Office WorkoutIf you are missing out on the time it usually takes to have a regular physical fitness regime because of work, children, or life in general then there are simple physical exercises you can do while at work that could be just what you require. These 7 simple office workout tips you can do while at work are really fast and easy. You can nonetheless have a great work out without the necessity for a gym.

1. Instead of working with a desk chair, try to sit on a large exercise ball whilst ordering some web hosting. The balance required for sitting on the ball is a great core stabilizer. You’ll be toning and building up your ab muscles without also realising you are doing it. It takes very little to no concentration, which can keep your brain power for your work.

Office Workout2. Resistance bands are great for your toning legs and arms. You can hook the bands to the legs of your desk or seat and do arm or leg reps while you are sitting at your desk. If you’re on the phone, switch hands as you do the reps. If you are typing at your PC on your WordPress blog, work your legs with the bands.

3. Walk. During breaks walk as much as possible around the office workout. If you have ankle weights, then strap those on while you are walking for an added boost.

Office Workout4. Leave the escalator behind and take the stairs, even with your VPS hosting plan. Even if you’re on the 14th floor, walk up two to three flights and then catch the lift the rest of the way. Doing just this one thing alone gets your heart beating, and releases endorphins. It gives a fantastic start to the morning that both your body and mind will thank you.

5. Parking. You might not think that your parking place has anything to do with your physical fitness regime level, but parking even further away can in fact provide a mini cardiovascular session. Make certain to allow extra time so you are not late, and park your car in the furthermost parking spot you find. Fasten on those ankle weights and either walk, run, or march up to the building with your dedicated server. Don’t be concerned about how you’ll look doing it because the body you will gain from it will look and make you feel also better.

Office Workout6. Stretching is always crucial. Sitting at a desk for 8-9 hours a day can lead to muscle tissue stiffness, loss of flexibility, back and neck pain, restless legs, blood clots, and stiff bones. Of the things you can do for the health of your body, stretching is the most important. You should really be getting up each hour to stretch.

7. Simple exercises you can do at your desk, even with a domain name, can be anything from reaching up to the ceiling with both arms, to pressing your toes, to ballet plies. Make sure to give your back a good twist from side to side to stretch both your spine and your abs. Writer’s belly happens as soon as the ligaments in your abs decrease because of sitting for lengthy periods of time resulting in a “pot belly”, so make certain you’re extending those abs to keep them lengthy and slim.
Finding time to work out and keeping fit can be tricky, but developing simply a couple of simple things through out your work day can actually produce a change.

Many people these days are striving to get some WordPress hosting and become physically fit. And those who aren’t are dreaming of it! It is clear that most people associate physical fitness with looking better, register domain name, and having a better physique. However, there are many, some more important, factors that make physical fitness an important goal for every individual to achieve including website hosting. Below, you will find some advantages to becoming more fit that you may not have thought of.

Weight Control

If you need to lose a few pounds and have cloud hosting, exercising for physical fitness could help you shed them without much change to your diet and VMware hosting. Of course, it is important for everyone to avoid sugar, sweets and white breads, pasta and flour. But, if you maintain a moderate diet and order Windows VPS hosting with the proper nutrition, exercise will help you lose unwanted pounds as you get fit.

Improve Your Mood

If you are feeling moody, or stressed out, a brisk walk, or quick workout might be just what you need. Linux VPS hosting and physical activity helps to release certain chemicals in the brain that can help you to feel happier, more relaxed and stress-free. And becoming physically fit can give your self-esteem a boost as you you enter the Equinix Sydney Data Center become happier with your appearance.

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Dr Lavie encourages a paradigm shift from weight to fitness. “It’s much better to strive for fitness and be on the thicker side than to be thin and unfit,” he says. “Loss of fitness is a much stronger predictor of mortality than weight gain.”

What is the ‘middle age spread’?

“In most people, muscle strength peaks in our 20s and then gradually decreases. Recent research suggests that women on average will lose muscle mass twice as fast as men the same age, which can make a huge difference in their ability to maintain an ideal weight.”

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The term ‘middle-age spread’ has been etched into ageing lore, yet unflattering connotations ignore the naturalness of physiological change. Expecting to weigh the same at 30 as 18 is folly according to clinical psychologist Louise Adams from Treat Yourself Well.

He says the ideal is to exercise 40 to 45 minutes a day, five to six days a week, with plenty of strength work.

How to stay trim – despite your age!

The other sticking point in weight expectations is that many of us expect that with enough weights training and self-control we can defy the effects of hormonal changes associated with mid life.

“Fitness gurus will tell you that strength training becomes more vital the older one gets, and they are right, for it supports muscle mass like no other form of exercise and can help increase not only strength but also bone mass,” says Dr Lavie.

“Our body weight at age 18 is for many of us the lightest we have ever been,” says Adams. “We may not have stopped growing at that point and may not have reached full maturity. Weight gain as we age is quite normal and body shape and size can change over our lifetime. Sticking to a weight from many years ago is unrealistic for the vast majority of us. It’s similar to remembering how your skin looked as a teenager and expecting the same in middle age.”

“I think we should be a bit more accepting of carrying a bit of weight as we get older,” says the University of Melbourne’s Dr Joseph Proietto, a professor of medicine. “There are multiple studies that suggest that a little extra weight can be a healthy thing. In one study we conducted we looked at people who had stents put in their hearts for angina. We found that the underweight people died at a faster rate, and the overweight were better than the normal weight, the mildly obese were better than the overweight in terms of survival.”

Can you beat age-related weight gain? We asked the experts for their diet and exercise tips for women in their 30s, 40s and 50s. 

•    3 x 1-hour brisk walk with pram weekly
•    3 x weight training sessions weekly
•    1x CrossFit session weekly (when able)

In March last year I had my first baby, then in July my husband and I decided to buy a business. Being a nursing mum and running a new business was no easy task, I was eating on the go, bingeing and doing absolutely no exercise.

On overcoming challenges
The first few weeks of the challenge I was still breastfeeding, so I had to ease myself into eating less without affecting my milk supply. And I started this journey less than two weeks before Christmas! My way of overcoming this potential diet disaster was to plan ahead and schedule in days where I would relax on the meal plan. As long as I was back on the wagon the next day, I was happy to indulge and enjoy my Christmas without guilt. The same went for my 30th birthday in February and any other special occasion that came up. I allowed myself to be flexible for a day or two, then after that it was back to business.

Suzie Solbrandt: September BodyBlitz winner - PHOTOS - Women's Health & Fitness

On workout motivation
Seeing results kept me going.Once I started noticing changes in my body I became more and more determined to reach my goals. My husband was also a great support.

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Breakfast: Oats with protein powder and a black coffee
Snack: Handful of almonds or a piece of fruit
Lunch: Steamed fish with salad or chicken breast with rice
Snack: Protein shake
Dinner: Chicken breast with sweet potato mash and steamed broccoli

On food swaps
Personally, I am a terrible cook. This became particularly apparent at the start when I was attempting to prepare my own meals for a whole week. My solution was to outsource, I have a friend who is a fantastic cook and does her own meal prep every Monday. I supplied the food and she agreed to cook my weekly meals for me. Being extremely busy, this was a lifesaver. Not having to think about meal prep made the challenge so much easier. Preparation is the key to a good diet.

On treats
I love chocolate and anything sweet; I found chocolate-flavoured protein shakes got rid of my cravings. I allowed myself to have treats at parties, etc. but I always made sure I didn’t go overboard and remembered my goal. I also allowed myself to have a glass of red every now and then.

I realised I had been neglecting my own needs for the whole year. I had gained weight, my pre-pregnancy clothes didn’t fit, I used to love exercising regularly but during this time it was the last thing on my mind. I was proud of my achievements but I wasn’t proud of myself.

In December I decided to turn things around and take on the BodyBlitz challenge. I started taking long walks with the pram in the mornings and switching up my meals for healthier options. After I finished breastfeeding, I took the opportunity to step up the training and dieting. I began going to the gym three times a week and eating healthy pre-prepared meals.

There were ups and downs throughout the challenge. I’ve always put my son first no matter what. When he was teething and in no state to be taken to crèche, I would skip the gym without question. Being a new mum certainly made the process much more challenging, but the results I achieved by taking the time to look after myself, my health and my body were phenomenal. I have rekindled my relationship with exercise and discovered a new passion for healthy, delicious food. In the past I had the belief that I had to kill myself in the gym and starve myself to see results. I’ve now realised that I can incorporate steady exercise and nutritious meals into my routine.

On goals
I’m now working on toning up and thinking of getting a personal trainer to help me continue on my journey. My dream one day would be to step on stage as a fitness contestant.

On measurements
I’m ecstatic! I’m so proud that I actually made such a dramatic transformation in only 12 weeks. When I started, I never thought the results would be so amazing. I actually look and feel better now than before I was pregnant, which I never thought would happen!

Suzie Solbrandt before and after weight loss pics - PHOTO - Women's Health & Fitness

I can honestly say that this is the best I’ve looked and felt in my whole life. I thought pregnancy and childbirth would have ruined my chance of even dreaming about putting on a bikini again; I am proud to say I’ve proven myself wrong. I am extremely proud to have taken this journey and encourage every woman to do the same.

What you’ll do:
Place dates, nuts and coconut in food processor and process until a thick paste forms – not too smooth but almost like chunky nut butter. Collect heaped teaspoons of mixture and form balls between your palms.

•    1 cup soaked, pitted Medjool dates
•    1 cup nuts (pecan, walnut, almond, Brazil, or a mix)
•    ¼ cup unsweetened natural coconut
•    Organic 72% chocolate (for coating)
•    Extra coconut or favourite seeds (optional, for coating)

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For straight date balls, roll while slightly sticky at room temperature in coconut or nuts.

Recipe from Rita Catolino,

Ingredients (makes 24 balls)

Keep in an airtight container or freeze until needed. They get chewier in the freezer and don’t freeze to rock hard.

Try coating them in different sprinkles such as coconut, dried fruit, chia seeds and hemp seeds.

Melt chocolate on stove or in microwave and dip truffles to coat or half coat. You may choose to roll them in coconut or nut pieces or leave as is.

Nutritional value: 10 kJ; 5 g carbs; 3.5 g sugar

These chocolate date balls are full of unprocessed goodness and their chewy texture is reminiscent of melty, tongue-dance-worthy chocolate truffles.

Anything with fructose corn syrup added.

At least 2.5 litres per day to keep your body ticking over like a well-oiled machine. Ditch the high-fructose ‘sports drinks’ and opt for water along with a balanced diet. Once you start to go over and above two hours on the bike, you can add a natural electrolyte powder from a reputable company that does not add aspartame, sweeteners and artificial elements. Magnesium and potassium are key for recovery of the muscles as well.


1. Carbohydrates are not evil.

Essential healthy fats oil your joints and are crucial for eyesight, brain and organ function. Not manmade processed fats and oils. Instead hunt for these in your market or supermarket aisle and stock up each week. Avocado, cashews, almonds, macadamia, non-farmed non-GM salmon.

In a nutshell, you’ll want to follow these guidelines for looking, feeling and training at your personal best:

  • White breads, pastas, packaged rolls, processed carbs, fried foods, ‘nutrient enriched’ breads

  • No matter how much exercise you do – you are what you eat. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

  • Up to 80 per cent of having a sustainable healthy body is due to good food choices. When you start to see the benefits of exercise, you’ll see this threefold combined with good nutrient-rich fresh foods. By the time your skin is glowing and you jump out of bed in the morning, you can be assured that your internal organs and functions are running optimally.

2. Eat protein after you exercise.

Fresh vegetables and fruit are nature’s supplements. Rather than being stripped out of plants as extracts, you are getting the minerals and vitamins in their ideal combination to work at their optimal levels.

3. Good fats are essential!

Protein repairs muscles, supports the immune system and is vital for the healthy function of organs and your body’s biodynamic function.

4. Consume amino acids

Carb-loaded drinks and bars with ingredients you can’t pronounce

5. Vitamins and minerals from nutrient-rich food

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The darker the colour of the vegetable, the better it is for you. Vegetables and fruits also contain essential water, which hydrates the body and aids the transportation of sugars, fats, carbs and nutrients throughout your body.

6. Nothing beats good-quality filtered water.

Our body does not produce amino acids – but they are found in food sources.

They are a necessary part of your nutritional mix, as nature intended. It is important to select the right forms of carbohydrates. Anything man made should be avoided as our bodies are not designed to break down and assimilate all those chemicals and artificial flavours. Examples of healthy, energy-providing carbs that won’t spike your insulin levels:

Priming your goals is about changing your environment so that it not only influences our choices, but also limits them.

Struggling to stay motivated? Use the ‘nudge theory’ to tweak your environment and smash your gym and diet goals.

In the study, researchers found that students asked to remember a seven-digit number were twice as likely to choose cake than peers asked to remember a two-digit number when presented with cake or fruit salad. If five extra bits of information are all it takes to make our willpower crumble, how do you think it’s going to stand up to locating your gym pants in the laundry at 6am?

How does it work?

“This works by tapping into our two ways of thinking: automatic and reflective.” Automatic thoughts are those you fall into habitually and action without much hesitation, like hitting the snooze button, whereas reflective thoughts relies on a conscious effort to do things differently. “Nudging is about making the healthier option easier to execute than the less healthy one so that eventually the new way becomes automatic,” Davies says.

How to do it:

“Rather than trying to overtly change people’s behaviour, the idea is to subtly direct people down a particular path by tweaking their environment,” says health psychology researcher Dr Nicola Davies.

A nudge can be “anything that influences our choices”. Like laying out your gym clothes the night before, putting your runners by the front door, or putting the vegies on the middle shelf.

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One Stanford University study found that the more we clutter the mind, the less likely we are to make reflective choices.

Also called ‘automaticity’ or goal priming, the nudge theory is about little changes that essentially trick you into achieving your goals.