Bitcoin mining Antminer U2 Overclocked to 2.4GH/s

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Just bought a couple of these USB erupter for a very small amount of money (check it on Amazon).

The Antminer U2 are sold for a 2GH/s power mining but I just discovered that, with an adeguate extra cooling system, it’s very simple and efficient to overclock them to 2.4GH/s.

I’m using MinePeon to manage my miners and after overclocking them now I have a 20% more gigahash power without losing a share (no errors at all).

Overclocking it’s simple, just drop and extra param to the bfgminer startup script (but you can use your preferred miner command), something like this:

bfgminer -S all -o <pool-server> -u <pool-user> -p <pool-pass> --set-device antminer:clock=0B81

The antminer will reach the 2.4GH/s in fews minutes, but remember to add extra cooling to the erupter because they will be very hot without it and you risk to obtain a lot of errors or bad you could damage the Antminer. (You have been warned!)

Lego mining systemI played with some Lego to build a perfect cooling system to keep them cold and it works great, as you can see in the picture I used a old PC fan connected via USB to get power. I don’t suggest to supply power from the main erupters HUB (here a D-Link DUB-H7 you can’t see), if you have enough power get it from the RPi or the PC used to manage the miners.

Some useful links:

Happy mining!

(Overclocking your device can damage it and I’m not absolutely responsible of that. Use this guide at your own risk.)

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