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In the eCommerce business, it cannot be denied that the wishlist plays a crucial role in enhancing the customer experience because they have a tendency to save their favored products for future purchases. However, the limitation in the functionality and number of wishlists in Magento Default may cause inconvenience and interest loss when shopping on your site.

So how can online stores make it through this issue?

Mageplaza Better Wishlist extension was born to make your wishlist more visible and functional. It allows customers to create and manage multiple wishlists organized for different purposes. Moreover, buyers can carry out a wide range of actions, including delete/ move/ share their wishlists with ease.

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Why choose Mageplaza Better Wishlist extension for your Magento 2 online store

magento 2 wishlist extension

Better Wishlist extension by Mageplaza enables customers to take Add to Wishlist with preferred items on the Product Listing Page or suggested products on the Shopping Cart Page via a popup. This popup window allows customers to choose the available wishlists that they would like to add that item to. Moreover, shoppers can even create a new wishlist right on the popup. 

In addition, if customers only have one wishlist, there is no need to reload the page once the items are added, thanks to the integration of AJAX technology to the Better Wishlist extension. 

The ability to generate multiple wishlists

magento 2 wishlist extension

With the support of this extension, shoppers can categorize their favorite items by creating numerous wishlists with ease. As a result, each wishlist can be independent and help shoppers track and manage their expected items without difficulties and then make a quicker purchase decision. 

In particular, Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist module also allows the admin to create different default wishlists in the backend, which is a good recommendation for users who are wondering about their selection. 

The flexibility in editing wishlist information 

magento 2 wishlist extension

Mageplaza Better Wishlist extension supports customers in applying multiple actions to their wishlists, such as editing, copying, and moving items among separated wishlists via just a click. This is a useful feature that can enable customers to update or change their wishlist at any time.

Furthermore, shoppers can easily take out the items that were purchased or no longer in their desire by pressing the Remove button. 

The details of wishlists can be tracked through reports in the backend

magento 2 wishlist extension

One of the noticeable features of Magento 2 Better Wishlist extension is that it can support viewing reports on wishlists of various customers in the backend. Store admins can easily collect the data on beloved products added containing product information, the added number, and the added time. Thanks to these detailed statistics, the store owner can get to know about the most wanted products or categories, hence, make suitable marketing campaigns in the future and manage the stock efficiently to get more profits.  

Additionally, if Mageplaza Reports Ultimate extension is installed together on your site, there will be a wishlist table displayed on the admin dashboard.

Allow sharing personal wishlists via social channels (Coming Soon)

Another outstanding function of the Better Wishlist extension by Mageplaza is that it enables users to share their wishlists or beloved items via popular social channels, which are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. With the support of this feature, customers can freely introduce their favorite products to their families and friends without any barriers.

Additional features

Enable/Disable showing the all-items tab

This module assists customers to display or hide the all wish items tab.

The limitation in the number of wishlists 

The online stores can effortlessly set up the restriction for the number of wishlists.

Add items of wishlist to the cart 

With this function, shoppers can move the items in their wishlists to the shopping cart quickly. 

Extension compatibility

Better Wishlist extension can be compatible with other Mageplaza modules such as Social Share, Advanced Reports, Quick Order, Quick view, Ajax Cart,…


General Configuration

To activate the Mageplaza Better Wishlist extension, please log on to your Admin Panel and make your way to Stores> Configuration> Mageplaza> Better Wishlist.

magento 2 wishlist extension

  • Enable: Choose Yes to turn on all the functions of the module.
  • Remove Products after Add to Cart: Choose Yes to auto-delete the item from the Wishlist after clicking on the Add to cart button. 
  • Enable Multiple Wishlists: Admins can select Yes to configure some settings on multiple wishlists, such as Show All Item Tab, Default Wishlist(s), and Allow customers to create Wishlists. Also, admins can choose Yes in the Show All Item Tab section to display a tab, including all the Wishlists products.
  • Default Wishlist(s): In this section, the store can add or delete the Default Wishlist Categories in Wishlists. Besides, it does not allow customers to modify the names of these Wishlist Categories. 
  • Allow customers to create Wishlists: Choose Yes if you want customers to create a Wishlist Category by themselves. 
  • Limit the number of Wishlists created by customers: Enter the number that allows customers to develop the wishlists. The default number =5; if this field is left blank, there is no limitation on created wishlists. For admins, they can create multiple wishlists without being affected by this setting. 

Edit Wishlist of Customers

The wishlist category and products added to the wishlist are recorded in the Wishlist tab at the backend Customer details page. The store admin can modify them in the Customers> All Customers.

magento 2 wishlist extension
It enables the admins to make changes by the following actions:

  • Generate or rename the Wishlist Category
  • Add items to multiple Wishlist Category
  • Apply some movements such as copy/ move a product from one Wishlist Category to another Wishlist Category
  • Take out the product from Wishlist Category
  • Adjust the color and size of Configurable products

Reports on the number of customers adding wishlists for each product

magento 2 wishlist extension

From the Admin Panel, admins can navigate to Reports> Better Wishlist> Wishlist Report to collect/ preview all the data of the most beloved items added to the wishlists, then edit the details if wanted. 


Below is how the Better Wishlist extension displays in the frontend. Customers can generate/ update numerous wishlists or move/copy the items among the wishlists. 

magento 2 wishlist extension

Also, shoppers can add a product to multiple wishlists

magento 2 wishlist extension

Wrap up!

To sum up, the Better Wishlist extension by Mageplaza is considered a must-have tool for any online store. Based on the customers’ desired wishlist, the store can understand their behavior and prepare lots of promotion programs to push their sales dramatically. As a result, it will not only bring a pleasant shopping experience for shoppers but also increase the number of loyal customers for online stores. 

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Get Magento 2 Better Wishlist Extension by Mageplaza

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