Microsoft identifies and mitigates new malware targeting Ukraine “within 3 hours”

Shadowy figures stand beneath a Microsoft logo on a faux wood wall.

Enlarge (credit: Drew Angerer | Getty Images)

launched back in 2019 was meant to guard against firmware-level attacks, and Windows 11’s system requirements mandate support for many supported-but-optional security features from Windows 10. Microsoft justified these new requirements in part by pointing to the NotPetya data-wiping malware, which has widely been attributed to Russian hackers.

To help protect against similar cyberattacks, a post from Microsoft President & Vice Chair Brad Smith is detailing more about how the company is responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to the post, Microsoft was able to identify new wiper malware (dubbed “FoxBlade”) and provided both mitigation strategies and updated Microsoft Defender definitions to the Ukrainian government “within three hours” of discovering it.

Reporting from The New York Times provides additional details of how Microsoft worked with US government agencies to distribute the FoxBlade fixes with other European countries to limit or prevent its potential spread.

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