Most Popular Shopify Store Management Apps

For firms, the benefits of online commerce are growing. With the help of systems for building online stores like Magento 2, Shopify, and others, companies are becoming digital. The majority of the time, they don’t provide all the features needed for a successful launch and development, though. In this circumstance, extensions are a lifesaver. They could be made by outside companies. In the Shopify app store, there are numerous distinct applications. These modules could help with customer support, marketing, store design, merchandising, shipping, and other significant e-commerce-related tasks. The overall objectives of all of them are to improve multiple functional activities and raise average company value. We’ll examine the top 20 store management applications in this article. Let’s briefly go over the highlighters’ features, costs, and prices. 

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Customer Privacy

You and your customers will be able to manage every aspect of how you collect and share personal data with the help of this app. The extension is compatible with essential privacy laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (CCPA).


  • Increase customer trust. The app offers users the choice to accept or reject information sharing as well as links to resources where they can learn more. For more clarity, you may easily include these details in your privacy policy
  • Supports multiple languages. The module provides support for many different languages.
  • Manage centrally. You can change, adjust, and specify your privacy options in your online store settings. This provides you with complete control without needing you to leave the Shopify website.
  • Create a CCPA opt-out page and a banner for cookie consent. With the help of these features, you may build the rapport necessary to adhere to the rules and improve client relationships.

You can use this plugin for Free. 

Get Customer Privacy App

Retail Barcode Labels

You can develop and print barcode labels for your products with this module, along with other related tasks. You could use the program to create label templates for your various applications and items. Quickly create and print labels on well-liked papers from the assortments of Avery, Dymo, and Zebra, including label sheets.


  • Printing labels in mass are simple
  • Assemble barcode labels for your goods
  • Build template labels

This app is Free to use. 

Get Retail Barcode Labels App

Shopify Flow

With the use of this module, an e-commerce automation solution, you can create workflows to carry out operations, campaigns, and procedures within your shop and across your apps. You can create the unique solutions your company requires thanks to these automatons. Allow Flow to do the work so you can focus on what matters while saving time. 


    • Improve the customer experience. Start nurturing campaigns for preorder purchases, open a support case when a bad review comes through, and keep track of terrible product reviews.
    • Stock management and marketing. Receive alerts when items are running short in supply, market them in your store, and display or conceal them based on inventory levels.
    • Order management. Add overseas orders, tag orders with special shipping criteria, and notify the logistics team of an accelerated shipment request.
    • Promotions. After the second order, SMS a discount code, and after the third order, mail a handwritten message. Include a complimentary gift with orders above $100. 

This app is Free to Install.

Get Shopify Flow App

Fraud Filter

With this module, you have the option to develop personalized filters that can assist in preventing fraud. You can construct filters and rules with Fraud Filter based on order information you want to inspect or block because you think they might be suspicious. And your store admin has it all integrated. 


  • Navigation from the admin page
  • Build rules and filters depending on the order details
  • Block specific known clients

You can use this plugin for Free. 

Get Fraud Filter App


You have complete control over your Shopify store’s data with this app. To import and export data, mass update data, and integrate data from other systems, you can use Excel or CSV files. Users have the ability to transfer their data from systems like Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and WordPress, including their items, customers, orders, redirects, pages, and blog entries. 


  • From the current platform, switch to another 
  • Use our Excel or CSV templates to incorporate data from any of your sources into your business
  • By modifying specific fields, you can update the data in your store without having to import it all over again
  • Use a single Excel file or zip file to transfer your data to your other repositories
  • Export your information to several online stores, including Google Shopping 
  • An automatic import or export timetable 
  • Make a complete shop backup

You have a choice of four ways to use Matrixify: 

  • Basic – $20/month
  • Big – $50/month
  • Enterprise – $200/month 

Get Matrixify App

Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR

A program that enables you to use GDPR in your business operations and produce cookie banners for EU customers. Clients will be informed that your store uses cookies by a banner from EU Cookie Bar. Once the terms have been agreed upon by the customers, the banner will be hidden. Therefore, if you have consumers from the European Union, you should have a cookie policy visible in your store.


  • Cookie consent bar CSS provides responsive architecture
  • Adaptable content
  • Work with GDPR
  • Immediately hide the cookie banner 
  • Simple installation
  • Flexible design for your brand

You can use this extension for Free. 

Get Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR App

Metafields Guru

This application will help you to create, update and delete metafields for goods, variations, smart and custom collections, customers, orders, blogs, pages, and the shop directly from your Shopify admin panel. The most cutting-edge Amazon servers securely process all data while using a recognizable, straightforward, and user-friendly interface.


  • Excel-like editor. An adaptable software that allows bulk data editing on a single page and lets you choose which meta fields to use.
  • Browser extension. Now you can manage meta fields and meta field sets directly in the Shopify admin panel instead of constantly switching to the app.
  • Sandbox mode. As long as your store is still under development, the sandbox mode gives you unrestricted access to certain premium features of our software without cost. The sandbox mode will no longer be available after you upgrade to a paid Shopify plan.
  • Keep your info private and secure. This module that stores your data has been secured to be as secure as the Cerberus-guarded entrances to the Underworld. 

This plugin is compatible with four plans: 

  • Rookie Free 
  • Adept – $9/month
  • Guru – $19/month
  • Guru Plus – $59/month

Get Metafields Guru App


You have the ability to plan and keep track of sales, releases, and content modifications thanks to this add-on. Additionally, you can schedule product visibility, Shopify Scripts, themes, discounts, and more with Launchpad, a scheduling tool that is part of your Shopify admin and has a set start and stop time. Now, you can easily get your Shopify store ready for every occasion.


  • Simplify execution. Automate your event checklist to save time and lower the possibility of mistakes during event execution.
  • Drive conversion. To ensure a seamless consumer experience from the product page through checkout, schedule front-end customizations.
  • Tracking in real-time. Follow performance in real-time and learn more about patron behavior at events.

You can utilize this app, which is designed by Shopify, for Free. 

Get Launchpad App

QuickBooks Connector

You can connect your sales channel to QuickBooks Online with this plugin. When you combine Shopify with QuickBooks Connector, you’ll save time and keep up with your bookkeeping. The connection between these two platforms is simple to manage.


  • To track income and expenses and maximize tax deductions, link all of your Shopify storefronts to QuickBooks Online accounting
  • Automate the entry of bills, clients, or goods
  • Your inventory and financial data can be synchronized between Shopify and QuickBooks Online
  • Automatically calculate sales on your invoices
  • Create a sales invoice or receipt
  • Share added products from Shopify to QuickBooks Online
  • Update stock levels between platforms

This module can be used with four different options: 

  • Free
  • QBO Essentials – $25/month
  • QBO Plus – $40/month
  • QBO Advanced – $90/month

Get QuickBooks Connector App

TrustedSite Trust Badges

You have the chance to integrate the system of certificates and trust marks into your online store thanks to the extension. The certifications that TrustedSite provides help you assuage the most common concerns that clients have while making online purchases. Earn these certifications to place the TrustedSite Trustmark on your website and show potential customers that they can have confidence in your business.


  • Orders without problems. Customer reviews will show how comprehensive of a service your business consistently offers.
  • A privacy protection purchase. Provide customers with $100,000 in identity theft protection for 90 days following purchase. 
  • Data Protection. Show visitors that your login and checkout pages are secure. 
  • Honest Reviews. Showcase the stellar testimonials you’ve gathered with ResellerRatings.

You may use this addon for Free and with three various options. Pro 2,000 for $39/month, Pro 5,000 for $75/month and Pro 10,000 – $125/month. 

Get TrustedSute Trust Badges App

Order Printer Pro: Invoice App

You have access to editable invoices, packing slips, receipts, quote, return forms, and refund template documents. Once fully automated, send a PDF invoice to each customer automatically, saving time with a quick initial setup.


  • Automate store administration and send a PDF invoice through email. You can provide download links for PDFs to your Shopify emails and website so customers can download invoices on their own.
  • Create estimates and bills for draft orders. You may rapidly provide consumers with quotations, bills, receipts, return forms, and packing slips as Draft orders.
  • Easily translated. Provide translations of your documents in over 20 languages.

You could use this software for Free or with an Unlimited plan for $10 per month.

Get Order Printer Pro: Invoice App

Order Printer Templates

You may get professional invoices, receipts, packing slips, and returns forms with this module for your store. Without writing a single line of code, you can easily change this professional invoice, packing slips, receipt, and returns form templates to match your brand and design. Moreover, you just need to purchase templates once. Additionally, this plugin provides several template kinds, including templates for packing slips, returns forms, invoices, and receipts.


  • Translate your documents with 1-click
  • Customizable store information
  • Set up your logo, easily re-size it to suit the design
  • Order pricing, tax info, order notes, and product details
  • Works with edited orders
  • Works with Shopify Markets, including multi-currency in invoices
  • Use the features of the note and cart 
  • Functions with the applications Product Options and Product Customizer

This app can be installed for Free but you have to pay $29 (one-time fee) per template. 

Get Order Printer Templates App

Ultimate Trust Badges

With the help of this plugin, you can improve consumer trust and encourage them to shop with confidence by adding trust badges to your store. To allay your clients’ worries and encourage them to buy your product, display trust badges. Additionally, with simple options, you may modify the Ultimate Trust Badges without any prior technological knowledge.

[embedded content]


  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Full-time Support
  • No theme code added
  • CDN-based performance that is quick
  • A big selection of different trust badges
  • Simple design parameters
  • Less than 30kb app size
  • Add your badges to any section or page

 You can use this application for Free. 

Get Ultimate Trust Badges App

GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management

With this app, your store will be GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, APPI, and PIPEDA compliant. The module will only benefit users whose stores are situated in the EU/EEA, Brazil, California (US), Canada, or Japan. If you are sending goods to certain regions, it is also could help. 


  • Edit customer account
  • CCPA, APPI, and GDPR requests
  • Pop-up preferences window with cookie data
  • Cookie permission bar
  • Compatible with both guests and registered users
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Fully customizable cookie bar
  • Policy acceptance log
  • Deletion requests log
  • Customize the request emails & pages
  • Cookie scanner
  • Reset the client’s consent and display the bar once more 
  • Email sender that you may customize 
  • Faster Assistance

You have the ability to utilize this module with a Free plan and three paid options:

  • Standard – $7,99/month
  • Pro$14,99/month
  • Enterprise – $29,99/month

Get GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management App

Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay

This module contains website technologies that can increase conversions and cart checkout. With Lucky Orange, you have the chance to learn more about your visitors and drive revenue. 

[embedded content]


  • Session Recordings and Heatmaps. This lets you observe where visitors to your website clicked, scrolled, and tapped. Session replays allow you to delve deeply into a single user’s trip, while heat maps let you observe which parts of traffic from a particular source, like Facebook, receive the greatest interaction.
  • Combination of Live Chat & a live view. This function can stop shopping cart abandonment. You can use Live Chat if you notice someone struggling in real-time to see if you can assist them or provide answers.
  • Conversion Funnels. With the help of this function, you can easily identify which of your website’s pages are converting and which are driving users away. To identify opportunities to lower bounce rates on these forms, Form Analytics tracks crucial form parameters including abandonment, field order, and time to start.

Four ways exist for using this app: 

  • Free
  • Launch – $9/month
  • Build – $18/month
  • Grow – $35/month

Get Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay App

Theme Updater 

When the developer issues an update, this module simplifies and automates many of the steps needed to update your premium theme to the most recent version. Your current theme’s settings will be automatically transferred so that you won’t have to change them. Furthermore, by logging into the app, you may secure continued access to the themes you have purchased.


  • Registration. Register your Pixel Union or Out of the Sandbox theme with Theme Updater. By doing so, you may connect your business to a continuous stream of updates and version information.
  • Notifications. Receive a notification as soon as a new version is released. To be the first to learn about the newest version, sign up for email notifications.
  • Сustomizations. With Theme Updater retaining customizations and comparing file merge conflicts functions, you can relax knowing that your settings are preserved.

You can utilize this module with three options. Default download plan is Free, the Pro plan for $9/month, and the Pro + Priority Sup for $13,25/month. 

Get Theme Updater App

Rewind Backups

With this software, you gain the ability to quickly backup your Shopify store so that you can always use Rewind to undo unintended changes. Having automatic backups of your most crucial store data will give you peace of mind. Put it in place and walk away. 

[embedded content]


  • Data Restoration in Minutes. Rewind allows you to quickly restore information in the event of a catastrophe. You have the option of restoring a single item, a collection of products, or your entire store.
  • Absolute Security and GDPR Compliance. Connections to Shopify are always made securely and in accordance with GDPR regulations. In our safe Rewind Vault, your data is encrypted.
  • Rewind Brings Back. You can rewind things like Products and Product Images Customers, Orders, Collections, Blogs, Blog Posts, Pages, Themes and themes, Files, Menu Navigation, Store Policies, Locations, Shipping Zones, Gift Cards, Customer Saved Searches and Metadata.

After a 7-day free trial, you need to buy subscriptions for this app. Growth – $9/month, Pro – $39/month, Plus – $99/month and Enterprise – $299/month. 

Get Rewind Backups App

TaxJar Sales Tax Automation 

With the help of this add-on, you may use advanced automation to save hours on sales tax for your store. TaxJar connects to every platform where you sell and aids you in understanding your sales tax obligations. Based on economic nexus legislation, the plugin demonstrates where you should be collecting sales tax and offer jurisdiction-level return-ready reporting. Additionally, the module may submit your returns to the states where you are registered automatically using the AutoFile service.


  • Reduce the possibility of mistakes and missed deadlines 
  • Sell through additional channels with less work. 
  • Keep abreast of tax changes with no work 
  • Reduce the complexity of the economic nexus.

There are two ways to use this software after the free trial period of 30 days. Starter plan for $19/month and Professional for $99/month. 

Get TaxJar Sales Tax Automation App

Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat

This plugin offers you special capabilities for better support as well as being a customer service platform created for e-commerce. Create a support center, automate troublesome tickets, and use dynamic templates to quickly answer queries. Happy consumers who have positive shopping experiences encourage the expansion of your online store by making larger purchases, shopping more frequently, and referring friends. 


  • Quickly handle objections and hesitations
  • Automate the purchase intent tagging of tickets
  • Use Klaviyo integration to segment marketing campaigns
  • Build a help center to answer your customers’ issues 
  • One-click can edit, refund, duplicate, or cancel an order
  • Organize delivery, refunds, reviews, customer loyalty, and other essential e-commerce tasks
  • Gather all of the information you can about each consumer to enable more productive conversations

You could use this app with four options:

  • Starter – $10/month
  • Basic – $60/month
  • Pro – $360/month
  • Advanced – $900/month

Get Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat App

Quickbooks Sync by Bold

You may automatically import your orders, inventory, and goods from Shopify to Quickbooks with the help of this module, along with other related things. 


  • Daily automatic sync. Import all of your orders and refunds from Shopify into QuickBooks Online quickly and effortlessly. You have the option to export historical data from your Shopify account as well as automatically sync order data. 
  • Shopify Payments. Synchronize the fees and payouts from Shopify Payments with QuickBooks Online.
  • Order Details. All line items, shipping costs, and taxes are automatically included in every order you export from Shopify into QuickBooks. Shopify and Quickbooks are integrated to provide refunds for line items, shipping, and taxes.
  • Tax Agencies. Based on your imported orders, the module automatically set up a new tax agency and the related tax rate. You may quickly run a report to check how much tax you owe, and you can designate a primary tax agency for the location where you do your company the most frequently.

Start using this app with three options:

  • Starter – $19,99/month
  • Growth – $39,99/month
  • Enterprise – $59,99/month

Get Quickbooks Sync by Bold App

Final Words

Users in a range of eCommerce industries can gain from Shopify’s broad product selection. The Shopify App Shop offers online retailers extensions for customer service, marketing, shop design, merchandising, and shipping. Finally, we quickly took a look at the top 20 Shopify programs that are classified as shop management programs. After spending some time reading this article, you may select for yourself what products you wish to sell through your internet store. Check out some of our further posts on the Shopify App Store: 

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