As we have repeatedly stated, the subject of extensions theme in the modern eCommerce world is a hotly debated one. It’s not always the case that platforms like Shopify and Magento 2 offer what customers require right out of the gate. Sometimes, you must use third-party software. Both manufacturer websites and the general internet host certain extensions. You may find a huge selection of different site aids in the Shopify App Store. You might find extensions in this section that assist with e-commerce-related customer service, marketing, store design, merchandising, and shipping. All of this is done to enhance various parts of the operation and raise the overall value of your company. We’ll examine the top 20 applications in the Merchandising area in the post after this one. Let’s quickly look over their attributes, cost, and highlights.

PageFly Landing Page Builder

You receive complete control over the layouts of your blog, product, and landing pages when you use this plugin. The plugin offers a code-free page-building tool that is simple to use right away. Get unlimited access to the extensive element library, page sections to build your store pages, and design or reference inspiration. PageFly code is minified to ensure the quickest page loading time possible.

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  • Reduce the time to launch a new store. Using Page Templates & Premade Sections, you can speed up development. Build any page type, such as sales landing pages, “Coming soon” pages, and others, by creating custom elements with HTML, Liquid, and CSS.
  • Adapt the website for any marketing campaign. Increase conversion rates, quickly alter the style of your store, and save everything you create to reuse later using this tool.
  • Pricing possibilities. With PageFly’s flexible month-to-month pricing plans, you can pay for what you want and when you need it.
  • Useful services for your clients. Customers will get responsive design, amazing effects, and quick page loads.

The Landing Page Builder has three options. Free, Pay As You Go for $29/month, and Enterprise for $199/month. 

Get PageFly Landing Page Builder App

Digital Downloads

You can sell digital goods in your store with the simple-to-use Digital Downloads tool from Shopify. Customers receive a direct download after checking out as well as an email link when purchasing digital attachments, which are tied to a variant on a specific product and track sales and downloads.


  • Digital attachments are connected to a product variation
  • Combine physical and digital products in one product
  • Following checkout, your clients receive a direct download link and an email
  • Limit downloads as necessary 

You can get this module for Free.

Get Digital Downloads App


With this app, you have total control over the data in your Shopify store. You can utilize Excel or CSV files to import and export data, mass update data, and combine data from other systems. Users have the option to move their data, including their products, clients, orders, redirects, pages, and blog entries, from platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and WordPress.

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  • Change to a different platform from the current one. 
  • Utilize our Excel or CSV templates to incorporate data into your company from any source
  • You can update the data in your store without having to import it all over again by changing certain fields 
  • To move your data to your other repositories, use a single Excel file or zip file
  • Export your data to a number of online retailers, such as Google Shopping 
  • A schedule for automatic imports or exports 
  • Create a full shop backup

There are four options for using Matrixify. Free plan, Basic for $20 per month, Big and Enterprise for $50 and $200 per month, respectively. 

Get Matrixify App

Subscriptions by Yotpo

This module’s subscription app starts generating recurring income in a matter of minutes. The add-on features a native checkout process, easy discount control, and smooth catalog management. 


  • Migration from any other subscription app is free and painless
  • You can install and set up Yotpo Subscriptions in a matter of minutes
  • Automatic synchronization with the checkout and theme of your Shopify store
  • Continuous customer assistance without additional fees
  • Allow shoppers to self-manage and control subscriptions
  • Out-of-the-box automated email notifications
  • Discover how your customers shop

This extension is Free to Install. Paid plans begin after your monthly subscription sales reach $500. No monthly fees, additional transactions charged at 1%.

Get Subscriptions by Yotpo App

Recharge Subscriptions

With the help of this software, you can quickly set up your subscription program and obtain useful insights that can be used to immediately respond to consumer needs. Recharge’s robust merchant portal lets you manage your subscription business while allowing your consumers to completely manage their subscriptions right from your store.

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  • With Shopify Payments, launch subscriptions
  • Make use of robust APIs to grow your subscription business
  • Allow consumers to control their own subscriptions
  • Automatic notifications will keep everyone informed
  • Allow users to postpone or cancel delivery
  • Obtain information on sales, clients, and subscriptions

This app has two different options. Standard is Free and Pro for $499 per month. 

Get Recharge Subscriptions App

Infinite Options

With this plugin, you can add an infinite number of custom product fields, including text, numbers, dates, checkboxes, and dropdown menus. You can also use our product bundle functionality to raise the average order size for your store. With the use of dropdown menus, picture swatches, text, number inputs, checkboxes, calendars, radio buttons, and much more, you can let your customers choose the product options for the things they buy. 


  • Adding an infinite number of product choices is simple
  • Be able to change placeholder and default values
  • Set fields to be required or optional
  • Use product bundling functionality
  • Create checkboxes and drop-down menus
  • Numeric fields should have minimum and maximum values set
  • Make date pickers and calendars

You might use this app with the Professional option for $9,99/month after a 14-day free trial.

Get Infinite Options App

Shogun Page Builder

Shogun Page Builder lets you make beautiful, quick-loading storefronts. You receive a complete library of website elements, drag-and-drop layout control, and several business possibilities with this plugin.

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  • Save any work you produce using the code-free editor
  • Design your homepage, product pages, about us page, sales funnels, landing pages, promotion pages, contact pages, blog posts, and much more without any restrictions
  • Launch your store right away with mobile-friendly page templates
  • Sizing guides, image and video galleries, price, quantity, discounts, variants, product titles, descriptions, and collections should all be styled
  • Create Image Overlays and Hover Effects

You have three ways to utilize this app after a 10-day free trial. Build option for $39/month, Measure for $149/month, and Team for $299/month. 

Get Shogun Page Builder App

SPOD ‑ Print‑on‑Demand 

More than just print on demand, SPOD allows you to submit your own designs, select from a library of more than 50K free designs, and choose from more than 200 goods to assemble your own product line. Even your consumers can utilize the prestigious Customizer Tool to alter your products. Simply incorporate it into your Shopify website.


  • Competitive pricing enables you to provide your consumers with outstanding service while maintaining competitive rates and good profit margins
  • Choose from a large selection of designs or contribute your own
  • Superior print quality
  • 48-hour order turnaround

This extension is Free.

Get SPOD ‑ Print‑on‑Demand App

Tabs by Station

You can quickly add professional tabs or accordions to your products with this program. For the ultimate time saver, create custom tabs and assign them to goods by collections, tags, sellers, or types. No coding is necessary.


  • Create tabs from your product descriptions automatically. Utilize the headings in your product descriptions to automatically generate tabs. For information specific to a given product, heading tabs are ideal.
  • Assign tabs to product groups. For the best time saver, create shared tabs directly in the app and assign them to entire categories of products. Collections, tags, product categories, and/or vendors can all be given their own tabs.
  • With only one click, add a reviews tab. Only with a single click, built-in app connections let you quickly and easily add sophisticated functionality to a tab. You may quickly integrate product reviews from Shopify, Loox,, Recommendify, Yotpo, and/or Yotpo Q&A.
  • Select the look of your tabs. Tabs by Station comes with a library of well-crafted style presets so you can achieve the desired tab look right away, from straightforward Apple-style underlining to the conventional folder look.

You can use this app for free or with Essential and Pro subscriptions for $3 and $6, respectively.

Get Tabs by Station App

Product Filter & Search

With the help of this plugin, you can quickly search the items by creating Shopify collection filters based on product choices, variants, tags, metafields, etc. Moreover, enhance the functionality of your Shopify search bar with strong features and encourage customers to spend more with clever product displays.

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  • Custom filter trees / filter menu
  • Dynamic filter options
  • Multi-select filters
  • Full-text search
  • Instant results
  • Smart autosuggest
  • Suggestion dictionary
  • Synonyms
  • No search result suggestions
  • Product Ranking
  • Shopify Merchandising
  • Product visibility

There are four ways to use this application. Regular 1 for $19/month, Regular 2 for $29/month, Regular 3 for $49/month, and Plus for $69/month.

Get Product Filter & Search App

Route ‑ Protection & Tracking

With the help of this add-on, you can fuel the expansion of your store with features like Order Protection, Package Tracking, and many more. Build trust and loyalty with Route, which provides the utmost transparency by letting customers know exactly where their deliveries are at all times. Route also offers best-in-class order protection to minimize loss, enhance revenue, and foster consumer loyalty.


  • Take charge of the brand experience from the point of purchase through delivery
  • Boost sales, brand loyalty, and client retention
  • Reduce support expenses, the time it takes to settle disputes, and frustration
  • At the checkout, instill trust and comfort of mind in your customers
  • Obtain insightful information about consumers’ claims

You can utilize this app for Free.

Get Route ‑ Protection & Tracking App

Variant Option Product Options

With enhanced usability and bolder product possibilities, this plugin gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with the finest possible shopping experience. Use this product choices software to decorate the Shopify options you developed, or add countless changes and options to your products to increase sales.


  • Price Add-ons. For each option, add a per-option price.
  • Conditional logic. When a customer needs more product options, show them.
  • Personalize your products. Customize your items with features like radio buttons, checkboxes, image/color swatches, custom text product choices, and image/file uploads.
  • Global Settings. Configure global options for each of your items.

Utilize three subscriptions for this app. Starter for Free, Basic plan for $8,99/month, and Advanced for $18,99/month. 

Get Variant Option Product Options App

Order Limits ‑ MinMaxify

An intuitive yet smart program called MinMaxify is intended to make adding constraints to your cart ordering process as simple as possible. Restrictions can be applied to the entire cart, individual products, or groups of products. Setting minimum and maximum product and cart restrictions for your orders, from the simplest to the most complicated is straightforward with this module.


  • Various Boundaries. You can set restrictions on things like the total amount spent in the cart, the total number of products, the number of individual items, the total weight of the items, etc.
  • Logical Interface. The user interface (UI) of a plugin is simple, intuitive, and convenient, requiring no prior knowledge of coding or even theme maintenance.
  • Theme Harmony. An investigation may be necessary if there are problems with other third-party apps or theme compatibility. Although the plugin offers ongoing monitoring for changes that can cause disruptions and provides support. 

After a 14-day free trial, this software costs $4,99 per month to use.

Get Order Limits ‑ MinMaxify App

Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

With this app’s beautiful size charts and fit recommender, you could boost sales. Additionally, you may modify the style and feel of your size chart to suit your company’s needs while increasing conversion rates and reducing returns.


  • Import size charts from image, web page, and CSV
  • Depending on your shop, there are 3 main types of recommenders: Advanced Apparel Recommender, Generic Table Recommender, and Custom Size Recommender
  • Flexible size chart layouts
  • Various ways to match size charts to products
  • Layout templates
  • Automatic unit conversions
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts
  • Everything can be customized
  • In-app analytics dashboard
  • Google Analytics integration

There are three ways you could utilize this software. Free plan, Premium plan for $6,99/month, and Ultimate for $12,49/month.

Get Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender App

Hulk Product Options

With this plugin, you may easily add fees for upgrades or add-ons to all of your product versions, personalize items with file uploads and custom text boxes, and create eye-catching product swatches. All of these capabilities will support informed pricing estimations for you. 


  • Enable your customers to select whatever suits their personas and make your customer experience more tailored
  • Any product quantity or custom category can have a price assigned to it, making price management simple
  • Put a price on extras like gift wrapping that aren’t in your inventory to increase your income
  • Create beautiful custom option kinds for the cart’s user interface, such as dropdown, checkbox, radio button, file upload, email, and phone

You can use this app with the Basic plan for $8.90/month and the Advanced plan for $18.90/month after having a 14-day free trial.

Get Hulk Product Options App

Bundler ‑ Product Bundles

With this program, you may add volume discounts, Mix&Match packages, and bundle discounts to your store. By giving customers a discount or free shipping, you may raise the average purchase value and boost your sales.


  • Compatible with subscriptions. Every bundle created with the Bundler app works perfectly with subscriptions.
  • Unchanging package cost. The program will compute the discount when you create a bundle with a defined price.
  • The Upsell Funnels. When a consumer adds one item from a bundle to the cart, funnels let you advertise your bundles in a popup.
  • Free shipping. When a consumer purchases a bundle, give them free shipping.
  • Build a bundle or Mix&Match functionality. Make a mix-and-match package so that your clients can assemble their own bundle in accordance with your specifications.
  • Bundle variants from the same product. Bundles can be made at the product or variant level.

You can use this app for Free and with Premium option for $6,99/month. 

Get Bundler ‑ Product Bundles App

Variant Option Product Options

With the help of this plugin, you may create an infinite number of custom product fields, options templates can ease the laborious process of repeatedly adding options, and customers can personalize items.


  • Flexible option templates. Option templates can increase productivity, decrease the tiresome process of repeatedly adding options, and make managing options simpler.
  • Image Cropping And Uploading. Before uploading an image, you can crop it using a fixed cropping ratio.
  • Styling & Display Customization. You can modify the customizable look and feel of a product with the use of the custom product choices app.
  • Flexible Conditional Logic. Create rules that show or hide options based on the choices your customers have already made.

You can get this add-on for Free. 

Get Variant Option Product Options App


You have the option to alter the prices for your wholesale client’s thanks to this plugin. 


  • Create special pricing for your wholesale clients
  • Customers can make draft orders or check out right away while using a private storefront

Use this app for Free.

Get Wholesale App

Seal Subscriptions℠ & Loyalty

Seal Subscriptions is a Shopify subscription app. Among its many features are automated product swaps, interval modifications, a payment calendar, a Quick Checkout Wizard, and more. Use loyalty gifts, gift subscriptions, loyalty discounts, and other options, and easily arrange subscription intervals, discounts, product swaps, prepaid subscriptions, conditions, and languages to suit your needs.


  • Auto-charging mode. Your clients’ recurring orders will be automatically charged, and the order will also automatically appear in your Shopify admin.
  • Repeating bills mode. The software will automatically send your clients an email reminder with a link to the checkout page where they can complete their next recurring order payment when they subscribe in the recurring invoicing mode.
  • Migrating from other platforms. You can import subscriptions in bulk or manually migrate your subscribers from other systems.
  • Allows mixed subscriptions in the same cart. Multiple subscriptions can be started by your users using the same order.
  • Shipping is free for subscribers. You can offer customers free shipping on subscription orders using delivery profiles.

There are four distinct ways to use this software. Free to Install option, Rising Star for $7,95/month, Leader for $50/month, and Mega Star for $140/month.

Get Seal Subscriptions℠ & Loyalty App

Product Options Variant Option

You can create an infinite number of custom product alternatives using this software, and you can even let customers create their own bespoke items. Your customer will be content to pay a tiny premium for a customized choice in order to receive the best possible product.


  • Add-on price
  • Conditional logic options
  • Apply option set in bulk
  • Customizable Option appearance
  • Live preview
  • Export & Import option sets
  • Control over the option’s default value and placeholder
  • Set fields as optional or required
  • Show help text and invalid notification text
  • Select option column width
  • Bulk add selections (for dropdown, checkbox, radio)
  • Max and Min selection for checkbox
  • Max character length for text input field
  • Max and Min value for a numeric field

You could use this app for Free.

Get Product Options Variant Option App

Final Words

Customers in numerous eCommerce industries benefit from Shopify’s extensive product selection. In the Shopify App Shop, online retailers may find add-ons for customer service, marketing, shop design, merchandising, and shipping. Finally, we quickly went over the top 20 Shopify programs that are classified as merchandising programs. After spending some time reading this material, you can select for yourself what products you wish to sell through your internet store. Visit the Shopify App Store to see a few of our further articles:

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