily set up and tracked using Shopify’s guided campaign creation tool. 
  • Choose a Specific Audience. By combining demographic, regional, and behavioral criteria, you may change your targeting to be as general or particular as you like. 
  • Campaign marketing optimization. To understand your conversion funnel, get a brief summary of the critical campaign performance data on the reporting dashboard.

Installing this application costs nothing, however, there may be other fees.

Get TikTok App

DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping

AliExpress Dropshipping Solution is the new benchmark for handling hundreds of orders simultaneously, more quickly than ever before, and discovering new products & suppliers to sell more and make more money. With the help of this plugin, you can quickly place multiple orders to save time, increase efficiency, and make it simple to search and import products.


  • AliExpress whitelist
  • Place multiple orders to AliExpress in one click
  • Product search, import, and editing
  • Improve your vendors
  • One account to manage several Shopify stores
  • Track and sync shipping data automatically
  • Create Bundles and BOGO offers
  • Create suppliers for every country
  • Manage your product suppliers

You can use this app for Free or with two premium alternatives after a 14-day free trial. Advanced for $19,90/month and Pro for $49,90/month. 

Get users‑AliExpress Dropshipping App

Print: Print on Demand

With the help of this plugin, you can use a print-on-demand dropshipping and warehousing service. From clothing and accessories to household goods, you can customize them, and you’ll have a customer care service that’s glad to assist you around the clock.


  • Obtain more repeat business with the aid of superior goods
  • Do your business with Printful with no investment
  • Create beautiful designs, product mockups, and even your business logo using the built-in tools
  • Give a personal touch with product personalization
  • Boost your brand’s visibility with custom branding

There are two paid choices and a Free version of this software. Plus plan for $9/month and Pro plan for $49/month.

Get Printful: Print on Demand App


This software enables you to show Instagram posts from your store to boost social engagement. Additionally, promoting your Instagram account is always a good idea. The user experience will be enhanced by an addon that is fully customizable and has a straightforward yet appealing feed. Three different application options are also available to you. Users of Instafeed can use the Free, Pro, plus options.


  • Certain to have no impact on the speed of the store page 
  • Suited to all themes and gadgets 
  • Indicate how many people have liked each post. 
  • A predetermined number of rows and columns for mobile 
  • Movie Reels 
  • Utilize hashtags to order your articles 
  • Publish various Instagram feeds 
  • Use many product tags in your postings.

Instafeed was created by Mint Studio. As we mentioned earlier, the plugin has two paid options. Pro costs $5,99 per month, while Plus is $19,99 per month. 

Get Instafeed App

Messenger channel

This add-on allows you to communicate with Facebook and Instagram users directly from Shopify Inbox. Building customer relationships and increasing the amount of social media communications that result in sales is simple when using Messenger with Shopify inbox.


  • Simple to set up. With just a few clicks, you can connect your Facebook and Instagram message accounts to Shopify Inbox. After setup is complete, use Shopify Inbox to gather and address customer messages from social media and your online store in one place. 
  • Manage your Facebook and Instagram messages. You may quickly respond to customer inquiries and set expectations for availability for your clients with the help of this module. Set up alerts to remind you to check your messages, or assign an accessible team member to handle emails.
  • Concluding a deal on social media. With the help of this add-on, you can quickly close sales. If you have instant access to your product catalog, you may make suggestions and help close the purchase quickly.

This plugin is Free to use.

Get Messenger Channel App

Printify: Print on Demand

The best all-in-one option for contemporary print-on-demand requirements is Printify. Any retailer can create a brand-new personalized product in a matter of seconds, and those products will be immediately synced to an online store. This plugin’s professionals handle all back-end logistics, including printing, sourcing, and shipping. Because of this, your company is actually yours. 


  • Over 600 customizable products
  • The simple creation process for new items
  • A vast network of 90 locations and 65 print service providers
  • Any product can be instantly switched to an online store or marketplace

This app is Free to Install but has one paid option. The premium for $29/month. 

Get Printify: Print on Demand App

Spocket ‑ US & EU Dropshipping

With the help of this plugin, you can quickly add popular goods with quick shipping from vendors in the US, Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia, Brazil, and more to your Shopify store. Through Spocket’s official relationship with AliExpress, take advantage of automated AliExpress dropshipping with simple product import and order fulfillment via API.


  • Get Massive Discounts / Wholesale Prices
  • Auto-Update your inventory
  • Order fulfillment in a single click
  • Order samples of products to test them out
  • Track your orders in real time to stay informed
  • Branded Invoicing can help you establish a strong brand
  • AliExpress Dropshipping
  • 24/7 customer service helps you find solutions more quickly

Three premium options are available for this app after a 14-day free trial. Starter for $24,99/month, Pro for $49,99/month and Empire for $99,99/month.

Get Spocket ‑ US & EU Dropshipping App


With the help of this plugin, you can access Chinese dropshipping suppliers and fulfillment services. You may send CJ requests for product sourcing, create videos for your best-selling items to increase the conversion of your ad campaigns, and build up a fantastic USA warehouse to drop-ship products from the USA.


  • Import products to your stores
  • Product sourcing service
  • Connect Existing Products
  • Post Sourcing Requests
  • Fulfill Orders Automatically
  • Bulk DropShipping Orders
  • Pre-order Inventory
  • Shipping Cost Calculation and Tracking

Although you can download this program for Free, there can be additional costs.

Get CJDropshiping App


Linkpop is a solution for creating customizable links in bio from Shopify. Linkpop is 2x more effective than another link in bio solutions at converting traffic into sales because it is powered by Shopify’s quick and secure checkout. It enables you to distribute content, make sales, and get traffic data.


  • Engage your audience with a single shareable link. 
  • Add items, content, podcasts, and more to your website. 
  • Launch your brand in a matter of minutes.

You can utilize this app for Free.

Get Linkpop App


You may enhance sales and reach new clients using this module. Encourage customers to purchase your newest collections and best-selling items directly from your Linktree to facilitate easy product discovery alongside your most recent content.


  • Build your brand. Expand your subscriber base, share your most recent events and information, and more.
  • One link for every channel. Bring visitors from all of your social media networks to a location that is completely under your control, free from algorithms and other distractions.
  • Fast and easy. Quickly start your newest sales channel by connecting to Shopify, selecting a set of products to display, and doing so.
  • Fully Adaptable. Linktree may be customized to match the appearance and feel of your brand by changing the fonts, colors, and other elements.

You can use this app for Free and with a $6/month paid option. 

Get Linktree App

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell

This plugin provides a cutting-edge cross-selling and upselling solution for Shopify stores. ReConvert allows you to boost your earnings right away without investing any money in advertising.


  • Intelligent AI-based product recommendation engine
  • Upsell after the checkout page
  • Collect valuable customer feedback
  • Add personalized videos
  • Gather birthday data from customers and connect it with Shopify email marketing
  • Get clients to post about their purchases on social media
  • No design or CRO knowledge required
  • Works immediately with any Shopify store theme
  • Intuitive drag & drop builder
  • 24/7 live chat support

Four options are available for using this app: 

  • Free 
  • Pro – $7,99/month
  • MVP – $14,99/month
  • VIP – $29,99/month

Get ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell App


Carro links together connected Shopify sites to facilitate cross-store selling, which lets like-minded partners sell products to one another directly without having to maintain inventory, handle refunds, or place minimum order amounts. Sell your goods on reputable retailers’ websites, their goods on yours, or both! Collaborations between stores have never been simpler.


  • Gain Clients Without Paying Up Front
  • Expand Your Product Catalog Effortlessly
  • True Brands and Products You Are Aware Of
  • Manage Inventory, Fulfillment, or Payments
  • Quickly Get Started & Products in a Click

This app is Free to Install.

Get Carro App


With the use of ERP software, this system provides services to Chinese retailers. You have the ability to support China’s 500+ logistics providers, work with swift order processing, and have the best logistical mode automatically picked for you depending on the parameters you select.


  • Processing orders quickly 
  • Services provided only to Chinese suppliers 
  • A comprehensive system for controlling inventory 
  • Keep an eye on your packages. 
  • Support product publication 
  • Docking 1688 to finish the procurement oversight procedure

The app is totally Free for you to use. 

Get Dianxiaomi App

Dropshipman‑Dropshipping Agent

Dropshipman is a specialized dropshipping program that enables you to automate your fulfillment with a 7–15 day shipping time and import products from AliExpress to Shopify. Dropshipman is designed to help you grow your online store.


  • Sourcing service
  • Shipping service
  • Label & packaging service
  • Dependable inspection services
  • Import & edit products
  • Advanced product editing
  • Pricing editor & rules
  • Unlimited bulk orders to AliExpress
  • Syncing & update

This app is free to use.

Get Dropshipman‑Dropshipping Agent App


Customers can access your online store’s products immediately with Shopcodes, which are scannable QR codes. With the press of a finger, your consumers will be able to swiftly scan Shopcodes with any smartphone camera and buy your products. Integrate Shopcodes with your product packaging or marketing collateral, and then use Shopify Analytics to monitor traffic and conversions.


  • Create stunning Shopcodes for any of your items using Shopify’s app actions or app dashboard
  • Customize the product page or shopping cart page that the Shop code links to
  • By integrating discounts into your Shopcodes, you can encourage purchases
  • Utilize Shopify analytics to monitor conversions and traffic from your Shopcodes 
  • Through the app dashboard, quickly modify your Shopcodes

Use this app for Free.

Get Shopcodes App

Final Words 

Customers in many eCommerce industries benefit from Shopify’s extensive product selection. In the Shopify App Shop, online stores may find add-ons for customer service, marketing, shop design, merchandising, and shipping. The top 20 Shopify applications for shipping and delivery were quickly examined in our final step. After taking the time to read this information, you can make your own decisions about the products you wish to sell through your online store. Visit our Shopify App Store reviews  to see some of our additional content:

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