The Best BigCommerce Apps for B2B/Wholesale

In today’s digital commerce, extensions and third-party applications are the most helpful tools. There are various e-commerce platforms that have specialized app shops. The same is true of BigCommerce. Due to their extensive functionality and value for the digital economy, extensions and applications are growing in popularity. You’ll discover which BigCommerce B2B/Wholesale apps are the greatest in this post. You can look at extensions that will help you manage your business-to-business store, order in bulk, give access to customer accounts, set prices, and other things. You may discover more about the importance of the B2B sector and the demand for third-party software. You will be able to select the plugins you require to enhance your business after reading this guide. We’ll quickly go over each extension’s features, cost, and URL for your convenience. Let’s begin. 

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eCommerce B2B: What is it?

Business-to-business electronic commerce, also known as B2B ecommerce, refers to the sale of products or services via online exchanges between companies. Wholesale was another name for it. For wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and other types of B2B sellers, buying efficiency and effectiveness are increased since orders are executed digitally.

Simple B2B objectives include increasing customer reach and decreasing cost-to-serve in order to increase income for your company. B2B transactions take place on a variety of types of websites, including the ones listed below:

  • Company websites. Business clients and workers of other firms are the website’s intended audience. Consider B2B websites as 24-hour miniature trade shows.
  • Exchanges for the supply and purchase of goods. A purchasing agent for a corporation can use these exchanges to compare products from various vendors, ask for proposals, and in some situations, place bids on products.
  • Portals for specialized or vertical industries. For particular enterprises, these portals offer specialized information, product listings, discussion groups, and other features.

Why is B2B important?

B2B is significant because, in order to start, run, and expand, every firm needs to buy goods and services from other companies. Office space, office furniture, computer gear and software, and other items are provided by a company’s B2B suppliers. Suppliers are where businesses get the food they have on hand in their kitchens and the signs they hang on their office buildings.

Types of B2B

  • Producers. Producers are those who design, develop, and produce their own goods. Producers have the option of selling their goods to enterprises directly or indirectly via merchants or resellers.
  • Retailers and resellers. Direct sales of goods and services produced by other companies to businesses are made by retailers and resellers. Retailers and resellers, especially B2B e-commerce providers, may conduct business both online and offline or from both.
  • Agencies and consultants. Agencies and consultants offer businesses guidance, supervision, and contracted services. For instance, a consumer brand’s multimillion dollar advertising budget is managed and carried out by an advertising agency.

Best B2B Apps for BigCommerce

Form Builder+ by POWR

Without any code or a challenging learning curve, POWR Form Builder makes it simple to develop unique contact forms, quote forms, wholesale forms, and more for your website. works with the brand-new drag-and-drop Page Builder for Storefront. To respond to customers promptly and effectively, make sure you never forget to sign up for a form. Additionally, you receive such features as:

  • Quick and Free Customer Service. This plugin always has a helpful support system if you need assistance with any issues or setting up Form Builder.
  • Automatic email notifications and responses. Receive automatic email notifications each time someone fills out your form. Additionally, you can automatically send confirmation emails to your customers.
  • Save and export the data you enter into forms. Every form submission you get is recorded to your personal POWr Dashboard and is readily exportable to CSV.
  • Completely adaptable design. You can choose your own fonts, colors, size, and more to completely match the look of your website, in addition to selecting the fields you want.
  • 20 different field possibilities are available. Select from dropdown menus, multiple choice options, email, phone number, photos, and more.

You can use this application for free. Get Form Builder+ by POWR App for BigCommerce.

B2B Ninja Quote Request & Management

A BigCommerce quote-building tool called B2B Ninja creates expert quotations in just a few simple steps. Because B2B Ninja and BigCommerce are fully linked, consumers can quickly create their own quotes from your storefront. From a central dashboard, sales reps can see, manage, and create quotes. B2B Ninja is the B2B solution you need to increase revenue while saving time because it was created for B2B organizations. This add-on offers you the following features:

  • Customers can obtain quotes for a single or several products directly from your product or shopping page 
  • Create quotations using your BC goods and all of your shipping, tax, and price regulations using our dashboard 
  • No product import or upkeep is required 
  • Supported by ShipperHQ & Avalara 
  • On-demand custom product creation
  • Sales representatives can just click a button to turn a quote into an order 
  • No need to enter data twice 
  • An extra checkout link is supplied with quotes to let clients finish their order using your shopping cart
  • Send a beautiful HTML quotation along with a copy of the quote in.pdf format as soon as possible
  • Save, print, or download your quotation as a PDF
  • Multiple-user assistance 
  • Monitor the progress of your quotes. 
  • Features for detailed history and restoration

The cost of this program begins at $75 per month. Get B2B Ninja Quote Request & Management App for BigCommerce

MinMax Order Limits

You can define minimal and maximal numbers for a specific customer’s order using the MinMax Order Limits app. The application may be installed quickly and is compatible with any template, although it does not yet support ajax cart pages. Limitations may be used with the following:

  • Order total price
  • Total number of items in an order
  • Number of copies for certain products
  • Number of one of a kind / similar items for each or all products

After a 14-day free trial, this software costs $12.95 per month to use. Get MinMax Order Limits App for BigCommerce App.

Sufio Invoices

For orders in your store, this plugin may automatically generate and send invoices. Additionally, you will be able to send stunning invoices to stand out and create a strong brand, as well as issue invoices that are consistent with local laws in 50 different countries. Sufio generates invoices automatically whenever an order is placed, paid for, or fulfilled. Furthermore, invoices can be downloaded online or sent to customers immediately through email. You receive such features as: 

  • Custom Design. By changing the colors and other design aspects in your template, you can create a totally own invoice.
  • Print a lot. Share numerous PDF invoices with your accountant by printing or downloading them all at once.
  • Additional paperwork. Create more sorts of documents, such as quotations, credit notes, and pro forma invoices.
  • Various currencies. Create invoices using the same currency that your consumers used to make purchases from you.
  • Regulatory Compliance. All documents fully adhere to accounting regulations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and other European Union nations.
  • Sell to Companies. Capture and verify the VAT and GST numbers of your company clients, and your store will automatically mark European clients as tax exempt.

You can use this software for $19.00/month following a 14-day trial. Get Sufio Invoices App for BigCommerce

Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC

This wholesale/bulk order software provides a good deal of versatility, providing you the ability to have consumers place orders from you in the most effective way possible. With the help of this plugin, you can provide your customers a single ordering page with simple search capabilities (List Mode) or a grid view on category pages (Grid View), which adds more functionality to your store. You receive features like:

  • Bulk To enable easy change and special price for groups, allocate product pricing for a specific group 
  • Make personalized client group discounts 
  • Manage your email settings to send welcome emails to new wholesale program participants. (If default configuration) 
  • CSV upload in bulk for quick and simple adjustments to bespoke pricing 
  • Maximum units per SKU that can be purchased 
  • Set minimum purchase requirements for particular groups

You can utilize this app for $49.99/month. Get Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC App for BigCommerce


With Apruve, BigCommerce sellers can offer net terms to their corporate clients and still receive payment within 24 hours without having to perform any physical labor. Apruve also manages all credit requests, invoices, collections, and client payments. The program is entirely automated, allowing you to return to concentrating on your company rather than how you’re getting paid. This app also provide you with such features as:

  • Online Credit Application. Using your brand, Apruve hosts an online credit application; there is no need for paper, faxes, or manual processing anymore. With the help of this app, you may vet your buyer, provide them credit, and assume all loan risk.
  • Automated Invoicing and Payments for Buyers. All billing, collections, and payments with your buyer are handled by Apruve. No more looking for unpaid customers or cashing paper checks. By taking care of this for you, Apruve lowers your back office costs and de-risks your credit program.
  • Online and Offline Ordering. Through your admin interface, Apruve can manage BigCommerce orders placed both online and offline.
  • Teams of Purchasers. Consumers are not businesses. To meet their unique procurement process, Apruve assists your customers in adding various buyers and payers to their accounts.

You obtain tier-based SaaS and invoice fees with this plugin. Get Apruve App for BigCommerce


For your BigCommerce store, QuickBuy is the best bulk ordering app. It alows you to:

  • Import a straightforward, two-column CSV file (SKU, Qty) 
  • Before adding items to the cart, add or remove items 
  • Alter the amount for each product 
  • Utilizes client group discounts 
  • Takes into account the quantity of each product’s inventory 
  • Change the column headers

You can log in to the store’s front end and add orders for your customers using the CSV import feature. This is helpful for complicated orders with many different products or buy orders made on behalf of corporate clients. Additionally, your consumers will be thrilled to stock your store with bulk purchases. They won’t have to look at every thing individually and wait to put it in their cart anymore. Simple as entering the SKU or importing the CSV file.

After a free 7-day trial, this software costs $29.00 per month to use. Get QuickBuy App for BigCommerce.

Request a Quote by Optimum7

Customers can submit quotes with this plugin, which you can accept or reject. You can control discounts, alter the display options, and either individually or all at once apply discounts to each product. You may get the following features:

  • Customizable Button to Request a Quote. Add a Request-a-Quote button with a name of your choosing to the shopping cart and checkout page.
  • Focus on a Particular Customer Group. You can target a unique client group that you defined in BC Admin in General Settings. You can also choose whether the button appears for unregistered consumers, registered customers, or both.
  • Conditional on Cart Total Price. You can specify a minimum and maximum price condition that must be met in order to show your customers the Request-a-Quote option using the Cart Total Price Condition feature.
  • Easily Manage Quotes. Setting a discount for your quotes is simple in the Request a Quote app. 

This application is free to use. Get Request a Quote by Optimum7 App for BigCommerce

Offline Order Importer by Fahrenheit Marketing

Utilize the FM Offline Order Importer to upload large orders to your store using a single spreadsheet. Then just relax and let the app take care of everything. You’ll be able to produce and process huge orders in a fraction of the time with the help of a straightforward UI and handy reference templates, all while reducing human error. The program automatically detects and reports any mistakes during the upload process for quick rectification. Additionally, you may use spreadsheet editors to enter order details like delivery addresses and product categories, and they will automatically save uploaded copies of past orders for easy access and full documentation. You can take advantage of features like:

  • Streamlined generation and administration of documents. Use simple spreadsheet editors, access prior order uploads with ease, and quickly construct orders using easy order templates.
  • Comprehensive Filtering. Set filters for shipping address and product type. Past Orders By User, Email, and Date.
  • Detection of Errors. Receive real-time reports on every potential upload failure and reduce human mistake to a minimum.
  • PCI Compliant. Implement industry best practices to keep payment information secure.

This software costs $99.00 per month to use. Get Offline Order Importer by Fahrenheit Marketing App for BigCommerce

Linked Account Switcher by MyIntegrator

Allow users to transition between accounts fast without having to logout and relogin in order to access a company account. Perfect for B2B companies with franchisees or other group-related sub-accounts that make it simple for buyers to login and assume different identities using a dropdown menu. There are no setup costs for this program, which is a one-click automatic installation made to operate with your store. These benefits are yours:

  • Quick setup with fine-grained control configuration options 
  • Determine which customers can move to a company account by using the current customer groups 
  • Fully customizable from the options in your Store 
  • both portable and friendly 
  • Choose where the dropdown will appear on your storefront

After a 14-day free trial, this app costs $99.00/month to use. Get Linked Account Switcher by MyIntegrator App for BigCommerce.


What is B2B?

Business-to-business, or B2B, refers to a particular kind of transaction that happens between two businesses. The acronym B2C means business-to-consumer.

What is a B2B example?

B2B examples include semiconductors, apparel, accessories, and manufacturing supplies. These items are a result of a transaction involving two companies.

Which four forms of B2B are there?

We’ve divided the many business customers in B2B marketplaces into four fundamental groups in order to provide you a better understanding of them: producers, resellers, governments, and institutions.

How do B2B sales work?

It describes enterprises or salespeople who engage in direct business-to-business (B2B) sales of goods and services. Similar business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions, in which goods and services are offered directly to customers, are comparable to this.

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