If you are looking for an e-commerce agency that helps implement the craziest and most non-standard ideas, pay heed to Overdose. The company claims to decline norm, hype, and mediocrity. But what’s hidden behind these words? Let’s briefly explore Overdose.Digital.  


The digital commerce dimension is overwhelmed with agencies of all possible sizes and business lines. Strategy, innovation, flexibility, agility, and numerous other characteristics emphasize the most robust market players geared towards success in a crowded digital arena. Overdose follows these principles to understand and satisfy your business needs and deliver functional advantages over your competitors. 

If your e-commerce project tends to break the rules, you now know a company that will help you achieve this goal. If you don’t want to change the universe of digital commerce but still need a reliable online storefront, the Overdose specialists are also at your service. They know how to fill the gap between your business needs and functional delivery.

The Anti-Agency is not just about delivering functional solutions following your budget and deadlines. Overdose puts immersed relationships with customers in the first place. The company keeps the consumer empathy deep and the supported technology stack wide. It helps to develop a team of 300+ commerce professionals just within five years. The company offices and thankful clients are scattered to the four corners of the earth: from Australia to the US, from Singapore to Germany.

Digital Direction & Strategy

Despite a quite controversial byname and prefix, you can consider Overdose a full-circle digital commerce agency. It is capable of satisfying the fully-functional needs of any high-performing e-commerce startup. The company’s divisions are all led by industry experts and backed by the Client Success process, ensuring access to talent through the distributed retainer model.

Robust design thinking is another pillar that helps Overdose accelerate business growth. Backed by data-driven insights and deep customer empathy, it leads to business success and customer satisfaction.

The agency streamlines its broad e-commerce experience to digitize core processes and services and evaluate each technology and marketing function’s intensity. After identifying issues, risks, and opportunities, it will optimize all the core assets to achieve the highest possible scalability, performance, and efficiency. The following steps are applied to every project to reach the goals:

  • Digital Transformation – even the most advanced existing-commerce website still has room for improvement; 
  • Systems Architecture – created from scratch or improved with the highest industry standards in mind;
  • Audit and Review – the most precise and detailed exploration of your digital business;
  • Customer Insights – the in-depth review of your clients (existing and possible);
  • Client Success – your success is the simultaneous success of Overdose, your partners, and your customers!

Thinking several moves ahead helps Overdose deliver the best possible e-commerce results. The company delivers the best user experience practices by analyzing customer behavior and identifying the target audiences’ variety with their unique demands. The following principles enter the game: 

  • Data-Driven UX & UI – with the most in-depth insights!
  • Customer Journey Mapping – the detailed path of how your potential buyers move through your website;
  • Mobile / Desktop – what devices are used and how;
  • Application Design – don’t miss a chance to rich new and existing buyers through their mobile screens;
  • Conversion Optimisation – deliver a more engaging experience.

As for the technologies used, Overdose is a certified partner of Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify, and Suite Commerce. Since it is a platform-agnostic solution, various special cases may occur, handling complex migrations from legacy platforms.

And with a data-driven approach to performance marketing, Overdose delivers well-optimized campaigns with an underlying focus on achieving the best possible ROAS. The agency covers the following directions:

  • Strategy;
  • Audit;
  • Social Channels;
  • Email Automation;
  • Search;
  • Merchandising;
  • AI Solutions;
  • Various Optimisation, Automation, & Segmentation Efforts.

Note that if you are going to enter the Chinese market, Overdose offers social media marketing development and implementation for this country.

If you need a reliable SEO strategy, Overdose is also at your disposal. The company delivers SEO migration and optimization based on a systematic approach and extensive experience. You will get throughout keyword and audience research, competitor analysis, numerous technical audits and optimizations, SEO migration, and content strategy that will help you address all past issues.

A unique approach to data is also among Overdose’s key features. Every data expertise is run with the best in breed tools, delivering the most in-depth understanding of your digital commerce opportunities.

When it comes to the migration to/from Magento 2 and other e-commerce platforms, Overdose relies on our Improved Import & Export extension and other developments in this area. 

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