What is Zoho? Our Ultimate Zoho Review

Modern e-commerce solutions can significantly improve daily operations. Your internet storefront can be linked to CRM software, ERP platforms, and accounting tools. In the article that follows, we discuss Zoho, a well-liked CRM tool with a ton of useful features. Zoho is a distinctive and potent software package to manage your complete busines. Here, we’ll analyze the platform, including its features, costs, and alternatives. You might be wondering: Why do I need to use Zoho? After reading this article, you will easily give yourself the answer to this question. So, let’s get started.

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Zoho Summary

  • Zoho is an exceptional and potent set of software for managing your entire business.
  • Zoho offers a good number of flexibility and scalability.
  • Zoho CRM is one of the best solution on the market right now.
  • Zoho Pricing and Plans offers favorable opportunities despite its low cost.
  • Zoho is awesome platform for small and mid-sized businesses.

What is Zoho?

Let’s go on to Zoho’s introduction. Many of you have already heard of this platform. You might have even used this platform. But given how big Zoho is, I’m confident you can find something new in this article. 

Zoho is a fantastic cloud suite with a ton of software and SaaS applications. You could use this to fully manage as well as run your own business. 

What you can do with Zoho?

In a nutshell, a lot of things. Zoho allows you to:

  • Work with People (CRM, Recruit, People, …) 
  • Excellent opportunities for teamwork ( Workplace, Meetings, Cliq, …)
  • Managing finances (Books, Invoices, Inventory, …)
  • Security & IT Management (Vault, Identity Management, ServiceDesk Plus, …)
  • Sales & Marketing (Campaigns, Forms, Commerce, …)
  • Business Intelligence (Analytics, DataPrep)

And this we have only briefly listed the main features of the platform.

We want to discuss the most important and well-liked features, as well as their benefits. But we won’t forget to mention everything this platform is capable of, if only briefly. So let’s delve into platform features in more detail.

Zoho Apps

So what services does Zoho offer? Let’s list them all divided by category.

Sales & Marketing

Many of the apps available here are aimed at assisting you with sales. Give your sales staff the ideal collection of applications to accelerate the closing of more business deals.

  • CRM. Make the most of your customer-facing teams’ abilities with powerful automation, in-depth analytics, individualized solutions, and more.
  • Bigin. Small companies may track daily operations, maintain client connections, and ultimately develop quicker with the help of an intuitive CRM solution. You also receive several pipelines.
  • Campaigns. A tool for email marketing gives you the power to develop responsive layouts, personalize messages, send emails to recipients’ inboxes, start automatic processes, and connect with new clients.
  • Forms. An app that allows you to design forms, share them online, get prompt notifications, and effectively manage your data using built-in applications.
  • Sign. An all-inclusive digital signature app for users in the business world.
  • Social. A tracking tool that enables you to plan an infinite number of posts, keep track of what important, and make personalized reports to evaluate your social media performance. 
  • Salesiq. With the help of the all-in-one live chat and analytics platform, you can communicate with customers and learn more about them.
  • Survey. You may quickly construct a survey for you company’s needs.
  • Sites. You may design whatever kind of website you desire with this app.
  • Pagesense. With the help of this analytics tool, you can monitor important website metrics, comprehend the online activities of your visitors, and provide them with a tailored website experience to increase conversions.
  • Backstage. A tool that helps event planners manage conferences, get-togethers, and product launches more effectively and with greater impact.
  • Commerce. Excellent eCommerce tool. You receive all the resources required to create a website, take orders, monitor inventory, handle payments, manage shipping, promote your brand, and perform data analysis.
  • Bookings. A app that allows you to sync your calendars and allows consumers to self-book and pay for appointments.
  • Marketing Automation. A comprehensive marketing automation tool that enables you to properly coordinate your marketing efforts across many channels.
  • Landing Page. Design and publishing software for stunning landing pages.
  • Thrive. Run referral marketing campaigns on your e-commerce sites or platforms to assist your company succeed in terms of client expansion.

Customer Service

This section contains applications that can help you establish positive customer relationships. 

  • Desk. An extensive task desk that enables you to streamline agent productivity, provide enduring client experiences, and simplify customer service operations.
  • Assist. A safe cloud-based remote support and remote access platform for providing excellent customer support.
  • Lens. The software for remote support based on reality.

Email & Collaboration

Here, you may equip your staff with apps that will enable collaboration and automations.

  • Mail. An app that let you host your business email on a secure, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free email service.
  • Meeting. A reliable webinar and online meeting solution that enables people to effectively collaborate and work remotely.
  • Cliq. This tool makes it easier for your team to communicate by providing organized discussions and accessible information.
  • Voice. You can connect to high-quality voice services all over the world with this.
  • Workdrive. Online file management for collaborative teams.
  • Writer. A robust word processor that is accessible on all of your devices.
  • Sheet. With the help of this app, you can make spreadsheets that your teams can use to easily collaborate for no cost.
  • Show. An interactive presentation tool for contemporary teams. You can create expert slides, work with your team, and deliver visually appealing presentations anytime, anywhere, on any device, all for free.
  • Projects. A cloud-based project management tool enables you to organize your work, keep track of it effectively, and work together with your team from any location.
  • Sprints. An agile project management tool that aids teams in implementing a collaborative and iterative working style.
  • Bugtracker. A straightforward, quick, and scalable bug tracking system that makes it simple to manage bugs and deliver excellent products on schedule.
  • Connect. This app serves as a centralized intranet solution for collaboration, employee engagement, and internal communications.
  • Showtime. An all-in-one platform that gives you comprehensive presentation tools, the ability to create effective content, and access to independent trainers.
  • Notebook. The stunning note-taking application for all devices.
  • Teaminbox. By using this tool, you can give your teams the convenience of working in a transparent environment by giving them shared inboxes.
  • Zeptomail. A dependable and secure service that handles the prompt delivery of these crucial transactional emails so you can concentrate on growing your business.
  • Learn. A comprehensive knowledge and learning management system that enables you to create training programs, track the effects of your training, and capture and retain your team’s knowledge.
  • Calendar. An online calendar for businesses that simplifies scheduling for you.

Human Resources

While Zoho solutions automate your human resources operations, you can concentrate on your team. 

  • Recruit. This plugin combines an effective ATS and CRM into one recruiting platform. Your staffing company or internal HR team can match the ideal candidate to the ideal role with the help of Recruit’s scalability, customization, and remote hiring tools.
  • People. A cloud-based HR platform designed to support staff, quickly adapt to changes, and enable effective and agile HR management.
  • Workerly. A complete lifecycle management system for temporary workers for staffing companies.
  • Backtowork. A solution that will help you improve your working environment and workflow.
  • Shifts. This plugin is a specific tool for scheduling shifts.

Security & IT Management

  • Vault. A password manager that keeps track of your passwords securely and automatically fills them into applications and websites.
  • ServiceDesk Plus. The user-friendly SaaS service desk application.
  • Mobile Device Management. You can configure, manage, and secure your enterprise mobile devices and apps using this app.
  • Patch Manager. A thorough and automated patch management on the cloud.
  • Remote Access Plus. ​​At the click of a mouse, you can connect secure and thorough unattended access.
  • Site24x7. A DevOps and IT Operations Performance Monitoring Solution
  • Cloud SIEM. This solution makes it simple to manage all of your logs and quickly identify threats.
  • Identify Management. With this app, end users can access the applications they require with a single click, and IT administrators can manage and keep an eye on application access from a single dashboard.
  • Endpoint Central. This solution guarantees complete endpoint management and network security for your IT infrastructure.
  • Domain Toolkit. ​​An all-inclusive, free resource for lookups involving administrators.

Custom Solutions

  • Creator. A solution for developing low-code applications that enables you to design, create, and manage any type of business software.
  • Catalyst. A highly scalable serverless platform that enables developers to create and implement cutting-edge solutions without having to handle server management.
  • Flow. A business workflow automation tool that enables you to build clever integrations.
  • Office Integrator. World-class office editors from Zoho can be easily and securely incorporated into your web applications.
  • QNTRL. The world’s leading Workflow Orchestration Software gives you visibility, control, and automation.
  • ResearchStudio. A cloud-based qualitative research repository for researchers to use for analysis, insight creation, and sharing.
  • Apptics. A tool for measuring the important in-app metrics in mobile applications.

Business Intelligence

You may find applications here that can help you empower your organization with insightful data by utilizing a cutting-edge self-service business intelligence & analytics platform.

  • Analytics. With the help of this app, you can quickly connect, prepare, and analyze your data, produce stunning data visualizations, and unearth untapped insights.
  • Datarep. Data preparation tool for analytics, machine learning, migration, and data warehousing that connects, explores, transforms, and enriches data.
  • Embedded BI. Software for embedded analytics and business intelligence.


You may enhance efficiency in all facets of contract administration in this area by streamlining your contract lifecycle.

  • Contracts. Comprehensive contract management software reduces business risks, improves compliance, and streamlines the contract lifecycle.

Zoho Top Features

First, and possibly the most popular Zoho feature, is the CRM system. So let’s start with it.

Zoho CRM

You’re all probably aware of what CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is. One of the best options in the CRM category, Zoho CRM offers a reasonable price, an approachable user interface, and robust reporting capabilities. To give you visibility into your business, Zoho CRM has the best reporting. This includes the mobile app, which enables you to view reports and your dashboard while you’re on the go. It is among the most well-known brands for small to midsize businesses, but the software’s feature set is comparable to that of the majority of enterprise-grade CRMs. 

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CRM Pricing & Plans

Zoho CRM offers its clients a variety of price options catered to all sizes of organizations, from startups to enterprises. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Standart – €20 per month
  • Professional – €35 per month
  • Enterprise – €50 per month
  • Ultimate – €65 per month

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a premium email hosting product that is offers you a great email managing possabilitites. You get access to Zoho’s web client, 50GB of mail storage per user, multiple domains, unlimited aliases, POP3 and IMAP support, and more. The Premium and Business options, which are very affordably priced, offer some seriously high-end features for a reasonable price. Even the free version has some impressive features. We can point out a few benefits of Zoho Mail: excellent value options, great tools for collaboration, Really simple to use, POP and IMAP support, Calendar and Notes, Custom domains, understandable free version. With Zoho Mail you get such features as

  • Email Suite
  • Control Panel
  • Custom Domain
  • Comprehend Security
  • Collaboration
  • Email Retention
  • Simple Migration Process
  • Mobile Access
  • Email Privacy
  • Task Management
  • Offline Emails

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Mail Pricing & Plans

Three amazingly great and affordable plans are offered by Zoho Mail. 

  • Lite – €0,90 per month
  • Premium –  €3,60 per month
  • Workplace – €2,70 per month

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online accounting tool that helps you collaborate across departments while managing your finances and automating business workflows. You can connect to payment gateways and send customized invoices to customers using Zoho, allowing them to pay for your goods and services online. Additionally, you will be able to connect one or more bank accounts to significant transactions and automatically classify them for quick and simple reconciliation. You get such features as

  • Invoicing
  • Estimates
  • Client Portal
  • Expenses
  • Bills
  • Banking
  • Projects 
  • Inventory
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Online Payments
  • Reporting 
  • Automation
  • Documents
  • Vendor Portal

Utilize Zoho Books Now

Books Pricing & Plans

You can get excellent plans from Zoho Books with flexible pricing.

  • Free
  • Standart – €12 per month
  • Professional€24 per month
  • Premium – €36 per month
  • Elite€129 per month
  • Ultimate – €249 per month

Zoho Recruit

With the aid of the top-notch recruitment software from Zoho Recruit, you can locate, assess, and interact with applicants for any position. This translates into a hiring process that is more effective and new hires who are more valuable to your company or your clients. Zoho Recruit offers a powerful ATS and CRM in a single recruitment platform. Recruit has all the tools your staffing company or internal HR team requires to match the ideal applicant to the ideal role, including scalability, customization, and remote hiring tools. With this section, you get such functionality as

  • Hiring pipeline
  • Resume management
  • Background screening
  • Hiring analytics
  • Assessments
  • Video Interview
  • Collaborative hiring
  • and etc.

Recruit Pricing & Plans

  • Free 
  • Standart – €25
  • Professional – €50
  • Enterprise – €75

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Zoho Commerce

Zoho Commerce was a topic we simply had to bring up. We do specialize in eCommerce, after all. Even though it might not be the most crucial component of Zoho, we’ll still discuss it. What does Zoho Commerce offer you, then? You can create a website, accept orders, keep track of inventory, process payments, manage shipping, market your brand, and analyze data using Zoho Commerce.

The quick creation and management of your online store with all the necessary features is possible with Zoho Commerce. With this solution, you get such features as

  • Create Your Store
  • Control Every Store Activity with Strong Capabilities 
  • Promote Your Online Store 
  • Collaboration through Integrations 
  • Use built-in templates

Start Build Your Webstore With Zoho Commerce

Commerce Pricing & Plans

Zoho Commerce comes with few various pricing plans

  • Starter – €22 per month
  • Professional – €60 per month
  • Advanced – €140 per month 

Zoho Alternatives & Competitors

Considering Zoho replacements? For small and medium sized businesses, Zoho is an incredibly versatile platform with a lot of pros. Several alternatives to this platform will now be examined. 

  • HubSpot. Perfect for teams looking for powerful marketing features in their CRM
  • Salesforce. Improved evaluation and contracting, quicker integration and deployment, and better service and support
  • Pipedrive. Includes the majority of their system automation and workflow on their entry-level plans
  • Insightly. Have integrated project, task, and event management features whereas Zoho does not


With hundreds of capabilities and integrations, Salesforce is a veritable powerhouse of CRM software, yet Zoho CRM’s top-tier plan is still less expensive than even Salesforce’s second-most cheap plan. Because Zoho CRM is a less complicated piece of software, beginners may utilize it much more rapidly. On the other hand, if Salesforce is used extensively at your organization, a specialized IT specialist may be needed to oversee its utilization.


To interact with audiences and manage content, HubSpot CRM & Zoho CRM both support social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. In contrast with Zoho, HubSpot CRM stands out because to it’s own free subscription enabling unlimited users, simple user interface, and extensive marketing options. On the other side, Zoho offers more affordable premium plans and being ready to perform many more AI capabilities.


In comparison to Zoho, Pipedrive prioritizes functionality for managing leads, deals, marketing documents, and contact interactions. For individuals whose businesses require special data fields, pipelines, and templates, Pipedrive also offers less expensive customisation. Its AI Sales Assistant on Pipedrive’s Essentials plan would make it a more affordable option. Additionally, check our article about Pipedrive.


Similar to Zoho CRM, Insightly offers a wide range of connectivity possibilities for groups wishing to use their preferred productivity, communication, and collaboration tools in their CRM. Additionally, they both have comparable automation features, while Zoho offers more sophisticated processes than Insightly at a lower cost. Insightly surpasses Zoho with auto-lead assignment, web-to-lead capture, and auto-data enrichment in some lead management features.

Zoho Integrations

Integrations are a really significant and influential tool for expanding your shop’s capabilities. There are many integrations with Zoho. The majority of Zoho Apps have their own platform integration. Even some articles about the integration of Zoho with SAP Business One were sent to us. 

To list every piece of data in every Zoho application would take an eternity. We’ll just say that Zoho is very flexible with the Internet and that you can connect it to practically anything.

Zoho Pros & Cons


  • Installation and setup are quick and easy with Zoho
  • Although Zoho CRM is incredibly user-friendly, Zoho Apps could be overwhelming
  • In addition to having a native mobile app, Zoho has an excellent relationship with mobile devices
  • With Zoho’s really reasonable pricing options, everyone can find something to suit him
  • Automation on all plans is really powerful pros


  • Customer support and service might be faster and more efficient
  • Budget and free versions don’t rovide much capabilities
  • Top tiers are the only ones with AI
  • No integrations with external apps in the free plan

Final Word

In summary, Zoho is an excellent, enormous, and powerful solution that offers a vast variety of functions and apps. We believe that Zoho apps have something for everyone. Do you need a CRM? This is Zoho CRM, one of the best products on the market right now. You wish to use email campaigns. Zoho can also perform it on a high level. Of course, there are Zoho substitutes out there that might be superior in some respects, but offering this many features in one place is something special. Even though Zoho is better suited for start-up companies, a major player can still find something interesting.

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What is Zoho?

Zoho is a distinctive and potent suite of software to manage your entire business, provided to you by a company with the long-term vision to change the way you work.

What is Zoho used for?

Zoho gives you the opportunity to enhance your business in numerous ways thanks to its platforms’ extensive collection of apps. In addition to many other things, you can work with marketing, email campaigns, CRM, hiring, and managing finances.

What makes Zoho as such unique?

One of the best features of platforms, in our opinion, is their abundance of features, which can accommodate all user needs. Strong CRM, robust email campaigns, and affordable pricing can give you a great experience.

What is Zoho Assist?

With secure cloud-based remote support and remote access software, Zoho Assist equips companies all over the world to provide excellent customer service. Easy secure web-based on-demand connections with remote servers, laptops, mobile devices, and PCs.

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