SAP Business One Integration with Shopping Cart Elite

Today, many companies use special technologies to improve the business of e-commerce. There are many extensions such as ERP systems, CRM platforms, and accounting software that assist in the business and can improve the general business value. We will look at working with a well-known ERP system called SAP Business One. You can integrate data from that platform with other ones. Today we’re going to talk about SAP Business One Integration with Shopping Cart Elite. With this integration, you can achieve the goals that are achieved by synchronizing the data of these platforms. With the Firebear team, you don’t have to worry about integration, we will help you do everything quickly and painlessly. Now we’ll go over the general information about the platforms and move on to the intricacies of integration. 

We would like to remind you, that you can integrate Sap Business One with lots of different platforms and Firebear Studio will kindly help you do that. Contact us following the link below to get more information on the SAP Business One and Shopping Cart Elite integration and other projects.

Sap Business One Shopping Cart Elite Integration Free Quote

SAP Business One Integration with Shopping Cart Elite will enable the synchronization of data between the two platforms. This, however, will simplify your day-to-day work and give you new possibilities in data management. You can integrate different data sections such as: 

  • Categories 
  • Items and products
  • Customer addresses
  • Inventory data
  • Price lists
  • Period discounts
  • Business partners
  • Sales orders
  • Shipping information

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SAP Business One Introduction 

Several of you may not be familiar with this platform. Now we will briefly run through the main points. SAP Business One is a resource planning software solution for the digital space. The platform is designed to work mainly with small and medium-sized businesses, but also handles larger stores. Automation of daily tasks, simplification of financial operations, human resources set up, and store management is what SAP B1 brings to your life. 

To all this, SAP Business One has 15 basic modules that are the foundation of the platform: 

  • Administration – basic functions setup.
  • CRM – opportunity to connect everyday sales employee tasks with other modules.
  • Financials – manage and create Charts of Accounts as easily as create core Journal Entries.
  • Opportunities – the ability to keep track of potential Sales and Purchases
  • Sales – A/R – sales flow setup that starts with Quotation and proceeds to Order and ends with Delivery, and then AR Invoice.
  • Purchasing – A/P – setting up and being able to see purchase flow from Quotation to Order, GRPO, and AP Invoice.
  • Business Partners – storage and handling of data of Leads, Customers, and Suppliers.
  • Banking – the ability to create Incoming (sales) and Outgoing (purchase) payments.
  • Inventory – conducting and operation to be sold/purchased along with their quantity/value in warehouses.
  • Resources – sustain operation with master data of resources (machines and people) used in production (capacity and planning).
  • Production – operate the work of Bill of Materials master data and Production orders.
  • Project Management – the ability to define projects.
  • Material Requirements Planning – create forecasts of needed items in sales/production and purchase order recommendations.
  • Service – easy assistance with service contract management and creating service calls.
  • Human Resources – saving and working with employee master data that includes such parameters as names, contact information, roles, etc.

Each module has its own unique task for running a business. But this does not prevent them from being closely related to each other and tightly involved in the integration process. You can also link modules to an external data source such as Shopping Cart Elite. 

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You can find more information about SAP B1 in our post here: SAP Business One In-Depth Review.

Shopping Cart Elite

Shopping Cart El [dropcap type=”e.g. circle or none” color=”#ffffff” background=”#e53b2c”] S [/dropcap]ite is an IT company that provides e-commerce solutions with full automation of your business. The company has already been on the market for 15 years and has a well-established principle of work. You do not need to have a bunch of third-party programs and external extensions to have automation marketing and SEO tools for online business. 

Shopping Cart Elite offers to automate your eCommerce with new websites. You can also manage your eBay and Amazon listings and inventory. Together with this, the platform allows you to monitor your website traffic and request marketing consulting. The platform presents useful features in the management of your site:  

  • Fully Automated Ordering System
  • Social Media Catalog Synchronization
  • Live Inventory and Pricing Synchronization
  • Customized Website Search
  • Cross-Sell Possibilities
  • Automatic Google Ads Bidding System
  • Fast & Mobile Friendly
  • Help Desk with CRM

In addition, Shopping Cart Elite has three types of cooperation, which are different in features and pricing for them. The first option goes under the name “Be a Leader” and is a core set of features for a small price. The standard feature set includes: 

  • Full Suite with all the Bells and Whistles
  • Full Setup & Launch Assistance
  • Custom E-commerce Website
  • Product Submission to eBay, Amazon, Walmart
  • Product Submission to Google Shopping
  • Dedicated Web Master
  • Dedicated Tech Manager + Staff
  • Dedicated Data Manager + Staff
  • Dedicated Design Manager + Staff

The next version, called “Be a Visionary“, is a more extended version of the first one with the addition of one feature – Dedicated Developer. And the third choice is the costliest and with the largest set of features – “Be a Partner”. With this option, you add additional functions such as: 

  • Dedicated eBay & Amazon Manager + Staff
  • Dedicated Pay Per Click Manager + Staff
  • Dedicated Email Marketing Manager + Staff
  • Dedicated SEO Manager + Staff
  • Discounted Software by 50%
  • Discounted Staffing by 50%

Now, we will return to the main subject of our article, namely SAP Business One Integration with Shopping Cart Elite. 

SAP Business One Shopping Cart Elite Integration 

Remember, you can do SAP Business One Integration with Shopping Cart Elite and Firebear Studio will kindly help you do that. Contact us following the link below for more information on this subject: 

Sap Business One Shopping Cart Elite Integration Free Quote


We can help you integrate customer information. When new users register, all their information like account information, contact information, billing & shipping address, etc. will be synchronized with SAP Business One business partner master data. Also, all customer details about existing users can be integrated into SAP B1 in real-time. 


With our help, you will be able to synchronize Stock data between platforms. Stock Updates that were carried out in SAP Business One through Purchase or Production Process will be integrated back into Shopping Cart Elite. 


Sales Orders that were placed in Shopping Cart Elite will be immediately integrated in SAP B1. We will also help you synchronize Taxes and Shipping Charges with the correct calculation. Also, Guest Checkout Sales Orders are also subject to integration. 


You can also integrate Deliveries created in SAP Business One into Shopping Cart Elite with all shipping information. 

Integration Principles 

Together with the Firebear team, integrations are carried out with a set of basic principles. SAP Business One Integration with Shipping Cart Elite also falls under these principles. 

Two-way connection 

Two-way communication is a basic and necessary feature of all integrations. Using our import and export profiles you can apply any adjustments to the process of transferring your data. In addition, since import and export profiles are individual, there is no need to set up both features at the same time. 


With SAP Business One Integration with Shopping Cart Elite, we provide the ability to use our built-in scheduler. At the same time, you can set an update time that is convenient for you. For example, you need to synchronize product data from Shopping Cart Elite to SAP B1 on a daily basis: 

  • Check your export profile and select the daily updates option.
  • Next, choose the day time of the transfer.
  • To integrate data to SAP Business One before the schedule, go to your profile and use the asynchronous method.
  • If you need to bring data back, return to your import profile and do the same changes again.


Also, we provide tools to make it easier for you to work with integrations. Since the data must be transferred according to the requirement of the receiving system, third-party attributes must fall under the requirements of the native environment. This process usually takes a long time if done manually. We can help you make this job easier. With the mapping grid, you can make a mapping scheme that matches any attribute of the receiving system for convenience. You can also save and load your profiles for future use. For example SAP Business One Integration with Shopping Cart Elite. 

Other features 

Another important principle that we use with SAP Business One integrations is support for multiple connection standards. Our team provides the ability to use data files of different types, such as XML, CSX, XLSX, ODS, and JSON.

In addition, we use Google Sheets as an additional way to sync data. With our tools, you can easily integrate information from this platform with your store. We also use Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP, and direct URL uploads as additional methods for data synchronization. The API-based system makes it possible to create more complex connections. 

Keep in mind that Sap Business One can be integrated with a variety of platforms with the help of Firebear Studio. Contact us using the following link to learn more about the SAP Business One and Shopping Cart Elite connection, as well as other integrations:

Sap Business One Shopping Cart Elite Integration Free Quote

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