My name is True Tamplin. I am a published author, public speaker and marketing specialist based in Los Angeles, California.

To give you some context on what brought me to Codementor: I have a background in data analytics, and work at 101domain, one of the world’s leading domain registrars. I work on search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising, which has me working with data day-in and day-out. I was doing all of my work “by hand,” using primarily Microsoft Excel to handle the statistical analysis for measuring things, like the statistical significance of an A/B split test winner, or even trying to quantify the value of a solid backlink. I was growing frustrated at how long it took to figure out which variables were actual drivers of the metrics we wanted to improve. I’ve read articles on the capabilities of AI and vaguely knew that it could solve my issue, but I had no clue where to start.

Learning where to begin with AI through resources on the internet can be a bit of a bear. Free resources are convoluted and often outdated. You are usually relegated to poorly produced YouTube videos or online articles that struggle to deliver concise and helpful information. This process is time consuming and just downright frustrating. Paid resources typically aren’t much better. While online courses are helpful in some cases, they often don’t answer all of your questions, and their rigidity can lead to as much confusion as their free counterparts.

That’s the beauty of my experience with Codementor. Their mentors provide contextualized, relevant, and thoroughgoing instructions. Codementor doesn’t just deliver quality content, they provide quality relationships.

I was connected with Tom Klein, who’s experienced in programming AI specifically for Google Ads and other forms of advertising. Due to his previous work with AI for conversion rate optimization, he had nuggets of wisdom so specific to the industry that it could only be gained through years of experience. For example, he explained the need to constantly update the AI he programmed to monitor how traffic quality from different sources reacts to different landing pages. I would have wrongfully assumed a less frequent “reset” of the data, and would have cost my company revenue in the process. Clearly, this kind of mentorship was exactly what I was looking for—the desire was to grow my skill set in the least time possible with a mentor who has been in my shoes, and Tom fit that need perfectly.

He gave me an excellent high-level overview of AI, and I was able to pick up the basics in a very short period of time. He showed me what programs to use, how they worked, the use cases, and much more. It is clear to me that he is a master of the content. For every question I asked, Tom had a careful and thoughtful response. He wasn’t interested in slapping the Band Aid of a short answer on the issues at hand, but wanted to make sure I understood the fundamental concepts at play. He wasn’t just providing helpful answers, he was also teaching me how to ask the right questions and approach problems from the perspective of a developer.

The mentorship I received was top-notch. The live 1:1 session with a mentor allowed me to ask questions when I needed to, express confusion, and get an experienced set of eyes on the projects I needed help with. Codementor capitalizes on the value of face-to-face mentorship. This style of teaching and learning was way more beneficial than trying to learn programming on my own. Have a question? They’ll help you get the answer and teach you how to find the answer on your own the next time. Whether you want a high-level overview of something like AI, or you have a question about a particular line of code, Codementor is the place to go. Their mentors are exceptionally knowledgeable and have the expertise to help you grow and learn. On the whole, I am very impressed with their mentors and their programs — Codementor is legit! They’ve got me on the hook; there is nowhere else I’d rather go for my coding needs.

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