We are glad to announce another digital agency that relies on our products. Meet Cipher – one of the rapidly growing IT companies of Thailand. Our partner started as a software development agency and became a significant market player in its country and the surrounding region. Its primary goal is to provide IT services to other businesses in Bangkok and beyond. As for Firebear’s role, we offer our Improved Import & Export along with other extensions to help Cipher streamline multiple complex integrations, synchronizations, e-commerce migrations, and numerous other processes associated with data transfers.

About Cipher

As we’ve just mentioned, Cipher grew up for software developers. Therefore, every piece of the company is packed with top-notch and highly secure systems and tools. Furthermore, the initial focus on national leading brands gave Cipher tons of vital experience and provided a better understanding of the methods that every professional digital agency should attain.  

With a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists, Cipher helps customers in both tactic and strategic planning. Discussing client’s e-commerce ideas and business needs gradually turns into the actual implementation and ongoing maintenance. Thus, Cipher gains the most valuable benefit for customers enabling them to stay ahead of their competitors.


The array of services that Cipher provides covers all possible areas an average online enterprise may interact with. The following activities are at your disposal:

  • Inbound Marketing – Cipher will help you attract customers by creating content and experiences tailored to your brand;
  • Digital Marketing Consulting – you will also get valuable tips on how to create and run the most successful marketing strategy fully suitable to your business;
  • Social Media Marketing – the planning of proper behavior on social media is another sphere where Cipher succeeds;
  • Social Media Management – if you don’t want to manage your social networks by your means, you know where to find help;
  • Content Marketing – create the most engaging content with Cipher;
  • Graphic Design – make your brand more catchy and appealing to customers;
  • Email Marketing – generate additional sales and get new clients with a successful email marketing strategy;
  • Event Marketing – create a series of events that will improve your business presence;
  • Public Relations – strengthen your relations with the existing audience and potential clients, get yourself talk about;
  • Web Design & Development – get an attractive point of contact with your clients and partners online;
  • E-Commerce Design & Development – start selling online or enhance the existing digital storefront with Cipher’s experience and our Improved Import & Export;
  • SEO – make your website more attractive to both search engine bots and customers, conquering the highest position among search results;
  • Mobile Application – let your customers interact with your brand on a smartphone screen; 
  • Software Development – get any custom software that will satisfy even the most demanding business needs;
  • SMS Marketing – reach your prospects via mobile messages in the most efficient manner;
  • Marketing Automation – automate your marketing efforts by connecting your e-commerce website to popular CRM and ERP platforms.

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

Our family includes both big and small companies. Everyone is welcome since becoming a Firebear’s partner is quite easy. Join us on mutually agreed conditions and leverage the latest achievements and the most reliable software solutions we offer. 

Firebear delivers flexible partnership terms that can be easily adapted to your business demands. Contact us to learn more about our Loyalty Program.

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