You own an online store of the Magento platform with various configurable products. However, it may take time for customers to select the product attributes and wait for the new outlook of product loading, which will affect customer satisfaction and increase the bounce rate. 

No business does want this problem occurring in their shop. They need to find a solution that can suggest attribute combinations to customers. Let’s imagine that each configurable product has multiple attributes, which requires clients to select each attribute before seeing its outlook to complete the purchase. It may cause frustration for customers if they want to shop quickly.

Thus, the Mageplaza Configurable Product Preselect extension is a useful tool for each Magento shop, which helps customers view a targeted product attribute of the configurable product right after accessing your website. They can see the cheapest or most expensive version depending on the admin setting. Moreover, shop owners are able to set the Default Preselect option for each product based on their promotion purpose.

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Why do store owners choose Mageplaza Configurable Products Preselect for Magento 2?

  • Suggest customers to one targeted combination

With various product attributes in configurable products such as size, color, material, etc., customers usually feel confused. The Configurable Product Preselect plugin is developed to help solve this concern. 

The suggested combination in each configurable product will be highlighted with red borders. This will help customers be noticeable and fast look at it as a recommendation when accessing your web store.

magento 2 configurable products extension

This feature brings advantages for both store owners and shopping doers. It is a useful way for shop managers to draw customers’ attention to the targeted option according to their promotion purpose. Besides, this will also help clients eliminate their waste of time waiting for the new outlook loading after selecting each product attribute.

  • Ability to add to cart with one-click

Thanks to Configurable Product Preselect, the recommended option has been ready to be added to customers’ shopping carts. With one click on the Add to Cart button, they can instantly have this item with the suggested attribute in their cart, which saves lots of time with multiple clicks compared to the usual way. 

magento 2 configurable products extension

Although this feature is relatively small, it helps increase the customer shopping experience on your store site since it eliminates the waste of time for customers, especially for people who want to shop quickly.

  • Set the first option as a preselected one

magento 2 configurable products extension

The first option usually the most popular selection of customers when they arrive at your webshop. Thus, store owners often use this attribute as the preselect option to fasten the checkout time of clients. Especially, for those who have limited time to go shopping, they tend to gran the first option.

  • Recommend the cheapest pricing option

magento 2 configurable products extension

Many configurable products have different prices based on each product attribute. Merchants can motivate customers to purchase more products by suggesting the cheapest combination, which would help increase sales critically.

Store admins can preselect type easily at the backend. For instance, they can set the Jacket with Black color and XL size as the preselected option since its price is the most reasonable among other selections.

  • Suggest the most expensive selection as a preselected option

magento 2 configurable products extension

Besides suggesting customers with the lowest price option, online stores would want to show the selection with the highest price. Store owners promote customers who tend to purchase high-priced products with limited versions which can differentiate them from others. 

Suggesting them the highest-price option as a preselected one can catch their notice instantly and lead them to pick that selection.

  • Choose preselected setting with the Default option flexibly

magento 2 configurable products extension

This feature supports admins to set the preselected option among various product attributes in a flexible way.

In the Catalog backend configuration, the default option for each product can be chosen by ticking the box. Then, it will show at the frontend as a preselected option to consumers.

  • Preselect Image

Default Image of product is one of the preselect option.

  • Ability to apply preselect on the Category page

Admins can apply preselect on swatch attributes on the Category page

  • Compatible with Mageplaza Quick View

It is working well with Mageplaza Quick View and showing the preselect option via pop-up

  • Compatible with Mageplaza Layered Navigation

It is properly compatible with Mageplaza Layered Navigation – Ultimate package to show the preselect option on Layered Sidebar

  • Friendly SEO URL

The URL of the option is friendly to SEO

  • Support multiple store views

This module is fully applicable to all store views.


  • General Configuration

magento 2 configurable products extension

In the admin panel, please go to the following path Stores -> Configuration -> Mageplaza Extensions -> Configurable Product Preselect -> Configuration.

By choosing Yes in the Enable field, admins can activate the module and go to further configuration.

There are four types of preselected options that you can choose.

magento 2 configurable products extension

First-option Preselect means that this type allows showing the first attribute set of the Configurable products as default.

Cheapest-option Preselect helps display the lowest price version of the configurable product. While the Most Expensive-option Preselect supports displaying the highest-price version of the configurable product.

If you want to choose the Default-option Preselect, you need to access the Edit page of each Configurable Product to select the default option for it.

In case the child product has a Swatch attribute, it can be applied on the Category page by selecting Yes in the Preselect on Category Page field. Otherwise, if you want to disable this feature, you can choose the No option. 

  • Edit Configurable Product to select Default Preselect Option

If you choose the preselect type as Default-option Preselect, you need to do the following steps to set up Default Predict Option.

  • Step 1: At the backend, please go to Products-> Catalog
  • Step 2: Filter product type – Configurable products
  • Step 3: Go to Tab Configurations and choose a product to set it as the Default Preselect Option.

magento 2 configurable products extension


  • Display configurable products preselect on the Category page

magento 2 configurable products extension

  • Show the preselected option on the Product View details page

magento 2 configurable products extension


To sum up, store owners can suggest attribute combinations to their customer flexibly with the Mageplaza Configurable Products Preselect extension. Various selections that they can choose such as the most popular, the cheapest, or the most expensive preselect to boost up the sales of specific items.

Get Magento 2 Configurable Products Preselect Extension by Mageplaza

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