Privy Review: Best Way To Increase Sales Quickly With Email & SMS

As a business owner, you’re certainly often thinking about how to develop your company and what tools to use to accomplish it. You may enhance your store sales by utilizing various solutions such as SaaS, PaaS, marketing platforms, and so on. You may locate hundreds of them and easily get lost. Today, we’ll look at one of them. Privy is an excellent platform for Shopify merchants. It allows you to manage email campaigns and enhance conversion rates, among other things. We will go through Privy’s pricing philosophy, features, alternatives, and other topics. You might be wondering: Does Privy fits my business? You can easily find the answers in this article. Let’s start.

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What is Privy?

Privy is a fantastic marketing solution that can help you increase sales. The solution was created to facilitate targeted on-site displays such as banners and pop-ups. Privy also provides automated email marketing to supplement its engagement tools. The platform has a powerful and direct integration with Shopify to help your brand sell more online, with no additional apps required. 

What can you do with Privy?

To begin with, you may improve your marketing plan. Privy allows you to work with:

  • Your eMail Campaigns
  • Cart Abandonment Management
  • Add Free Shipping Bar
  • Conversion Rate Improvement Tools
  • Marketing Automation 
  • and etc.

Privy Pricing

Let’s begin with Privy price plans. It provides three plans with varied options.


The first is the Free plan. It allows you to create a free account and includes features such as:

  • 100 mailable contacts 
  • Unlimited popups and flyouts to help you build your email or text message list 
  • The add-to-cart and free shipping bars are visible 
  • Targeting Advanced 
  • Free email and live chat assistance


Then there’s the Starter plan. It provides you with additional features such as 

  • 250 mailable leads 
  • You have an unlimited number of popups and flyouts to assist you to develop your email or text message list and raise your average order value 
  • Send newsletters, cart abandonment emails, customer win-back emails, and other money-making communications
  • Sending emails is unlimited
  • Free email and live chat assistance

Starter plans costs $15 per month


It is the most costly plan. You will obtain the most expanded features of this platform using it, such as:

  • Up to 3,000 email contacts and 500 testable contacts are possible
  • Unlimited popups, flyouts, and other displays to raise average order value and develop your email or text list
  • Send newsletters, cart abandonment emails, customer win-back emails, and other revenue-generating communications 
  • Send out text messages for broadcast, cart abandonment, and after sign-up
  • Unlimited email and text message sends per month 
  • Free one-on-one training

You can use a Growth plan for $45 per month.

Privy Features

Privy offers a significant number of options aimed at various marketing requirements. We will look at platform capabilities in a few different areas. Email, conversion rate, and text features. 


This feature area intends to assist you in improving your marketing approach and increasing sales.


Newsletters serve as the foundation of any email marketing campaign. Privy allows you to advertise new items, give promotional discounts, and establish relationships with your consumers. You can also easily design newsletters with Privy’s drag-and-drop email editor. Newsletters provide several advantages to your shop, including: 

  • Increased Revenue. Sending emails generates 25% of an eCommerce brand’s income on average. So, if you need a rapid bump in revenue, this is an excellent place to start.
  • Affordable Marketing. Unlike sponsored advertising or partnershops, you do not have to pay every time you wish to communicate with your consumers. There are no sending limits with Privy Email. As a result, each sale you make is now more profitable for your eCommerce company.
  • Enhances your brand. Keeping in touch with your consumers is an excellent method to increase brand loyalty. Email is the most convenient approach to creating those relationships and your brand

Cart Abandonment

You can automate your abandoned cart emails (ACE) using Privy and recover more purchases. Privy can help you recover more purchases from abandoned cart emails (ACE). Set up three email touchpoints to alert consumers that their carts have been preserved. Using Privy’s drag-and-drop email editor, you can easily design your ACE. What is the functionality of Abandoned Cart Emails? It consists of several steps:

  • The Reminder. A Reminder Sometimes a gentle nudge is all that is required to get shoppers to return to your online business and finish their transaction. The Reminder Email reminds your customers that they have products in their basket but have not completed their transaction and gives a link to complete their order.
  • The Expiring Incentive. The Expiring Incentive Email includes a limited-time coupon code, providing customers with the extra incentive they need to purchase. Privy’s Shopify integration allows you to embed coupon codes directly in your emails and set expiration dates.
  • The Last Chance. Nobody enjoys losing out on a good offer. As a result, the Last Chance Email alerts your clients that their limited-time discount is about to expire. This third nudge increases urgency and should assist you in recovering more abandoned carts.

Customer Winback

Repeat consumers are 9 times more likely to purchase than first-time buyers. To encourage repeat purchases, send scheduled automated emails to these clients. Using Privy’s drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create win-back emails. Customer Retention Emails are an excellent way to remind customers to replenish items such as face wash, vitamins, cosmetics, and more. They can also be useful for cross-selling your clothing or candle catalog to customers who haven’t visited your store in a few weeks.

Welcome Emails

When someone signs up for your email list, make a positive first impression. Begin by welcoming them with a limited-time promotion, then expand your social media following and convey your brand’s narrative. These first-touch emails are critical for establishing long-term customer relationships. 



Make it enjoyable for customers to join your email list. Privy can help you add a spin-to-win wheel to your website and watch your registration conversion rate skyrocket. Choose from dozens of pre-built display layouts and get your spin-to-win campaign up and running in minutes. Best of all, you can use Privy Convert to create a Spin to Win for free and have it live on your store in minutes:

  • Offers from your Shopify or BigCommerce store can be added. To add current coupons and deals to your Spin to Win wheel, simply point and click. Privy makes it simple to provide percentage discounts, currency amount discounts, or free delivery.
  • Make your spin to win fit your brand. Select one of Privy’s professionally designed Spin to Win templates and tweak it to make it your own. Change the colors on your wheel, add background photos, update text, and more.
  • Choose how frequently discounts are awarded. Are you concerned about giving out discounts like candy? Don’t be that way. You may change the win percentage of each offer to affect how frequently the wheel will fall on it. To put it another way, the chances are always to your advantage.

Free Shipping Bar

Display a free shipping bar at the top of your website to show clients how close they are to receiving free delivery. It’s a simple approach to encourage buyers to add additional things to their carts, and it’s easy to set up in Privy with a few clicks.

Encourage shoppers to add more items to their carts by displaying complementary products that they might be interested in. Choose from dozens of pre-built display templates to get started with your cross-sell campaign in minutes.


Privy Text and Broadcast features are available here. Privy SMS enables you to alert customers to new goods, advertise seasonal deals, send time-sensitive offers, and preserve abandoned carts. If you’re offering a one-time deal, early-bird discount, flash sale, or any other unplanned announcement, send a one-time text message to your contacts.

Privy Alternatives


OptiMonk is the most powerful eCommerce popup tool on the market, making it an excellent Privy substitute. It has 300+ mobile-friendly templates, an editor designed for marketers, and laser-targeted communications sent at precisely the correct time. All of this makes OptiMonk an excellent replacement for Privy.


Omnisend is a well-known tool for marketing automation. While this service is frequently marketed as an email marketing tool, the Omnisend platform supports multi-channel advertising, allowing you to contact your clients in a variety of contexts. Omnisend bills itself as a platform specializing in the sale of items to clients.


Unbounce is a cloud-based Privy alternative that primarily focuses on creating and optimizing landing pages for professional marketers, but it also features A/B testing capabilities. Marketers, advertisers, and designers may use the technology to approve landing sites before testing them. As a result, Unbounce streamlines the process of creating and publishing landing pages. 

Privy Integrations

Top eCommerce systems and website builders, premier ESPs and SMS platforms, and even consumer rewards programs are all available. Privy is implemented wherever it is required. You can make integrations with platforms such as

  • Shopify 
  • Wix
  • Attentive
  • Postscript
  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp

Privy Pros & Cons


  • Privy is simple to set up and connects nicely with all of the key platforms that power your business
  • Choose several points of view for various sorts of audiences
  • Use the A/B test to split test your campaigns
  • Automated emails lower the probability of the shopping cart being abandoned
  • It also has the Magic Coupon script, which improves conversion rates


  • In some sections, the Privy was difficult to grasp and required thorough guidance or knowledge background

Final Word

Privy is an excellent marketing tool that may assist you in increasing sales. It is an excellent alternative for increasing revenue and client relationships. Privy allows you to optimize your email campaigns, increase conversion rates, and deal with text. Privy is also the best platform for starting started with SMS marketing. So we strongly advise you to give Privy a try.

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What is Privy?

Privy is an e-commerce-focused pop-up building tool that increases your on-site email (and Messenger, and web push) capture and conversion rates with simple to design drag-and-drop form collectors that function across all browser types — desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.

What distinguishes Privy and Klaviyo from one another?

A growth marketing platform called Klaviyo enables you to provide more individualized experiences across your marketing channels. Privy uses highly targeted banners, pop-ups, landing pages, conversion monitoring, and other tools to help you increase your email list and online purchases.

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