These days, a large number of companies use eCommerce as the main direction of their business. To create stores in the digital sphere, they use platforms that help with this. One of them is one of the market leaders, the giant of this industry – Magento. Magento is an open-source platform that allows you to easily integrate your business into the digital sphere and customize it the way you want. It is a platform that is constantly evolving and keeping up-to-date with the latest additions to keep your business at a high level. Magento 2 is the version that retains the features of the first and adds many interesting, useful, and important features for the introduction of the eCommerce business. Today we are going to look at Accelerators for Magento 2. In this article we will go through them, with different agencies and look at their features, functions and how they are similar, and what differs from each other.  

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Accelerators for Magento 2 is a convenient way to quickly launch your store on this platform with the help of agencies that provide convenient and useful features for quick startup. They are very good for a quick start on the Magento 2 platform with very efficient performance and all the extensions that will simplify this task. We will look at the different options offered by different agencies, and examine their functions and features. 

Jupiter Commerce Accelerator 

The first accelerator that we will consider is the Jupiter Commerce Accelerator for Magento 2. This platform offers acceleration for Magento Commerce and allows customers to start their journey into digital commerce with their store faster with different features. This platform works well if customers are launching a store that is focused on MVP (minimum viable product) and works effectively with the collected information. The main purpose of this accelerator is to give the client the out-of-box functionality to launch his Magento 2 store and provide the main features that can deliver important and useful functions to achieve the goals of your store. Jupiter Commerce Accelerator provides the following features: 

  • Branding – has a library of branded fonts and logos that allow you to create your own style store. 
  • Tax Calculation – Best-In-Class tax calculation with Taxjar service. 
  • Customized Homepage Style – the ability to set your own homepage design to improve your store’s identity. 
  • Payment Methods – use Braintree or to expand the payment methods for your customers and make the process more flexible. 
  • Attention Management – precise focus management accurate work with the customer experience. 
  • XTENTO Order Report – work with commercial reports, import, and export files for shipments, sales, and inventory.
  • ESP Integration – ESP integration using the Dotdigital service. 
  • Advanced Online Shopping Experience – possibility to customize the UX interface of the cart and reduce the number of clicks to add items to the cart. 
  • Keyboard Navigation – keyboard navigation behind the WCAG standards.
  • Tracking Pixels – the ability to track pixels and work with this information together with the GTM extension. 
  • Quality Guarantee – provide data analysis after each sprint, analyze the design and ensure top-quality performance

Jupiter Commerce Accelerator provides a good start for your Magento 2 platform work and gives interesting features including a choice of custom designs.  

About Company  

The company that developed this accelerator is Something Digital. It is known for its high-quality support service and long-standing relationships with customers who choose this platform to work with B2B and B2C types of business.  The company specializes in working with e-commerce and platforms such as Magento and Shopify Plus. 

Bulldog 2.0 – BORN’S Adobe Commerce Accelerator 

Bulldog 2.0 accelerator gives you the opportunity to run an exclusive platform based on the Magento platform with various features that we will discuss below. You can work with B2B and B2C sites and create top-quality content with an easy start. This gas pedal offers a great solution for those who work with a limited budget and little time to launch the store, it provides opportunities for a fast and successful launch and grows your business, even without a large budget. Also, Bulldog Accelerator is an Abode accredited choice. All of the core features of Bulldog Accelerator are plug-and-play because it provides the perfect combination of solutions to get your business off to a good start and attract investment in the future. 

  • Custom Library with UI Design Solutions
  • Help Desk
  • Blog extension
  • Social Login option (Facebook, Google, Twitter)
  • Product Finder
  • Product Feed for Google Shopping
  • Replenishment extension
  • Store Locator

The Bulldog Accelerator also provides some interesting features in the B2B section. 

  • Account Management 
  • Order Attribute
  • Quotes, Orders & Replenishment Orders
  • Product Alerts & Back Order
  • Payment Restrictions
  • Order Notes and Prioritization
  • B2B Permissions Structure

About Company 

The creators of this accelerator are the Born Group company. Created thanks to Tech Mahindra in 2019, the company continues to work in the art and science section. The company also develops different eCommerce platforms with the help of which it develops online sales in the areas of its interests. They also developed their framework, Stella.

Krish Accelerator for Magento 2 B2C

Magento 2 B2C accelerator from Krish TechnoLabs allows customers to run their stores on the platform with pre-built decisions that are useful and advanced practices. Provide a blistering pace of implementation of all innovations and extensions that allows customers to quickly and reliably launch their store on the eCommerce platform. This accelerator offers a package of services for the Magento 2 Commerce Cloud platform that will help you to start making the first sales for your store in just a month after the launch. The B2C Krish Accelerator is suitable for mid-sized businesses, brand owners, and newcomers to the business who want to expand and increase their sales in different areas and locations on the map. Also, they provide different packages for the gas pedal depending on the type of store. Whether it’s a store that sells cars, fittings, decor, or fashion and clothing. The accelerator also offers a large number of pre-installed plugins that help you get started with your store faster. 

  • Social Media Login (Facebook, Google and etc.)
  • Blog
  • One-step Checkout
  • Social Sharing
  • Quick Product View
  • Product Labels
  • Instagram Feed
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Product Image 
  • Shop by Look
  • Shop by Brand
  • Coupons on Shopping Cart
  • Homepage Sliders
  • Elastic Search

Magento 2 B2C Accelerator from Krish has good features in promoting your store. Its important features are pre-configuration of all functions and features, which makes it very versatile and really fast in achieving results.  

About Company 

Krish TechnoLabs Company is a well-known and pioneering e-commerce player and provides customers with various types of B2B and B2C solutions. The company is also an official Adobe Solution Partner. Working with e-commerce is the main area of the company’s activity which provides high-quality services.  

Redstage’s B2B Accelerator 

Accelerator from Redstage called B.A.S.E. gives customers a good number of options related to the launch of your business on the Magento 2 platform. It offers a design and site theme that encourages sales. Based on long work in the B2B market and in particular with Magento 2, Redstage knows what works on that platform and what doesn’t. The developed theme should fit perfectly in your store, stimulate sales, and delight customers with a nice design. The accelerator provides the ability to customize sales management and quote your own prices to your customers. You don’t have any limits on the management of the price system. With this, you give the customer a large number of options for payment and work with your store. B.A.S.E. also makes ordering easy and allows you to make repeat purchases in one click. A very important feature of this accelerator is adaptability to all devices and provides a User-Friendly design on all devices. 

  • Responsive Theme with User-Friendly design 
  • Setting Up User Rights and Roles
  • Magento 2 Support
  • Easy Online Ordering Procedure
  • Custom Graphics System and Pricing Rules

You can design your payment plan and work closely with the Redstage team to create a work plan that matches your funds. You can find a free eCommerce consultation on the company’s website. 

About Company 

Redstage is a company that does eCommerce and has developed an accelerator for Magento 2 called B.A.S.E. It was founded in 2008 and continues to create useful digital products to this day. The company works on the promotion of eCommerce and helps stores to get their start in this field. 

The Mantle Magento 2 Accelerator 

The Mantle Accelerator was developed by Balance Internet and it helps with store launches in different areas of eCommerce such as B2B, B2C, and D2C. This accelerator takes full advantage of all the features of the Magento 2 platform and adds a large number of useful features and extensions which were also developed using the Balance Internet. The Mantle requires little investment and little risk. This platform will help you develop from scratch and gives you a lot of flexibility in developing your store. In addition, this accelerator has a lot of features that help it be a good solution for customers. 

Features for B2B businesses: 

  • Advice on UX and Design
  • Flexible theme
  • Multi-inventory
  • Customer Groups
  • Quick Order possibility
  • Training Opportunity
  • Shared Catalogs

 In addition, we also have B2C features that complement those listed above. 

  • Reviews 
  • Store Locator
  • Live Chat
  • Search Function
  • Shopping by Brand
  • Google Analytics
  • Upgrading Promo work

About Company

The company that created this accelerator, Balance Internet, was founded in 2008 and continues to operate in the field of e-commerce to this day. It specializes in the design, development, and provision of good solutions in the digital space. It includes a team of talented UI/UX designers, market analysts, and a large development team.  

Embitel Accelerator 

This company provides three so-called Magento Rapid Deployment Packages. Each of the options contains state-of-the-art solutions for digital questions, useful features, attractive themes, and fast launch times on the market. All options offer a quick launch of your store on the Magento 2 platform, customization of the design, support for mobile devices, and the practice of business administration. These options are suitable for different types of businesses and budgets. Different business models require different budgets and these solutions take that into account to the fullest extent.

Starter Option

Great for companies that want to make their offline business a good and fast solution in the digital sphere and do not have a big budget. The initial budget is $30k. Store launch with this option can take 6 weeks. 


A good solution for businesses that want to improve their position in the eCommerce market and raise sales through improved features. The budget for this option starts at $50k. Launch time is about 10 weeks. 


This option is better suited to those who want an individual approach to the case with very specific requests for an experienced advanced level business. The budget for this option starts at $70k, and the time takes about 12 weeks. 

These options provide interesting features and functions to achieve business goals and help take your store strategy to the next level. 

  • Great Customer Support
  • Brand visibility
  • Easy Work with Supplies and Delivers
  • Personalization

About Company

This accelerator was developed by Embitel, which has 14+ years of experience in the eCommerce and digital management market. It is mainly engaged in Automotive, Digital Services, and other areas of commerce. 

Absolute Magento 2 Accelerator Package

The Absolute Accelerator Package gives you great speed on a small budget for a wide variety of companies. With many different features, this accelerator has become an Award-winning Magento Business Solution Partner and Abode Solution Partner. All this speaks for its quality and status. Also, has a large UK-based base of developers who specialize in Magento platforms and never sends developers to outsource. This package gives a custom and individual design for the homepage and Product Detail Page of your store that will help make it more attractive and increase sales. This accelerator provides an opportunity to quickly and without significant cost to get the result you need for your store. 

Absolute Accelerator was developed by a team of certified Magento developers who can make a useful product with ease and speed. A theme that already exists and can be used by the store starts at £20k. It also includes many interesting features and modules such as payment gateways, search, SEO, blog, social media, and more. 

About Company 

Absolute was founded over 25 years ago. It has been the recipient of many awards and accolades in eCommerce, digital marketing, and more. It is also a Magento Business Solution Partner, which shows the status of the company in this area. Has in-house UK team of Magento Certified developers which brings only experienced and qualified employees to the team. Absolute is not only a B2B company but also can provide services in B2C business. 

Webqem Accelerator 

This Adobe Commerce Accelerator Package was developed by Webqem and offers a package of useful services for commerce and the creation of your store. This Adobe Commerce Accelerator Package was developed by Webqem and offers a package of useful services for commerce and the creation of your store. With it, you can take your business to the next level of digital commerce with copywriting, SEO, and other important features. In addition, you can not worry about migration or integration of your data with CRM, ERP, or PIM. This accelerator takes these requests into account and can work with them with ease. There is a good support system and a group of specialists who can easily give you what you need in the field of eCommerce. This accelerator has some useful features that help you reach your goal. 

  • Blog 
  • Custom Theme Option
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Collecting and Migration Data
  • Improved personalization
  • Login-as customer Function
  • The Possibility of Developed Online Marketing
  • Additional Payment Methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Zip Money, After Pay)
  • ChatBots Controlled by AI
  • Product Feed
  • Video Streaming possability

With this accelerator, you get access to a large number of features ranging from raspy personalization and custom branding to Live Chat and AI-controlled chatbots. 

About Company

Webqem the company that created this accelerator was founded in 1999. The company started its way by providing online business solutions, and every year by improving its functionality it earned the trust of Adobe, Magento, and other major platforms. Besides the usual orders, the company also has educational projects, community projects, and other features of working with clients. 

PWA Accelerator by Fluid Commerce 

This accelerator was developed by Fluid Commerce and gives customers the opportunity to launch their Magento 2 store in 12 weeks. It brings speed and quality, an emphasis on mobile devices, which is why many eCommerce leaders are noticing and using Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to provide quality services to their customers. This accelerator is also a Silver-level Adobe Solution Partner, and its web developers are Magento-accredited, which allows them to create the product that customers need. With a variety of PWA projects, you can quickly get started in eCommerce on the Magento 2 platform in B2C and D2C areas. The starting price for this accelerator is £45k. The PWA Accelerator provides a quick launch of your store on the platform in as little as 10-12 weeks. It’s also easily customizable, has a great UX, and is bundled with other extensions to help you get up and running. Your projects with PWA will include different features:  

  • Individual Project Manager
  • Preinstalled extensions
  • Customization of payment, delivery, and search
  • Page builder

As we said above, the PWA Accelerator can get your design up and running in 12 weeks. Now we’ll show you a rough timeline of the accelerator.

  • Weeks 1-2: Research and design
  • Weeks 3-8: Main stage of development
  • Weeks 9-10: Training and result testing
  • Weeks 10-12: Launching the Store

After launching the store, the platform will help in every way to achieve the result you want and improve your capabilities. Support for this accelerator is available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

About Company 

Fluid Commerce is an award-winning eCommerce company. The company develops websites for Magento and develops PPC campaigns that improve and increase the efficiency of your business. Fluid Commerce is in the market for around 10 years and has in its team Magento-certified web developers and all basic tools for creating a quality product. 

Vaimo Accelerator

The Accelerator from Vaimo for Magento Commerce gives you the opportunity to launch your B2B, B2C, and D2C eCommerce website in 12 weeks. It offers an easy transition and start of your store in the digital sphere with a short introduction time and useful features. In B2B, the gas pedal offers a catalog or eCommerce website. If you need a B2C business it will help you with an eCommerce website for a single product, category, or independent brand with a custom design to always be close to customers. This accelerator will help you launch your store, develop a plan and launch strategy, conduct research, make a design project, develop, help you in testing and release the finished product that you will use for your business purposes. 

Once launched, Vaimo Accelerator takes care of hosting, managing & maintaining your eCommerce site, which will make your work easier and more enjoyable. 

About Company 

Vaimo is a company that has made a name for itself in the eCommerce industry. The company is a highly respected player in digital commerce on the Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud and has the platinum status of Adobe Solution Partner. They provide a full range of features to help you with your eCommerce efforts in terms of design type, and delivery strategy. 

Carbono Accelerator 

This accelerator, which was developed by WEBJUMP, provides customers with many options to run their store on Adobe Commerce and Magento. It gives you the ability to quickly launch a store in eCommerce – in just 2 months. With its optimization for fast operation and the ability to flexibly evolve to meet growing market conditions, it provides you with many useful features to create the product you need using all the features you need. It provides you with a Page Builder and a fully customizable Visual Identity that helps a lot and allows you to make your store attractive to visitors. With Page Builder, you open up a large layer of functions that are very useful. 

  • Flexible layout with drag and drop 
  • No code configuration
  • Automatic updates
  • Content Update customization

In addition, Carbono Accelerator has many B2B features that make it very useful to use and start your eCommerce journey. 

  • Quick Order 
  • Company Accounts
  • Shared Catalogs
  • Payment Methods on account
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Category Permission
  • Advanced Banners

About Company 

The Webjump is a Brazilian company that created this accelerator. It is a technology company that promotes and helps in eCommerce and works with B2B, B2C, Marketplaces, PWAs, Apps, and other areas. The company was founded in 2007 and continues its way into e-commerce to this day. 

Capgemini Rapid Launch Accelerator

Capgemini Rapid Launch Accelerator for Magento Commerce offers a program that will help you launch a fully branded, with lots of features website on the Magento platform in just 6 weeks. This low-cost accelerator will be a great solution for launching your store because it provides excellent features in the digital space. It can work with both B2B and B2C spheres of business. This accelerator works perfectly with Magento Order Management and is also certified to work with it. Capgemini Accelerator is also an Award-winning solution for your business. When you choose this accelerator for your store, you get a handful of features that will help you work and run your business on the Magento platform.

  • Single Adobe Commerce website
  • Flexible configuration of the Adobe Commerce administration panel and security
  • Categories, products, and other parameters editing
  • Using tax tables to improve tax sales and customer service
  • Detailed configuration of delivery methods
  • Optimizing payment methods with Adobe Commerce payment-integration module support
  • Search system support
  • Preparatory courses and more than 20 hours of leisure training on the topic of eCommerce. 

About Company

Capgemini is a large company that provides leader-level services in digital transformation, consulting, and e-commerce. The company is an excellent and modern choice for customers who want to excel in the field of commerce and build a successful business there. The company has a large staff of 270,000 developers and employees in 50 different locations around the world. With a modern and proactive strategy, Capgemini offers customers only the best service that can take your business to the next level. 

Falcon Accelerator 

The Falcon Accelerator from Ranosys is a commerce entry solution that offers 4 weeks to start your store. The accelerator is a quick-to-implement choice and provides quality performance. With pre-installed functions and features that give almost all the features a business needs, you can get up and running and grow your store right away. In addition, built on the Magento Commerce Platform, Falcon Accelerator gives customers the freedom and flexibility to choose strategies to grow their business and ensure that your site’s traffic is maintained. 

This accelerator allows you to launch your store in the shortest possible time of 4 weeks and does it so that your costs are properly allocated and stay within budget.  Falcon is equipped with all the main and basic features you need for a successful start of B2B and B2C business without unnecessary costs. In addition to great flexibility, the accelerator also gives you great quality because it was built by an award-winning team from Adobe. Falcon has three types of functions: Falcon Starter, Falcon Express, and Falcon Accelerator. They all have different launch times and slightly different features provided. 

  • Priority in mobile development
  • Assistance with sales
  • Guidelines for products with AI 
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, WMS
  • Excellent user interface

About Company 

Ranosys is a company that specializes in eCommerce and provides all the necessary features for Magento development. Has Adobe Silver Solution Partner and other notable recognitions. The company started its work in 2008 and is still only growing and provides the best service to customers in the field of eCommerce. 

Youwe Rapid Deployment 

This solution from the company Youwe makes it possible to launch or Migrate stores in the field of eCommerce with ease and speed. Youwe provides an opportunity to create a professional and fully functioning online store with a not insane budget. This solution helps you get started in eCommerce, gives full support to your store, and provides all the necessary functionality to work. The accelerator provides a variety of options: 

  • Store with mobile device support 
  • Extension package for Magento 2
  • Custom branding and styling 
  • Easy ordering procedure 
  • Setting up your products

In addition, Rapid Deployment provides three possible Packages for starting a store. Starter Store Package, Express Package, and Accelerator Package. This gives you the flexibility to choose what you need, the ability to save budget, and the choice of useful features. Different Packages give different timing and different functionality to open a store. 

About Company

Youwe is a certified full-service digital agency that will help you understand all the aspects and complexities of eCommerce. Has over 300 of the best developers, designers, and digital marketers at its disposal. They create a unique service and give customers what they want. The company also has offices in different parts of the world such as the Netherlands, Ukraine, the UK, the Nordics, and Asia. 

Nouvelle Accelerator

Nouvelle Accelerator from Corra was designed for the needs of modern companies and meets all their needs. With this accelerator, you can launch a store on the Magento Platform in just 60 days with pre-installed features at half the cost without loss of quality. Nouvelle works together with great features, including those developed by Corra. 

PageBuilder, Adobe Commerce’s drag-and-drop CMS, and Corra’s Style Editor are extensions that help you in your eCommerce business. Corra’s Style Editor is an excellent tool for customizing and editing your branding and storefront visuals without coding right from the admin panel. In addition, the accelerator has excellent flexibility in working with trends and has a handful of features that will help you not only at the start but also in the future. 

  • Customization options
  • Improved login system
  • Built-in visual editor
  • The possibility of interactive animation
  • SEO Modules 
  • Store Locator 

About Company

The company that developed this accelerator – Corra is an excellent choice to work in the field of eCommerce and online store creation. The company specializes in creating websites with a distinctive and stylish design that helps attract customers and create an unforgettable experience. It also has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, which makes her work even more valuable.  

Fast Forward Accelerator 

This solution from the company MRM Commerce gives you the opportunity to launch your own store on the Magento platform in just 100 days. MRM Commerce’s Magento Fast Forward Accelerator provides all the features to launch and grow your B2B and B2C business. Also, the accelerator provides built-in and pre-installed wireframes and integrations to help you get your store up and running. The B2C version provides 13 wireframes and 5 integrations, while the B2B version comes with 16 wireframes and 4 integrations. 

Creating online streams for your store and flexibility are features of this accelerator that can greatly increase its value. The flexibility of e-commerce allows Fast Forward Accelerator to easily adapt to changes in the marketplace and support your business as it grows. The same as awarded Magento Global Elite Partner, the company provides a top-quality product that is suitable even for large and developed companies. 

About Company 

MRM Commerce is a company that provides services in the field of e-commerce, including the opening of stores based on Magento. They have a large team of strategists, designers, user experience experts, technologists, and project managers who provide modern and technological issues in this field. Founded in 2004 they are the leading strategic partner for Adobe. 

PWR Accelerator

PWR Accelerator from Imagination Media’s custom Magento business creation solution that helps launch, grow and support your store development in the B2B and B2C areas. It also offers budget-friendly solutions that have been designed specifically for your needs. 

You don’t need a big budget to work with this accelerator, but you keep all the quality of the product even with the cost savings. PWR’s pre-installed and customized extensions make it quick and easy to get started without learning too much material. Pre-coded extensions and custom UI and UX options give you everything you need to run a good store on the Magento platform. Also, this accelerator has three different options that give a bit of variety and give you a choice of your budget and the time you are willing to wait. You have Starter, Express, and Accelerator Packages available for selection. Starter suits more those who need to quickly and smoothly run a store on the platform Magento. Express is designed more for businesses that want new opportunities and store growth. The Accelerator option gives you the best-in-class option that comes with variations. 

About Company 

Imagination Media is a company that is engaged in the sphere of e-commerce and helps its clients to get accustomed to the digital sphere. They have been working for more than a decade to assist the world’s top eCommerce brands in transforming their desires into reality, thereby upgrading their level. 

Rave Digital Accelerator 

This company gives us a choice of several Rapid Deployment Packages to run your store on the Magento platform.  Each of these packages has a different purpose for different types and sizes of businesses. There are three packages: Starter, Express, and Accelerator.

The Starter Pack has various features and functions aimed at a fast and aggressive launch with fast promotion. With this solution, you can choose the theme and visualization of the store, use different Magento store configurations such as Email templates, store name, and email address, edit and customize the product catalog and install a simplified checkout system with better protection. This solution requires $20,000 – $35,000 budget. 

Express Package is suitable for those businesses that work with eCommerce and want to improve their performance by raising their level. This package is designed for those who want to find their unique style and serve a wide variety of consumers. The Express Pack has all the same features as the starter pack but can offer deeper features that meet the needs of the market, such as configuration, extensions, and application flexibility. In addition to Custom UI/UX Work, this package has B2B extensions that should help you grow. The price of this package is about $35,000 – $75,000.

The Accelerator Package has all the most useful and new features that B2B and B2C businesses need. It has a set of extensions and applications that help you achieve your goal. With a variety of extensions, this choice becomes the premier solution for top businesses in the field. Deep customization and customization of browse, add to cart, and checkout gives the opportunity to reach the top level in the market. 

About Company 

Rave Digital is a commerce company focused on Open Source, M2 Commerce, and Commerce Cloud. It is also an Adobe Silver Partner Solution, which adds credibility to the company. Founded in 2008, the company remains a top-rated Magento Certified company that provides top-notch eCommerce services. 

121eCommerce Rapid Launch for Magento 

This accelerator solution that was developed by 121eCommerce is a good choice for companies who want to start their own business in the digital space. The solution offers a startup time of about 8-10 weeks. Not needing a large budget makes this solution a very profitable investment and gives you the opportunity to save your budget. Everything your business needs you can buy starting at $41,000. This accelerator gives you the opportunity to create a great base for the development, using extensions and presets, of your business in the shortest possible time of 8-10 weeks. 

In addition to providing three possible packages in the form of Starter, Express, and Premium accelerator has a large number of useful features that will help you to promote and launch your business in the digital space. 

  • Fast checkout
  • Work with WYSIWYG Page Builder
  • B2B Suite with large functionality 
  • Product recommendations
  • Responsive design and its customization options 
  • Powerful search

About Company 

121eCommerce company which developed this accelerator has been working in eCommerce for more than a decade and has helped hundreds of companies to enter the digital B2B and B2C business sphere. The company has a great experience in communicating with customers, provides quality work, and pleases its customers with speed. It is also a certified Adobe Commerce platform. 

BOOST Accelerator 

This solution is presented by Imagination Media and is a custom gas pedal for Magento 2 which helps you migrate from an M1 solution to a new M2 digital experience quickly and easily. This accelerator offers a variety of features without requiring a large budget. You can start migrating or launching your store with a small budget without losing quality. The solution is priced starting at $35,000. BOOST has functionality that works right out of the box and helps you get started right away. You don’t need a large team of experts to run your online store. Also, it offers very fast market migration which is 90 days. The accelerator has a variety of functions and features that allow you to work conveniently with your store after migration. 

  • Custom Migration Script 
  • Catalog Migration 
  • Customers Migration 
  • Catalog Setup 
  • Flexible Orders Management 
  • Payment Customization 
  • Tax Setup
  • Ability Shipping Configuration  
  • Luma Theme and Custom Branding 

About Company 

Imagination Media is a company that is engaged in the sphere of e-commerce and helps its clients to get accustomed to the digital sphere. They have been working for more than a decade to assist the world’s top eCommerce brands in transforming their desires into reality, thereby upgrading their level.

A.W.E. Accelerator 

This solution is designed and developed by Guidance, an accelerator that can help you promote on the Magento Commerce 2.3 platform starting at $100K in just 3 months. A.W.E. is an out-of-the-box solution that helps you get your store up and running in just a few months. Accelerator gives help in easy and fast migration from M1 to M2 with the demo. Provides four design themes to choose from, you can choose what your store needs. In addition, this solution provides other useful and important features for working on the Magento platform.  

  • Advanced Magento SEO Settings 
  • Super-fast-loading and Optimized Working Process 

In addition, A.W.E. Accelerator is equipped with 25 fully working and ready-to-run extensions. 

  • Banner Slider OWL Carousel PRO
  • Rich Snippets & Cards PRO
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • SEO Page Title Overwrite
  • Smart Product Tabs
  • Instagram Feed Widget
  • Full Page Scroll
  • Quick Cart
  • Product Reviews
  • Mega Menu
  • Custom Thank You Page
  • Enhanced Multi-Store Multi-Brand
  • Ajax Catalog And Infinite Scroll
  • Ajax Search And Autocomplete
  • Advanced Category Sort
  • Product Labels – New, Sale, Discount Stickers
  • Newsletter Popup PRO (Professional Pack)
  • Google Analytics Enhanced PRO (Professional Pack)
  • Layered Navigation PRO (Professional Pack)
  • Enhanced Email (Professional Pack)
  • CMS Block Scheduler (Professional Pack)
  • Recently Viewed Products Bar (Professional Pack)
  • Social Login PRO (Professional Pack)
  • WeSupply Integration – Magento Order Tracking

About Company 

Guidance is a company that has developed this accelerator and is working in the field of technology, commerce, B2B, and B2C business. By creating Award-Winning e-commerce sites, the company can bring substantial results to your digital career and help you promote or build websites. 

RED Accelerator 

This solution developed by Envision provides minimal go-to-market time and all the necessities that your business requires. Rapid eCommerce Development (RED) is designed with all the features and functions you need to launch and develop your store. It helps with B2B and B2C operations and gives you the ability to work with the Marketplace. Accelerator gives you the ability to launch in a short time of 4-6 Weeks, $17,999 only, the opportunity to scale as your business grows, and a multi-level security service. This solution also provides many functions and features that help you work with eCommerce and open your business in the digital sphere. 

  • Ready-made themes for the store
  • Branded UI
  • Mobile device support
  • Promotional pop-ups
  • Analytics tracking capability
  • Social media login extension
  • Blog, GDPR

About Company 

Envision is the company that developed this accelerator and works in the field of eCommerce to help create a quality product. Envision creates experiences with Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions for brands and large companies that want quality results and fast performance. 

RVS Media Accelerator 

This RVS Media accelerator is a flexible and fast solution for launching an eCommerce business. In only 4 weeks you will be able to start a store for an economical amount of money with all the modern and necessary features. This solution allows you to work with pre-installed options, custom design, and a personalized and advanced E-commerce system. Accelerator gives you a variety of features that give you a great user experience. One-step checkout, Payment integrations, Shipping rates and are just the basics. 

  • Advanced Reporting System 
  • Flexible Search 
  • Warehouse Stock Management 
  • Payment Security 
  • Different Shipping Methods 
  • Abandon Cart Notification 

About Company 

Based in London, RVS Media is a Digital Agency that aims to work in the digital space and help clients achieve their goals and build their brands. The company was founded in 2015 and has evolved to become an award-winning digital agency with a large team of experienced Magento Certified Developers, designers, and PMs. The company develops and helps customers in the field of eCommerce, web development, design, and engine optimization.

Apex Accelerator

This solution is presented by Monsoon Consulting and allows you to enter the e-commerce platform Magento 2 quickly and without problems. Apex Accelerator provides a variety of features for starting and growing your business that can affect its productivity. You can increase customer loyalty and thereby increase sales. Also, you can use them to attract new customers. This choice is intended for those companies that have not yet moved into the digital space and have not yet learned the possibilities of e-commerce in B2B and B2C. In addition, the accelerator gives you Industry-specific solutions along with deep customization and fast startup. Apex provides a great solution for launching a store on Magento 2. In addition to functionality right out of the box, it provides the ability to launch in 6-8 weeks with rapid development and deployment. 

About Company 

Monsoon Consulting is the company that developed Apex Accelerator and is the most trusted full-service digital agency and provides only quality services in the field of eCommerce. The company has several offices in London, Dublin, and Kyiv. It has a great team of designers, developers, Owners, Analysts, User Experience, and User Interface researchers that makes a great product and gives clients the best experience. 

Brainvire Magento Packages 

This solution is presented by Brainvire and is an accelerator package that helps to create a modern eCommerce development platform with all the important features for the convenience of doing business. Each package is designed for the specific needs of customers and represents different sets of features and functions that are necessary for the successful launch and promotion of the store on Magento. 

The Product Starter package provides the initial and basic functions for launching a store with dynamics. You can build a great foundation for your future store for a small price and in a short time. For this package, you need to expect up to 6 weeks and have a budget of up to $35,000.

Express Package is more suitable for enterprises with pre-existing eCommerce stores that need to open another store or transfer it to the Magento platform. This package has more advanced features such as a personalized storefront, and branding. You need to wait for about 8 weeks and have a budget of at least $75,000. 

The Accelerator Package is more suitable for eCommerce businesses that already have experience in this area and a large budget. Customized data migration, appealing and smooth navigation, shipping, customer-based pricing, and other features are provided by this package. It has the longest lead time of up to 12 weeks. And the budget has to start from $70,000. 

About Company 

Brainvire is a company that operates and provides services in the field of eCommerce. For more than fifteen years they have been working on the Magento platform and have helped businesses of all sizes. The company has 20+ Magento 2 certified professionals that help customers achieve the goals they want. They are also Adobe Solution Partner and Certified by Magento 2.  

SMB Starter Store Package

This accelerator was developed by 18th DigiTech and is a great solution for small companies to quickly launch their store at a comfortable price. He’s offering to launch the store in just six weeks and prices start from $23,999. The accelerator offers a variety of features and functions to help get your Magento store up and running quickly. The Accelerator offers a variety of features to help you get your Magento store up and running quickly. Also, this accelerator gives support to your store at the beginning of the way that makes it easy to create. In addition, it is filled with interesting features. 

  • Google Analytics
  • Shipping Methods Options 
  • Blog extension 
  • Mega Menu
  • Store Locator 
  • QA & Testing
  • Different Payment Methods 
  • 30 Days Store Support
  • System training 
  • 3 month free SEO
  • Custom Design Home Page

About Company 

18th DigiTech is an award-winning digital company that provides various eCommerce services. For more than 9 years the company has been providing clients with an easy entrance into the eCommerce and digital space with special services. 18th DigiTech has Magento 2 certified developers, solution specialists, and strategists in its team. The company is also a Magento solution partner. 

Programme Accelerator 

This solution from the company Screen Pages is an accelerator which is the Adobe Commerce Cloud Starter Edition and helps you quickly get started in the field of commerce. This accelerator gives you the opportunity to launch your store in 4-6 weeks with a budget of £30,000. In addition, it provides interesting features and functions that are aimed at fast and high-quality growth. This solution supports mobile devices and creates for them convenient themes with a great design. In addition, it enables content management that focuses on audience engagement and analysis. 

  • Reporting tools
  • Multiple payment methods
  • The instant purchase checkout option
  • Cross-sells 
  • Easy working with D2C sphere
  • Pre-bundled integrations 
  • Completely customisable branding and unique UX

About Company 

Screen Pages is a full-service eCommerce company that provides solution-oriented services for merchants and companies interested in digital transformation and online growth. Progressive mobile application, excellent work with different market areas, personalization of customers – all of this makes the company, which works with the Magento platform since 2009. 

Accelerator comparison

As we have seen in this article, each of them presents a company’s branding and a brief description of the features and functionality. The main similarity of all accelerators is in the main functions and features such as branded design, extensions that work with delivery and payment, and custom store management. Basically, the runtime of all accelerators varies from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the price and services provided by them. All of the accelerators have the ability to renew the store after the launch and support it for about a month. Some focus on design, some on pre-installed extensions, and some on launch speed. At the same time, almost all of them offer the same features, with differences in the functions on which the main emphasis is made. For example, Nouvelle Accelerator focuses on design and visuals as opposed to the others. Along with this, we can conclude that the choice of the accelerator is about how much budget you are willing to spend, how much time you spend, and how much you trust the company that developed it. 

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