Yireo has been around for years: As an extension developer, an event organizer (MageTestFest & Reacticon), and a trainer. Founder Jisse Reitsma has been giving live trainings for years since Magento 1.3 actually. But with COVID, the company turned into a different direction: Remote training became the norm. And Yireo built its own courseware platform to offer On-Demand video trainings, taught by Jisse himself. 

Currently, there are 80 hours of videos on a huge variety of topics: While Magento 2 backend development forms a strong fundament, Jisse also dived into many frontend topics and the portfolio definitely shows this. Not only the traditional frontend of Magento is covered (with PHTML templating, LESS, KnockoutJS, RequireJS, for which already 25 hours of video time is reserved), but more modern frontends like Hyvä, Adobe PWA Studio, and Vue Storefront are covered as well. And the best is yet to come, with many more topics scheduled for the upcoming years: Integration testing, Docker, PageBuilder extensions, MSI, and much more.

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Yireo On-Demand training features

  • Structured learning: All courses are divided into chapters and chapters are divided into lessons. Each lesson consists of a video, accompanying slides and often additional student notes. On top of this, the courseware portal offers an easy search, so you can quickly zoom into a topic of your liking. 
  • In your own pace: With the video courses, you can study at your own pace. When pausing a video, the video pointer is saved. Lessons can be bookmarked in various ways, so you can come back to them later. And your overall progress can be monitored by marking lessons as complete. 
  • With or without Jisse his help: Most trainings are available with or without an additional support package. Only interested in the content? Then purchase the video-only package. Want to ask the teacher additional questions? Then the support package is for you. 
  • Both fundamental and in-depth: Topics are explained from the ground-up, but the explanation does not stick only to the basics, the more complex matters are discussed as well. As Jisse jokingly puts it, he tries to make complex things simple and simple things complex again. 
  • For every developer: Because basics are explained slowly, the training material is perfect for newcomers. However, experienced developers can often also learn plenty of things. And when you want to get certified, the courses definitely are a solid reference. We have helped already over 100 developers to get successfully certified.

About Jisse

Jisse Reitsma is based in The Netherlands and has worked with Magento since its early start (version 0.9 or so). He was awarded a Magento Master three times in a row, mostly for his work on creating developer conferences like MageTestFest (two times) and Reacticon (four times). He is a member of ExtDN and works together with Shopware on improving their training portfolio. On a daily basis, he works on (small) projects, extensions, or coding challenges, translating them into blogs, coding samples, and/or new course materials.

On a personal level, Jisse tries to keep work & life in balance, combining life as a teacher with life as a husband & dad. He could be gardening, hiking with the family, or developing a new Magento module for you.

Free resources

Most of the paid courses offer free lessons for you to preview a course. All in all, this already makes up for a lot of free resources. The Yireo blog covers even more material, varying from tips and tricks, extension progress, and announcements.

Besides training, Yireo also focuses on extension development. Since early 2022, all commercial extensions are open-sourced via GitHub and made available for free. The extensions range from handy developer tools (like ExtensionChecker, EmailTester, IntegrationTestHelper, and more) to useful utilities in production (SalesBlock, TaxRatesManager, NextGenImages, and more). Yireo also maintains a set of meta-packages that remove core packages from Magento instances (thus, skinning them down) by applying the composer replace trick.

Training pricing

A regular video course with more than 10 hours of video material costs on average 259 Euro per year per attendee. Additional support is available for another 110 Euro. There are packages available to get access to all courses at once. Custom pricing is available for agencies, including all-access passes, API access, and live training. 

Final words 

Yireo is a known name in the Magento ecosystem, because of its extensions and its events, but also because of its training portfolio. Their content will be updated and expanded every month or so, so make sure to check out their site regularly. And if you have any questions on the offerings, you can reach out to Jisse Reitsma personally via jisse@yireo.com and Twitter (@jissereitsma).

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